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 Congratulations to our August RPer of the Month!
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 08:59 PM


the piniest
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an actual tree


Artist of the Month: N/A

We had no nominations for Artist of the Month in July, so there is no winner.

This means anyone may be nominated for September's Artist of the Month! Maybe we can get more people participating this time?

RPer of the Month: @Shally

Shally was nominated for this post with Waffles:

QUOTE (Waffles @ Jul 11 2017, 10:07 PM)
The little Somali cat jumped towards him, so Waffles bounced in his play bow, too. Obviously she wanted to play, and that was Fun! And then the other kitties started making noise, too! This was exciting! They were having fun, so he would have fun too!

"Bork! Bark bork borf bark! Bark bark!" barked Waffles, not quite as loud as earlier. He stood up, bouncing on his front paws and bark bark barking away. When the bunny rabbit - Waffles loved bunny rabbits - and Bearpaw came out, he was almost overcome with glee. His tail wagged so hard his entire butt began to wag, as well.

In fact, Waffles was so overcome with happiness and Friendship that he threw himself to the ground and rolled over. His tongue lolled and he panted, wiggling on the ground and showing his belly. Maybe they could rub it? He thought only People knew how to give Belly Rubs, but maybe kitties and bunnies could too?

Then he heard The Word. Sit. Pancake used that word, too. Pancake was very smart, and had taught him the word. The People used the word Sit too, but it sounded different when they used it, because they talked People, and Pancake talked Cat. Waffles slurped his tongue back into his mouth, adopting a serious expression as he scrambled to his feet.

And then Waffles sat, looking at Crowpaw expectantly. His tail gave a little wag.

My name is Waffles, I have just met you, and I love you!

Our winner will receive her badge shortly.

September's nomination threads will be posted soon!
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