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 The Rules & Information, Please read these first!
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 11:30 PM


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Welcome to Warrior Cats: A RPG, or WCARPG. We have a few rules that we expect everyone to follow, however, none of our rules are meant to limit creativity and freedom of roleplaying. Our goal is to make an environment that challenges character development and growth as writers. If you see someone breaking a rule please use the report feature to let us know.


  • Rudeness, discrimination and harassment is not tolerated, treat others how you'd like to be treated.
  • Do not minimod, which is when someone confronts another member when they break the rules. This typically escalates situations so we ask that you report them instead.
  • Powerplaying is up to the owner, if someone auto-hits or powerplays your character you can decide that it does not hit. Example, if someone said Flurryfoot scratched Buttercup, you could simply decide the attack did not hit your character.
  • Making your character god-like or OP is not allowed, everyone has weaknesses, and it's not fun for everyone if characters are over powered.
  • Please be realistic, we understand this is a fantasy cat roleplay however things like baking pies or using swords is not realistic. Anything a cat could naturally do is fine though, if you have questions on this feel free to ask!
  • Items must be purchased to use, such as powers, other species (dogs, wildcats etc) and unnatural pelts.
  • If you plan on role-playing sensitive topics, please abide by the rules and guidelines listed here.
  • Staff reserve the right to edit the rules when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What species can I play?
The Shop has species that you can play, however they cost Freshkill only domestic cats are free.

What powers can I have?
The Shop has powers you can purchase.

Can I have a green/purple/yellow etc. cat?
Yes, however you have to buy the shop.

Can I play a high position?
If a clan is holding an HP audition you're free to apply, however HPs like leaders and medicine cats are earned in character. You are free to make your own 'outerclan' tho and be the leader/medicine cat/etc. of that!

How do I make a subaccount?
1. Log out and create a new account for your character.
2. Log into your main account and go to "My controls" then to "Subaccounts"
3. Then enter the information for your new account.

How do I get a member group? (Windclan, ThunderClan etc) 1. Go to "the shop" then click on the "user item" category.
2. Choose which group you want and buy it.
3. In your inventory select "use item".

How do I get alerts on topics and posts?
You will get automatic alerts for threads you make, however select 'track topic' to get alerts for new replies on that topic.

Whats the site's current plot? You can find it here!

How do I get DoHTML templates? You can find templates either by searching them on google or at RPG-D or Shine.

This is a quick bit of info for our members who were part of or are still part of Feral Front because our site is quite different in how it functions.

-There is no auto-acceptance policy. Who is allowed in what clan is the leader's decision entirely. Some are more strict than others. You can, however, have a character pre-existing in the clan to avoid conflict.

-You're free to make your own clan in the loner lands. These clans are called OuterClans are may become official given the right circumstances. (Clans you may not make due them being incorporated later are: BloodClan, SkyClan or The Tribe of Rushing Water...)

-Litters have rules and restrictions. Read them HERE.

-OOC terms in roleplay (breaking the fourth wall) are not permitted. OOC remains OOC and IC remains IC. Please make sure these lines do not cross.

-Characters are not recognized or promoted based on anything but IN-CHARACTER reasons. This is to keep the concept of quantity > quality off this site as well as to keep things realistic. We don't care how active you are with your serial killer, if it doesn't make IC sense to promote them they don't get promoted.

-As a final note, this is a new site with staff who are happy and willing to take suggestions and assist you. Please don't hesitate to PM anyone of us.

If you have a past history on FeralFront for any sort of misconduct it will NOT be held against you here. This is a new site with a fresh start. Everyone deserves a second chance.

-The universe of WCARPG is completely separate from Feralfront. Characters can be moved from Feralfront over onto this site, but they cannot be reincarnations of those characters/hold past memories.

created by seanbear. of rpg-directory.com

If you have any questions feel free to PM me
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