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Feb 13 2018, 06:46 AM
He was racing as fast as his legs could carry him, the events of that day racing through his head as he tried to make sense about what had just happened.

The day had started before the sun had risen, he had gone to sit with Cranekit as he kept his vigil waiting for his mother. The young tom kit had not said anything that morning, but still Sunfang liked to be there for him, not out of pity, but to try to do something, anything to ease his pain. He knew what it was to lose a mother, or at least that was what he had thought then.

Then he went on his morning patrol that lasted him through to early afternoon, hunting on his way back. The weather was very slowly starting to become a little bit warmer. The prey had begun to trickle back. The rabbits were slowly becoming a bit fatter. It was two of these, a couple of mice and one rather forlorn bird he had managed to catch on his way back to camp.

He then took a short nap that went to early evening before he was back to hunting, and then he was off to twolegplace. He knew that eventually he would not be able to come here to search for Sageleaf, he didn't know when he would stop coming to this place, it was just a feeling he had. It was something he could do, as he couldn't bear to do nothing. Yet tonight was different.

A kittypet had seen her, or least a cat that looked like her. He had heard the likes a few times before and didn't put much faith in it, yet he went to look all the same, and StarClan must have done something because there she was.

He yowled to her to get her attention, he desperately ran around the twoleg dwelling searching for an entrance, but could find none. By that point adrenaline had started to kick in making it a little hard to think clearly. He didn't want to leave her now that he found her, but knew that more cats would be able to get her out. He had gone back to the window.

"Sageleaf, I'm going to go get help, please hold on a while longer!"[i] he had called to her.

He had been about to turn away when she sought his attention. She wanted him to pass along a message for her, "Tell my children I love them."

He had stopped to look at her for a moment before nodding his head, letting her know that he would pass along the message.

Tearing out of the yard and racing back the way he had come as if he had hell on his paws, he tore out of twolegplace, barely noticing anything before he came upon the moorlands. He didn't stop running, not when his lungs began to ache and his muscles burned as if they were on fire, even then he would not stop. He had found her! There was hope!

He finally came upon the camp and with a last burst of speed ripped through the gorse tunnel all but jumped into camp. Using the last of his strength he roared, "II FOUND HER! I FOUND SAGELEAF!"
Feb 12 2018, 05:32 AM
He had not been able to get the wails of three kits out of his head. The heartache they felt was something he understood. He wanted to do something, anything to ease their pain, until it finally dawned on him. He knew that it would be frowned upon, yet he could not think of how he could be breaking any rules provided that he kept up with his duties. He was used to pushing himself to his limit, and for this cause, he was willing to risk it, if only so that those three might be able to sleep a bit better.

He had been told what had happened, and so he retraced the steps as best he could during the dead of night. He immediately understood why everyone hated the Thunderpath, it smelled wrong. It was too open, any moment a monster could come out of nowhere and kill you, that thought alone had him taking a step back and it was only the eyes of three kits that kept him going.

He bore with the stench and made his way towards the Twolegplace. He hunted for the lost leader, prowling the streets, asking kittypets he met along the way if they had met a she cat matching her description.

Soon it became part of his routine. He would wake before the sun rose and sit with Cranekit, who kept up a daily vigil waiting for his mother to return. Then he would go on patrol that would last until early afternoon, hunting on his way back to camp. Then he would sleep until late afternoon before slipping away to go hunting once more, and come back.

After the last meal of the day he would doze until he was sure everyone was asleep and then he would rise from where he lay next to the nursery and make his way towards the dwellings of two legs.

He had remained silent about his nightly hunts, telling no one, not even Swiftpaw or Mags about where he was going. He didn't want to get the kits' hopes up if he could find no trace of their mother.

And it seemed as if there would no trace to be found. He had hunted for her, till he was becoming familiar with twolegplace, even not coming back to camp one day just to continue his search when he thought he might have had a lead. This lead turned out to be a dead end. No one he asked had seen her, and the scents were so thick that he was unable to find any trace of the she cat.

It was following another failed day of searching that he tiredly made his way back to camp, having stopped to hunt along the way, having managed to catch a couple of skinny rabbits and a few mice. The rabbits slung over his back, and the mice hanging in his maw by their tails.

He entered camp, tired, paws aching, depositing his catch on the fresh kill pile before going to his nest that lay next to the entrance of the nursery.
Feb 11 2018, 06:08 AM
Long ago, there was an ancient clan, known to all as one of the strongest Undefeated in battle, unrivalled in strength, it was said that any who met them in battle laid down and surrendered, weeping for mercy. Legend had it, their warriors were taught the martial arts by the greatest warriors of StarClan.
In knowledge they knew no equal. stories claimed they had the power to read minds, able to learn secrets by bending the strongest of warriors to their will with a mere thought. Their healers, so skilled that it was believed they could bring the dead back to life, their influence so far reaching that they had control over the stars themselves.

They were legends as old as time, but one day something happened, and these cats vanished without a trace.

No one could say where they had gone, but they've been gone so long that only the oldest of elders are able to recall only the smallest details of their stories. Their legends, their stories fading from memory.

That's what they wanted, for those long forgotten had never vanished, rather they had used every art at their command to hide themselves away from the world. For unspeakable crimes committed by a few of their own against the other clans, they were made to flee from their ancestral home, to a forest beyond the reach of even the stars.

As time eroded their memory, legends came to surround their forest, stories of demons and shadows that stalked the ancient wood, guarding a terrible secret at its heart. It is avoided by all, for those who venture into the depths are seldom seen again. For those poor souls who manage to escape, they speak of horrors that would make even the blackest of souls quake and shiver in terror.

OOC Rules!!
2. No godmodding
3. no minimodding
4. If a queen is having kits let me know so I can add them to the list
5. Cupcakes are required
6. No one is entitled to an HP or a Semi-HP if you're interested in the position you have to earn it
7. This is a semi advanced clan, so that means, proper grammar, no text lingo, no one liners!
8. Everyone is welcome to join, and this clan is particularly fond of new rpers
9. having fun is mandatory
10. Please, no drama llamas trying to cause trouble

IC Rules!!
1. If you're new, shoot me a pm or post here so I can add you to the sign up
2. Leader's word is law
3. Again no drama
4. Queens, kits, elders are to be fed first
5. No disrespecting one another, respect your superiors
6. Rape is punishable by death
7. Queens and kits, regardless of where they come from, are to be unharmed, going against this is punishable by death
8. Food is not to be wasted, and prey is to be respected for their sacrifice
9. Nursery is to be guarded at all time by at least two Guardians
10. One guardian must be in the forest at all times

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Valkyriekit [Female] [Me]

Feb 11 2018, 06:01 AM
by chance could anyone help me make a pretty sign up for a fan clan I am going to be starting up?
Feb 6 2018, 09:16 PM
The river flowed smoothly that day, the morning sun breaking through the trees, dappling the ground in light. The silence was unbroken but for the mapping of water on the shore and gurgling of the river.

Yet on the shore was a strange sight, a huge feline like shape lay slumped, half laying on the shore, his legs dangling feebly in the water. Great slash wounds could be seen on his side that had long since clotted though a little blood still trickled matting his dark rosetted fur.

His breathing was labored and his wounds had begun to stink with the thread of infection.

He had the look of a warrior who had seen many battles yet he smelled foreign. He didn’t reek of shadows, the scent of winds or woods didn’t mark him either, only water seemed to cling to his form. It was as if he was born of the river.

Who was this strange soldier who lay so close to death?
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