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May 9 2018, 11:17 AM
[dohtml]<center><link href="" rel="stylesheet"> <style type="text/css">

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<div class="hazelcont">
<div class="hazellyric">the future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary</div>
<div class="hazellyric2">it's time to do it now and do it loud! killjoys, make some noise</div>
<div class="hazeltext"><p>Shift lifted his head from his nest in the warriors den. It had been one or two moons since he had joined SkyClan, but he still didn't feel quite at home. The oily and dark inside of the cave didn't suit him as well as the abandoned pet-store back in BloodClan, or even the prickly grass he used to lay on every night. Tonight, he awoke after tossing and turning for a bit, unable to find a comfortable and cool position. He felt hot and ruffled, as if his bedding was a pile of blazing teeth that subtly poked at his pelt. The tuxedo tom decided he would go for a walk to stretch his legs and come back when he felt ready for bed. </p>

<p>Stretching his lengthy spine, he quietly padded out of the warriors' den and into camp, the cold night air curving around him and cooling his fur. He leaped gracefully onto a sturdy stone ledge, and began to walk, the crackled stone poking at his dry, toughened paws. He reached the end of the camp, and sighed, looking out upon the wavy, smooth expanse in front of him. The lean tom tumbled down from the ledge and began to gallop across the stretch of mountainside.</p>

<p>Far from the camp now, but still able to find his way back, the tom folded his arms underneath him and plopped down onto the chilly rock. He struggled to keep his blue eyes open- of course, his little night walk had exhausted him. Giving in to the waves of sleepiness that ebbed over his body, he shut his eyes and began to purr contently.</p>

<p>A sudden force knocked him from his place, rolling him over and leaving his belly exposed. His eyes opened immediately to find giant blue eyes lined with black staring back at him. A mountain lion. "Oh, shit," he whispered, and struggled to flip over onto his back. But the golden panther had him pinned down by its massive paw.</p>

<p>Shift dug his teeth into the cat's paw, getting it to weaken just long enough for him to push up onto his back. They tussled together: Shift raking long claws across the puma's belly, the puma trying to bite with strong jaws at the lean and tricky tom. Suddenly, Shift was knocked over again, pinned down by the catamount. Too proud to call for help, he attempted to push up again, but the panther was too strong. He writhed and struggled to get away as the wildcat ducked down and sunk his fangs into Shift's neck. Letting out a tortured gurgling sound, the crimson blood rose from the wound and from his throat, leaving his chest covered in the sticky fluid and blood drips coming from his slack jaw. His blue eyes rolled back in his head, and he struggled to take what he knew would be his final breaths. He found it ironic that this was his end- after killing and enjoying the flow of blood underneath his paws, he now knew in his last moments what it was like to be killed, to be the one of the other end of the murder. </p>

Blood surging from his mouth, the puma padded away, leaving Shift behind. The tuxedo tom went limp, leaving himself a lifeless corpse in the middle of territory for patrols to find in the morning.</div>

Mar 28 2018, 11:35 PM
Shift padded proudly near the river bank, weaving and twisting along with the stream's many curves. Trees lined his peripheral vision as the ground gradually grew more steep. In his line of vision, he spotted a rocky ledge high up off the ground. Steadying himself, he launched himself into the air with his powerful back legs and landed elegantly on the cliff edge. An eagle screeched in the distance. Strong cat scent wafted through the air, mixing and tangling together with the sweet mountain air. He knew that this must be another Clan, or at the very least a group of cats. Maybe here he would find the family he had wanted, the one he would finally stay with until his life ended. For a minute he grinned with unmatched joy, then forced his excitement down. This was not the time for kit-like thoughts. He was a full-grown warrior, and he was going to show it. Even then, the tuxedo thought, it's not likely I'll stay here any longer than I did with BloodClan.

Without any concern for whether he might be trespassing or not, he carried on, confident in his paw steps. Far under the craggy cliff he walked on, a deep cavern entrance gaped. The tom hopped down and curiously slipped in. In the thick sheets of stone now surrounding him, holes had been carved out by time. Curious, he slipped his head into one of the gaps. The tuxedo's nose twitched; the scent was much fresher and stronger here. Some cats definitely lived here. Strange, he wondered, that someone would choose to live in such a damp and dark place! Nevertheless, he stalked out of the cave and back into the sunlight, breathing in the fresh alpine breeze. Silently, he clenched his jaw, waiting, perhaps, for a cat to arrive and spot him.
Feb 8 2018, 01:25 AM
Shift opened his ice-blue eyes. Ugh. He had been lost in a hazy dream where the air was warm and thick with the scent of plentiful prey, and the warm sun shone down upon his sleek black-and-white fur. He had been warm and well-fed, only to wake up to reality.

He was curled up in some long grass in the wild countryside on this frigid morning, which was not the slightest bit comfortable but preferable to sleeping on the freezing, ice covered dirt that would melt under his weight and leave him wet and miserable. Not that he wasn't already. The lengthy grass blades were sharp and poked into his flesh. He reluctantly stood up, stretching his muscles. Where was he going to go today for shelter? He didn't want to go back to the leaky barn again, where snow would stick to the roof, melt and drip through the crevices, and wet his pelt. He certainly wasn't sleeping on the long grass again, that was for sure. He sighed and stretched his sore muscles again, then padded off away from the grass and towards the horizon. As the sun rose from behind the skyline to above the earth, clouds obscured the massive source of light and heat. He was growing weary, and his muscles grew tighter and tighter with every step he took. But what else was he going to do? Finding a good source of shelter and prey was as good a use of a freezing day like this one as any. He was sure he had walked for several fox-lengths, and his pawpaws felt scraped with the harsh feel of the ground underneath him.

Wait. The ground is rough?

He looked down at his white, massive paws. Underneath them, the ground had changed from the ochre muddy clay of the countryside to a large Thunderpath. Although he thought he had not found any shelter yet, he realized now that he had walked straight into a Twolegplace! He sniffed the cold air. There was no Twoleg scent, but cat scents were abundant. Yes! Not only would this abandoned city make for a good source of shelter and prey, but there would be other cats to converse with, to love and to protect. He had missed that special bond, since as a loner no cats lived with him. With this many scents in the air, he wondered if maybe a Clan lived here. His fur prickled with excitement at the thought. He had heard legends of the Clans from passing loners, rogues, and even Clan cats on his journeys. He had heard that some were kind and welcoming, that others were vicious and malevolent. Some were ruthless and fought with other Clans constantly. He heard that the Clan cats were massive, trained warriors, and could kill a lithe loner like him swiftly with no second thought. The legends thrilled him, and he had dreamt of joining a Clan sometimes before realizing that idea was too far fetched. But perhaps it wasn’t.

He heard a scurrying of tiny feet on the Thunderpath in front of him. A squirrel! The muscled, sleek tuxedo tom crouched into position and slowly crept. With no camouflage, it was unlikely he would catch this prey, but his mouth was already watering at the thought. Somehow, the stupid squirrel hadn’t even noticed Shift's massive footsteps. Shift leaped, pinning the squirrel with his weary paws, then killing it with a graceful bite to the neck. As hungry as he was, he decided that if he was going to join a clan- that is, if a clan even lived here- he had better save the squirrel and offer it to the clan cats. With the limp squirrel still hanging in his gentle jaws, he sniffed the air, following the trail of cat scent to where it grew strongest- a large, abandoned building. From the window, he could smell the scents much more strongly, and he knew that a group of some kind had to live here! He leaped up, his skinny body following suit and tumbling gracefully through the window and onto the floor of the building. He paced around the patterned floor, which was seemingly colder than the snow and ice in the countryside. Finally, he settled down, relaxing his weary muscles slightly but keeping his eyes open and alert. He laid the squirrel in front of him and waited patiently to see if any of the fabled muscled, colossal warriors would appear.
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