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May 2 2018, 06:08 PM
They had taken him from WindClan days ago, he had fought tooth and nail, but he was still just one tom and he had everything to lose. He couldn't have let Swiftshadow walk into that, not when she was coming to meet him, he had had no choice, so he had feigned losing hoping to escape later, but so far his opportunity had not arrived.

He had been brought to what he had learned was called the Kingdom of the Monarchs, a patriarchal group, that as far as he could tell was just as bad as the thugs he used to run with. They were lead by a psychopath named Hiccup and his cohort of foxhearted rogues. They had brought him to the kindgom because they believed he could lead them to a certain defector, someone he had heard them refer to as the forsaken. Their name for cats who knew better to get the hell out of there. They didn't take kindly to that apparently.

He was being kept in a stone den, where they would take turns torturing him, asking him after a tom with a dead eye and he knew who they were looking for, Deadeye. The ThunderClan tom, a friend he had met for barely a heartbeat, but someone he felt a kindred spirit in. He would die before he gave up his friend.

At the moment he had been able to rest a bit, his wounds weighing heavily on him. He didn't know how much longer he would last. Yet last he would, he wouldn't leave her, he would make it back to her alive, he didn't care how long it took, he would find his way back to Swiftshadow, his heart song.

@Elmo @TheMonarchs
Apr 18 2018, 04:57 AM
It was just after the full moon, the gathering having ended some time ago when the great golden tom found himself on a small hill near the WindClan camp, just watching the stars twinkle and shine overhead.

He thought of everything that had happened in his life, his family. His sweet but cowardly mother, he loved his mother but he had realized long ago that he had been angry at her, angry at her for leaving him to protect his family as she should have rather than hiding behind poppy seeds and catnip to wipe away the pain inflicted by her monstrous mate. He had killed his own father to protect his sisters, his sisters who had been lost to him during a hurricane. He had dragged their bodies, or what remained of them from the rubble of the twoleg den they had hidden away in, himself. He buried them and then not long after that he had joined the Brotherhod.

He had found solace with those rogues, a camraderie he had never felt before until they asked him to the impossible. To take the lives of the innocent for sport, to prove his loyalty. He had refused and then had left, wanting to put as much distance between himself and those monsters as he could. It would be a long time before he spoke to another creature, almost a full cycle of the seasons before he met her, Moon.

She had been fierce when he first met her, unforgiving, strong of will. She had actually swiped at him when they had first met and it was like he had woken from a trance. He had fallen in love with her then. She had been everything to him, she had accepted him, his flaws, his mistakes, and his sins. She had only asked that he let her in and let her love him, and he had without question. Then she had been with kit. He was going to be a father, and as quickly as he had felt the purest happiness it had been ripped from him by the ones he had once called friends. They had killed her and their kits, Rain, Cloud. Star, Sky, and Shine. Perfect they would have been, but they had never had the chance before it was taken from them.

He had become a monster in the wake of that tragedy, he had tracked down everyone involved, he left none alive save the innocent. He found the one who had ordered the kill, the one he had used to call brother and he had taken his vengance against him with all the fury of hell behind him. Yet all of that had done nothing but left him feeling emptier and more hollow than when he had begun his crusade. He had gotten justice for his family but at the cost of his soul.

At least that was what he had once thought. He was a fool.

Then he had found WindClan, wandering in a haze, and like a splash of cold water he found where he belonged. WindClan was everything he ever wanted, his friends were there, his family. He had found those he had thought he never would find.

Maneticmountain and Polastrike, his heart brothers. Toms he would die for and he knew they would do the same for him.

Sageleaf, Brindleflower, Paleblossom, the hearts and soul of the clan, cats who made him feel warm and loved, as his mother should have done.

Ivystar, the wise leader who had made him see clearly what had been in front of him all along.

and finally Swiftshadow, the missing piece of his soul. So quiet and shy, but just as quickly would throw her life to the wind if it meant she could protect her loved ones. She had had put faith in him when he had had none left to give, she had loved him unconditionally when he had loathed himself. She made him feel worthy, like he could be good. She made him feel whole again. He had found love again, and it had been in the form of a tiny tortie she cat with eyes the color of the sunlight after a storm.

He wanted to be with her, and he hoped now would be the time to ask her, he had asked her to meet him, as he had something he wanted to ask her.
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