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Sep 20 2017, 05:48 PM
OK SO telly needs a starry mentor to teach him about herbs and the like in his dreams. and so i thought a fun way to get others involved would be to throw up an adopt for the starclanner. more than likely this'll be way retro by the time everything gets properly going, but yeah!

i am Bad at setting these up, bc i tend to ramble but hopefully i remember everything i'm trying to get across. if you have any questions tho, or just wanna talk, you can just pm me here or dm me in the discord, my display name in the main server is sneks the word and my main user is birbs

the idea that i had was that the starclanner could be like a former meddie of thunder's who left/defected/got exiled? and that in order to repent/redeem themself their job is to help teach telly about herbs so that he can get on his whole destiny thing and go to thunder and do his job. though i kind of have this whole idea in mind, i totally open to new ideas and would love to plot something out if you've got thoughts.

honestly now that i've typed all this out, i feel extra af cuz this is literally for like one retro thread (tho i'd totally be down for more =w=) but like i got so hype ;;;; and have no self control

form (feel free to arrange this anyway you like! these are just things i think'd be neat to know)

age at death:
history (nothin' too fancy, just med background, other important backstory details, and cause of death)
other: (anything else you think is neat and that you'd like me to know)

Sep 6 2017, 02:51 PM
heyo so!!

uh, i want my Son to fall in love. it doesn't have to be a rush thing (and in fact, i'd prefer it not to be) but uh? i figured i'd throw it out there for anyone that was interested?

burn's got a lot going on atm (with parrot plot and pi bromance and winning oken over) but there's always time for romance! always

things u gotta do:
- stay/join/live in river
- be active
- LOVE PARROT (im jk, sorta)

things i would prefer (but aren't necessary):
- bigger (non domestic) canines and felines
- enemies to friends to lovers bc heck im a sucker for that trope
- someone to keep burn from doing entirely stupid things

i guess i should say something about burn lmao. ok so burn's p much a dork. he's reckless and prone to doing dumb things, not to mention he is terrible at taking care of himself. prime example being the fact that he is far too often hanging out in the sun when he is very albino and can sunburn. in addition to that, he's hella immature and honestly such a lil shit (that's to everyone though).

also!! he's also Bad With Feelings so expect lots of confusion and ??? moments, but when he realizes that it's Love, expect a whole lotta of burn being even more ridiculous than usual.

anything else ya wanna know burn can be found here and i think that covers it all. u can pm me if ya got any other questions and?? i guess i can hush now

/scuttles away
Sep 6 2017, 09:31 AM
heya pals, i'm birbs and this is my character storage for templates, art, one shots or anything else that i might wanna remember about my characters when i play them, hope ya enjoy!

please don't post here but feel free to pm me about anything if you have any questions! <3

jack AKA spiderfur || warrior of thunderclan -- HIGH ACTIVITY
telegraphavenue || thunderclan medicine cat -- MED ACTIVITY

burnout || riverclan deputy of warfare -- HIGH ACTIVITY
seakit || riverclan kit -- new!!

sheepwhisker || windclan warrior -- LOW ACTIVITY

earthpaw || shadowclan apprentice -- to be introduced
cloudstorm || shadowclan warrior -- not yet introduced

endlesssummers || skyclan warrior -- MED//HIGH ACTIVITY
dragonpaw || skyclan apprentice -- new!!

batskies || bloodclan warrior -- not yet introduced


Jun 21 2017, 01:00 AM
I've been lacking some activity w/ my boy and I want to get him back into being seen around SkyClan. So! I decided to throw this up. He's open to p much anything?

In general, he's a pretty sarcastic and rather easily annoyed kid who would tbh open up at the slightest sign of closeness in a friendship. He's rather quiet and can be a bit stand-offish though he's been pretty open as of late due to finally being free?

But yeah, plots?
Jun 7 2017, 12:46 PM


Living in the underbelly of the city, the Business is a fearsome mafia-esque group hoping to one day dominate the city. They were created after their original founder, a tom named Gulliver wanted a space for the wayward and under appreciated strays of the city to have somewhere to stay. The group tends to linger in shadier parts of the city, many of their members taking up spaces in alleys, abandoned buildings, and even the sewer tunnels.

It's advised by many that you watch your back, because you never know when a Business member might strike.


The Business controls no one portion of the city and have members scattered throughout, usually making whatever space that they claim Business Territory until they leave it.

Meetings are generally held wherever the Don decides. They'll usually send out word by their underbosses who'll use the city's convoluted system to get the message out there of when and where they are meeting.

There is no real camp, nor any set dens, as while the Business lives and operates as a family,
they're still a bunch of city strays whose primary focus is themselves. Their general meeting place for the moment, is on the roof of an old apartment building that got shut down years ago.


The Business believes that the city is overseen by a mainly malevolent God of Chaos. They allow him to remain unnamed, other than calling him Chaos, in fear that naming his "true"name will invoke his wrath and bring misfortune to the. They also believe that Chaos is attended by several minor gods and goddesses that help him wreak havoc and keep control of the city. Many of them are unnamed as well, simply called the Attendants.

The Business cats do believe in an afterlife, but assume that those that die simply become one of Chaos's nameless Attendants, joining in his revelry among the stars forever more.


THE DON: Known as the leader of all leaders, they bring all of the city’s varied occupants together under their technical rule. Nothing happens in the Business without their knowledge or approval. Their power is considered absolute, but they usually rely on their lady, underbosses, and the pontifex as a guiding council.
jack played by @iavvs

THE LIEGE: This rank is more of a title than a real rank, but it commands the utmost respect. This cat is usually the mate of the boss and technically their right-hand Showing disrespect to this rank could very well result in corporal punishment from the Don themself and isolation from the group.
[name] played by @name

THE UNDERBOSS(ES): This cat along with the Liege, the Surgeon, and the Pontifex make up the boss’s guiding council and are chosen due to their notoriety and respect in their various fields and from earning the boss’s unwavering trust.
one played by @demesne

THE SURGEON: This position usually belongs to the cat with the highest medical knowledge.They usually treat patients on their own and often work together with doctors to administer treatment. .
murphy played by @dandelion

DOCTOR: A general title for the cat in training to become the Surgeon one day. They also take dual instruction as soldiers so that on the battlefield, they can administer emergency care.
44 played by @Bits

THE PONTIFEX MAXIMUS: This position belongs to the Business’s highest priest. They are in charge of both marriage rites, burial rites, and most other ceremonies (such as ranking up or retirement).
[name] played by @name

THE CONSIGLIERE: This cat is usually the oldest child of the current Don, but can be any cat that the Don picks to succeed him in case of accident. This rank, like the Liege is little more than a title but commands a lot of respect. The Consigliere is usually addressed as "Your Highness, Heir [name], or some other title of great respect. They usually watch the Don carry out their duties as they’re groomed to eventually take over.
giovanni played by @{SUGARY}

THE CAPOREGIME: These cats are considered the group’s intelligence operation, usually operating as tacticians and statisticians. They are always at work to make sure that the Business has the edge over their opponents and tend to be, in general, more cut-throat and cunning than other cats in the place.
[name] played by @name
[name] played by @name

SOLDIERS: UNLIMITED RANK. These cats are the Business’s first line of defense. They keep territory markers fresh and food plentiful. They will not hesitate to take out anything deemed a threat to the Business and follow the boss without fail.

PRIVATES: UNLIMITED RANK. This is the title of those training to become a soldier. The training is rigorous as the cats are forced to shape their bodies into honed killing machines capable of taking out any and every threat that the Business encounters.

ASSOCIATES: UNLIMITED RANK. These animals are typically those that have finally retired from a hard life of serving the boss.This also includes anyone that wishes to be a part of the Business but not necessarily involved with all of the 'dirty work'.
90 played by @{SUGARY}


i. The Boss' Word is Law
ii. The Gods' Word is Law
iii. Respect Those Above You in Rank
iv. Trust Your Family


Being an outsider and joining the business is a fairly simple task. After waiting by the border until a patrol swings by, the cat is escorted before the Don and his council where they petition him for a position. If he grants their wish, the cat must pledge their loyalty to him. The Don then licks the forehead of the newcomer and they're in.

Other than a general assessment of the skills and a private chat with boss and that mentor to discuss what they’ve learned, the cat is blessed by the pontifex and sent to make the pilgrimage to the cabin that was the original home of the Business. It’s nothing but a burned out hull from a fire years ago, but they are required to pay their respects to those gone before, by fasting for three days and two nights. On the third night, the cat is to eat their catch in the hull and say a prayer before embarking on the journey back on the third sunrise.

When two members fall in love and are ready to commit to each other, they will go to the boss and inform them that they wish to get together officially. Assuming that the boss gives them his blessing, the animals are then married by the pontifex and allowed to live happily together. If the boss doesn't give them his blessing, the two wishing to get married are still allowed to, but it is assumed that their wedding will be plagued with misfortune

Young cats in the Business are allowed to be named however their parents wish, but the two-part clan names are less common than noun-centered names. Clan suffixes are, of course, not required to be dropped. However, due to the general mistrust from the Business to those of the clans, it is usually recommended.

The birth of a young cat is always something to celebrate. To welcome the new life into the giant family that makes up the Business, the boss will visit the mother and her kits and wish over them a blessing of prosperous life. The Pontifex usually follows this with a formal blessing and a prayer to the gods and the two officials usually suggest a name or two before leaving.

When a member of the Business dies, the family alerts the boss. The boss, at that point, is given the body and they along with the family try to figure out a place for its burial. Then, together, they bury the body. After that, a meal is had as they reminisce the life of deceased and send their spirit off among the stars.


[b]character's name[/b]:
[b]position wanted[/b]:
[b]personality points[/b]:

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