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May 13 2018, 05:33 PM
Alright, alright, alright. He was doing his damnedest right now; he was out of camp, out of his comfort zone, and trying to hunt. Which was hard. Wolf and he had been working together for some time, working on keeping quiet when moving. The poor angora had tried his best for so long and had yet to catch anything.

He had alluded to his lack of hearing around Pitaya, but he'd only outright spoken about it to his mate. To Cato, it was a shameful thing; to admit that he had not always been deaf, that he had been so horribly hurt by someone he had loved (and still loved). So he didn't bring it up. He was embarrassed by it.

And today, he had finally, finally done what he had begun to think impossible. He caught a mouse. A mouse! It was missing a leg and could barely escape, but it was still the first piece of prey he had ever, ever caught. And the Angora was grinning like a madman when he came back into camp, absolutely shouting past the pathetic piece of prey in his maw.

"Wolf! Wolf-Wolf-Wolf! Look!!"

He had done it! He caught his first prey! It only took his entire life!

Apr 26 2018, 03:24 PM

It was time to move out of the nursery.

It hurt so badly, his heart ached at the thought, but it was for the best. He wasn't pregnant anymore, the weight was nearly gone in its entirety, and he cleared out his nest. In doing so, he felt his heart grow heavier and heavier until he felt like he needed to be next to his mate. It hurt too much to bare on his own, so he sought out his mate, and upon finding the deputy, he didn't hesitate to bury his face in Wolfstrike's fur without any explanation whatsoever.

This was his way of demanding attention now.
Apr 26 2018, 12:26 AM
It was time to move out of the nursery.

There was a finality to the act that seemed heartbreaking, and Cato had spent some time with Wolf before making the decision. All their children were moved out, and he couldn't pretend that he hadn't lost his litter - the extra weight from the pregnancy was almost entirely gone. It was a stark contrast and not one that eased the burden on his heart, but he was trying. He was really trying.

So he cleared the space they had all taken in the nursery, with minimal tears, and either donated the clean bedding or spread it through the nursery.

Then it was time to gather some more bedding, and with the weight on his chest, he figured he'd go out to collect some moss. Of course, he was still wary to leave camp on his own - he ... didn't bring up his deafness, but he was terrified of the territory on his own. But Wolf needed to rest, and he needed to get some fresh air.

But he was hesitant, and stared at the exit of camp like it was an insurmountable obstacle before him. What were the chances he would get attacked by a bird again?

Apr 25 2018, 11:38 PM
Cato was excited. Excited and terrified. The two were warring emotions but intrinsically connected, and the fluffy tom was doing his best to try and balance them instead of trying to subjugate one over the other. His kids were apprentices now, and it was weird to think about that - weird to think about having kids at all. The adopted four that Wolfstrike and him had taken in were a boon to his life. He could feel his heart swell every time he saw the young ones, and their apprentice ceremony had made him misty eyed.

But today, he wanted to spend some time with his eldest child, Stormpaw before the little one started training and didn't have as much free time.

"Stormpaw? Do you want to go for a walk around the territory?"

The creamy tom had spotted his child in camp, and trotted over, his atonal words lilting as per usual. He had an odd way of speaking that seemed to be passed over as an 'accent' most of the time and he didn't bother correcting people.

Apr 14 2018, 09:33 PM
It had been some time. Staccato was physically recovered from the mess that had gone down, both during and after the poisoning, and though he wasn't terribly certain of himself anymore, he knew that it was time to try and get back into life.

It seemed silly too; he hadn't been very helpful before he was poisoned, having never had to hunt or fight for himself, but he still wanted to be helpful. He was at ease with the kids in the clan, excited as the fruit children grew and matured, ecstatic as they learned new skills and grew closer and closer to apprenticeship. It was exciting, even in its bittersweetness.

Sometimes, his breath caught and he found his eyes moist as he thought of what could have been, as fears for the future held him closely, but spring brought with it a renewed sort of energy, and it wasn't long until the creamy Angora was picking around the edges of camp, finding little patches of growing flowers and cooing over them. Some of them were in bloom, but he wanted to wait until they were a bit bigger before picking them and bringing them as gifts to anyone.

It was sad, what had happened - but Cato was tired of being sad, and he was doing his best to find the little joys. Someone had to take care of his stressed mate after all!
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