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Warrior Cats: A RPG

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Location: ShadowClan
Born: 2 May 2016
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Rank: Meddy cat
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Apr 1 2018, 07:18 PM
For Middy, it felt great not to be freezing her tail end off anymore. Though the nights still held a chill in the air, there was no snow on the ground, and tonight's trip from ShadowClan to Mothermouth was much more pleasant than ones in previous moons.

At home, things appeared to be going much more smoothly with a new leader and a new deputy. Rookcall had decided to hitchhike on the front bumper of a monster on the Thunderpath, but though his injuries were serious, Middy was confident he would recover. Hopefully he'd turn out better than Lightpaw did, she thought, glancing back to her soon-to-be-official apprentice.

As Middy approached Mothermouth, the charcoal tabby noted the absence of the other medicine cats. "Hey, we're the first ones here for once," she remarked to Lightpaw. She curled against the cliffside, grooming herself to pass the time until the others arrived.
Feb 26 2018, 09:06 PM
Midnighttheater was obviously tired, having been at the medicine cat gathering the night before. But at long last, she'd received the sign she - and her Clanmates - had been waiting for.

"Let all those old enough to catch their own prey join here for a Clan meeting," she called. "At the medicine cat meeting, our warrior ancestors told me who will be ShadowClan's next leader. Congratulations, Raventhorn! Please try not to piss off StarClan like Firemountain did."

OOC: Typed on mobile

Also I know ravens don't caw, crows do
Dec 28 2017, 05:13 PM
Midnighttheater had never dreamed of becoming a leader, but either way, it seemed she'd get to be one for a little while. StarClan, who shared her worries about a certain feline's behavior, had formally expressed disapproval of ShadowClan's leadership. And now, it was up to the medicine cat to get her Clan on the right track again.

Gracefully leaping from the ground to the rock, she yowled, "Let all those old enough to catch their own prey join here for a Clan meeting!"

Giving her Clanmates a few minutes to gather and mumble in confusion among themselves, she began, "StarClan has spoken. Firestar, - fuck, er, Firemountain again, I guess? - is no longer ShadowClan's leader. Normally, the deputy would take his place, but.. yeah, Comfreyfrost won't be leader, either. So I'll be taking on leader duties temporarily until StarClan gives me a sign on who to make leader."

And it better be soon...
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