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Weather: Leaf-bare is here, and all the Clans are feeling the chill! There are occasional snow showers throughout the forest.

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Jan 25 2018, 04:03 PM
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<div class="mikkipost">hollowstar loathed leaving behind his warm nest, longed to remain curled up next to his mate and sleep the cold morning away, but there were things to be done and it was his duty to do them. the long-legged tom paced to the entrance of camp, then turned to face the cats milling about in the early dawn light. "i need three cats for a border patrol, any volunteers?"
Jan 20 2018, 04:34 PM
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<div class="mikkipost">shadows stretched across riverclan camp, the low angle of the sun as it dipped down toward the horizon washing his home in darkness. it was the few moments between light and total darkness, the final stretch of day as the clan settled down for the evening. when his clanmate shared tongues and exchanged pleasant conversation, highlighting the events of their day to friends and family.
hollowstar stood on top of the shell pile, watching as his clanmates greeted one another after a long day of patrolling and hunting. he looked relaxed - tail wrapped neatly around his paws, eyes half-lidded with content as they swept the camp. things in riverclan had finally settled down after moons of turmoil and death (with the exception of the recent dog again, but that too was slowly fading from memory with each passing day).
"all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the shell pile for a clan meeting!"
hollowstar bellowed the ceremonial words, summoning all the cats that were milling about to sit beneath his perch. </div>[/dohtml]
Dec 28 2017, 06:44 PM
today was a day he'd been looking forward to for a long time.

hollowstar wasn't even sure it was his place to go through with it, but with his daughter's strange (see: nonexistent) relationship with starclan and her lack of a mentor, there was only one cat in the clan with the power to give her her full name.

"all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the shell pile for a clan meeting!" hollowstar sat neatly atop the pile of pretty stones and shells, his calm belied by the excited twitch of his tail as he waited impatiently for the clan to gather.

/if anyone else needs a ceremony done i can also do it in this thread, lmk
Dec 26 2017, 07:33 PM
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<div class="mikkipost">it was just past dawn. bare, early morning light filtered in through the trees as the sun rose over the distant hills. snow blanketed the forest, the top sheeted in a thick crust after a long, cold night. it was still bitterly cold. hollowstar's breath billowed out in front of him in a white cloud, just barely visible against the lingering shadows crowded in amongst the trees.
it was eerily quiet in the way only leafbare could. hollowstar had forgotten how strange it was to be in the forest when the snow came. the only sounds were the occasional creak of the trees as they shifted their icy weight, branches heavy with snow. the biggest difference was the river - hollowstar had gotten used to the ever-present soundtrack of the river constantly burbling and splashing, but now it was frozen over, its waters silenced. there were some open places where riverclan hunters broke through to reach the fish beneath, and the streams were a bit noisier because the ice was thinner and easier to access for fresh water.
he waited just outside camp, near to where he and brightcloud had met the afternoon before. it was a bit later than he'd said they would meet, but between the guilt and nerves that warred inside him hollowstar decided to let her sleep in a little longer. it gave him time to think about the day ahead,
and the time alone he was about to spend with brightcloud. the pretty molly had a way of making every word in hollowstar's mouth twist itself into knots, inspiring butterflies to take flight in his stomach.
the guilt inside him pulled his attention to a familiar mound of stones nearby. it wasn't alone. similar mounds rose up out of the snow a short distance from camp. hollowstar cast a glance over his shoulder, peering through the narrow tunnel that led into camp, before he got to his paws and walked over.
it was easy enough to pick out which one belonged to stonestar. hollowstar had visited it enough times since his friend's death that he could find it in his sleep. standing there now, with brightcloud set to meet him at any moment, and knowing the budding feelings he felt for the she-cat, brought a fresh wave of guilt over hollowstar.
it would be foolish to say he loved brightcloud, because he didn't even know her. she'd only been in riverclan a day! but there was obvious attraction there, and the way she looked at him... it summoned forth hope inside hollowstar, and it was a feeling he had thought impossible in the wake of stonestar's death and cygnetstep's disappearance. hope that he could move on, that the pain would eventually stop hurting so much.
he sat with his tail wrapped neatly around his paws, ever the picture of poise, head bowed low between his shoulders. </div>[/dohtml]
Dec 13 2017, 08:11 PM
the night of the gathering was cold, the kind that cut underneath fur and seemed to go bone deep. the warmth of his feather-lined nest called to hollowstar, beckoning him to curl up among the softness and close his eyes for some well-needed rest. but there was one final thing he needed to do before he went to sleep that night. it could have waited until morning, but hollowstar was far too excited by the prospect of peace to let it go that long.

"riverclan!" hollowstar called from atop the shell pile. it was easy to summon the clan together after a gathering. most cats were still awake despite the late hour, waiting for the gathering party to come back so they could hear what news the other clans had announced. he didn't bother with the usual summons because of this; instead he set right into the important part: peace. "ashstar and i spoke at the gathering, and we have come up with a way to bring peace between our two clans!"

every cat, from the youngest apprentice to the oldest warrior, knew of the awkward tension between riverclan and skyclan, born of the death of equinoxstar during their joint attempt to rescue pyrestar.
but it was unnecessary conflict, pointless after so many moons had passed - and pointless because it had been an accident. skyclan's leader knew, perhaps more than anyone else, the dangers of going to the lab. yet he'd still gone with kindness and bravery in his heart.

"we have decided that each clan will send several cats to live with the other for a moon, as a show of good faith between our two clans. only volunteers will go - i won't send anyone unwilling. i have ashstar's word that anyone who goes will be treated with the utmost respect, as though you are her own clanmates. and i have given her my word that any of her clan that comes here will be treated the same."

hollowstar fell quiet then, waiting to see how his clanmates felt about such a thing. it was a dangerous thing indeed to bring a stranger into the heart of the clan, to show them all of their secrets. but it was necessary to forge peace between the clans, and that was what hollowstar wanted above all else. he remembered his vow to stonestar and all of starclan, that he would protect and defend riverclan with his life. no more cats will die under my watch.
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