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Feb 10 2018, 12:40 AM
Swiftpaw had lost the feeling in her paws. The tingling of sleeping limbs had become nearly painful after the first hour or so, but the apprentice couldn't will herself back into the relative safety of camp. The knowledge that her den, like every den in WindClan, would be full of grieving and angry faces was enough to hold her to her self-imposed isolation.

She didn't frequently share much of herself with her Clanmates. Her thoughts, worries and burdens were often different from theirs. Her life had been different from theirs. Maybe too different.

She sat in the snow, held stiffly upright to keep herself from sleep. She still saw Sageleaf's broken body when she closed her eyes, and she could imagine the shapes of the twolegs above her as they flocked like crows to a kill. Her ears were ringing with Palepaw's hoarse sobbing and worse- the accusing wails of grief-torn kits.

Kits who were too young to know what burdens their words would carry, or what the consequences were to the choices she'd made.

Swiftpaw's breath faltered on a silent sob, unable to stay her weeping no matter how hard she tried. It made her chest ache from the effort to be still and quiet, but she couldn't bear the thought of drawing others to her side. Guilt warred with grief.

Without Sageleaf at their side, she and Smudgestar were the only warriors left standing. 'Warrior and apprentice,' her mind supplied scathingly. The decision to go onward had not been hers, but she knew it was needed. Knew that StarClan was needed, because WindClan relied on more than Sageleaf alone and for worry that Rowanstar could not cope with a second trip. Knew that even if she was accessory to their Clan, her strength provided security where their patrol had little.

But her heart had hurt with every step. She'd feared, even in those tense moments where she'd lost her- Sageleaf, that there were kits whose world would crash around their ears. And despite that hurt, she hadn't done anything to prevent it.

Her heart and duty had clashed in the most horrific way and Swiftpaw no longer knew if the choice she'd made was right. Had she abandoned the needs of Sageleaf's kits over the needs of Smudge, Pale and Rowan? What kind of warrior abandoned kits?

She felt like she'd been gutted. 'You aren't a warrior. A warrior would have known the rught thing.' The gasping sobs became audible, though she struggled to smother the noise into her paws as she crouched.

@W o l f
Jan 25 2018, 09:25 PM
Swiftpaw crouched in the shallow snow outside camp, her dark pelt a stark contrast to the surrounding moors. There were dappled patterns in the snow where countless paws had trampled it flat, and a slick sheet of ice where the warmth of their feet had melted it solid. It was easier to rest here without the high snowdrifts against her face.

The sound of approaching pawsteps made her ears twitch. She was getting better at telling when cats were behind her, at least when out of large groups. Gatherings were still a struggle for her.

"Polkastrike?" Swiftpaw called hopefully, rising to sit as she looked back over her shoulder. It wasn't too often that she could hunt with her brother, busy as he was with training his new apprentice, but it was wonderful when they could. She'd learned much since the last patrol they'd shared and her body was stronger than ever. At least physically, she had become the sort of lean and long-legged WindClan hunter that she once dreamed of. If only her mind could catch up.

The sight of the spotted tom would draw a gentle smile to her face. "Are you ready? I heard the snow's thinned to the far border. We might find some rabbits to hunt." It was such a soft suggestion, even alone with her brother, but she seemed excited. Rabbits were a tricky catch and sometimes dangerous. Their claws could easily injure the eyes and ears of pursuing cats.

Jan 5 2018, 03:37 PM
Swiftpaw knew, logically, that WindClan was her home. It was the place where her friends and family alike lay their heads at night. It was full of the cats who'd protected her from Adderstrike when he finally turned against his kits. They'd given her new purpose and meaning to her life when she'd had nothing left to stand on. But that also, logically, meant that Swiftpaw couldn't abide the thought of failing to provide for them in turn.

Since beginning her duties as an apprentice, Swiftpaw had taken readily to the work. She'd been slow to start with the more social or dangerous duties, but she'd never neglected an order or responsibility. She still jumped at shadows or a touch of a Clanmate's tail beside her, but she never turned away from their needs.

Now, stalking silently through the snow, she was finally beginning to feel like the warrior she should have been. She'd been working hard to learn this, to become a Clan cat, and it was starting to pay off. She was still a '-paw', but she'd earned that name now. It wasn't just an unearned gift from Rowanstar (though she'd never stopped appreciating what he and Sageleaf had done for her).

Her black pelt was covered in icy powder, the snow turning her to a sparkling silver as she continued to stalk forward. She had difficulty disguising herself in the snow without the added camouflage, and so she'd rolled in it for several minutes before starting her hunt at all. The large crow ahead, pecking at something beneath the snow, had not spotted her yet because of that effort. Excitement prickled in her paws and she carefully unsheathed her claws in preparation for the strike.

Swiftpaw launched herself forward, her long legs easily carrying her through the snow drifts toward her intended prey. The crow took flight ahead with a squawking cry, but she hadn't expected it to stay on the ground. With one last thrust of her paws, the older apprentice leaped fully off the ground and into the flight path of the fleeing corvid. Her claws caught on its wings and as Swiftpaw fell, the crow fell with her. She slammed it against the frozen ground, stunning it as she moved in to dispatch it.

The moors around her were silent as Swiftpaw, heart racing with the thrill and pride of her first successful hunt on her own, sat to catch her breath. She thanked StarClan for the meal she'd earned, just as Goldenstep had taught her, and panted with snow still caked to her sides.
Dec 15 2017, 06:18 PM
Of all the things that Swift was learning about Clan life, this was perhaps one of the most embarrassing for her. A she-cat should certainly know how kits came to be, and Swift truthfully had some idea. She'd seen the round swell of Sageleaf's belly and understood what it meant for the deputy. But she'd also seen another queen in WindClan. One, if her senses were true to her memory, she shared blood with.

Stormsong was an enigma. She'd never spoken to the other female as far as she could remember, but she knew her scent and the sound of her voice as keenly as she remembered Goldenstep's and her mother's. Even Sageleaf and Rowanstar's voices had been somewhat familiar to her, but this was different. So she'd asked. Quiet questions had been whispered to a few cats as Swift tried to understand exactly who she was, only to discover that Stormsong was the aunt she'd never known about.

She didn't fully grasp why Stormsong hadn't introduced herself to Swift and her brother, Crow. But nor could she let it stop her from understanding who Stormsong was. If she was her aunt, there must be something there for Swift to hold to. Their relationship could be more than strangers. The tortoiseshell was hopeful but very nervous as she poked her head into the nursery, hoping to catch sight of the WindClan queen.
Dec 15 2017, 06:04 PM
Swift wasn't sure what to make of her uncle. He seemed a pleasant sort of cat. He was patient with his Clanmates and understanding toward his family. He'd pleaded with Adderstrike the same way that Swift had once wanted to, showing regret for the choices his brother was making and the distance between their hearts. But he didn't speak much with Polkastrike, despite all the time they'd had together. And now, with everything that had happened between their Clan and the disgraced Adderstrike, Swift had no idea what sort of uncle or mentor Goldenstep would be to her.

She sat straight and stiff near the edge of WindClan camp, waiting nervously for her mentor to take her on her first proper day of training. She'd grown accustomed to Clan life, though she still felt claustrophobic at times, and she certainly understood what would be expected of her by their Clan in general... But what would Goldenstep want of her?

Bright eyes watched hopefully for a sign of her uncle's golden pelt. For the first time, Swift's paws were itching to leave camp. She didn't know if she'd ever earn her father's respect, but she would certainly try to earn Goldenstep's.

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