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 character sheet: frostfeather
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 07:57 PM


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name || frostkit --> frostpaw --> frostfeather
gender/pronouns || female, she/her
sexuality || lesbian
age || 26 moons
clan || shadowclan
rank || warrior

appearance || Fluffy ginger molly with soft yellow eyes and a scar from her shoulders to her back

detailed appearance || Frostfeather is a small cat but what she lacks in size she makes up for in agility. She is thin and can navigate tight, small spaces without much of a problem. She is also ridiculously fast and can outrun most other cats her size without breaking a sweat. Her fur is long and feather, hence her suffix, but tends to get tangled easily. She has a very slight build but her fur makes her seem less bony than she actually is. Her fur is ginger striped and pale, and gets lighter near the belly and muzzle. Her eyes are a distinct amber and are very expressive.

Frost has a cluster of scars running from her left shoulder to the center of her back, remnant of a hawk attack when she was young where she was attempted to be taken away as a meal. She is very self-conscious of the scars and tries to hide them with her long fur, but the irregularity of the scar makes it difficult to conceal.

Frostfeather can sometimes be seen wearing a string necklace with a cluster of hawk feathers and river stones at the base, which is remnant of the attack. The feathers are that of the hawk, which she stalked down as an apprentice by recognizing the scar she left on its belly and slaughtered in cold blood, taking the feathers as trophy. The river stones are splattered with her and her brother's blood, who died in the incident, and she wears them as a reminder of why she fights and trains hard. She also kept the claws and skull of the hawk as a trophy, which she strung onto a separate necklace and wears every year on the anniversary of her brother's death.

likes || water, cool but not cold weather, solitude, quiet, calm, training, wearing herself thin x
dislikes || birds, specifically hawks, her scars, people who don't appreciate the family they have, the color blue for no discernible reason x
other traits || quiet and reserved, but snappish when people bring up her past, stays quiet but still polite, hesitant to reveal herself, compulsive liar x

personality || x

plot || description

playlist || TBD

headcanons || TBD

relationships || TBD

family || TBD

references || TBD

zodiac || pisces

mbti || enfp

x || TBD

x || TBD

x || TBD

x || TBD

x || TBD


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