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 Elenlond - An Original Medieval Fantasy RPG (LB), Old-school | Expansive | 13 years strong
 Posted: Oct 9 2017, 07:41 PM


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Original | Medieval Fantasy | Free-form

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Elenlond is a casual original medieval fantasy RPG. Come discover the continent of Soare and its surrounding islands, the Scattered Isles. Explore the lush forests of Soto, or even get involved in the Sotoans’ proud republican government. Investigate the secrets of the vast desert of Ashoka—but be sure to avoid the attention of the oppressive and violent Ashokan government. Soar over the windswept plains of Morrim, a country ruled by an Emperor who wishes to restore it to its former glory. Immerse yourself in the dense jungles of Angkar, the nation ruled by the youngest Queen Elenlondian history has ever seen. Or you may find yourself in lesser-known places like distant islands and hidden realities. Elenlond is a vast, open world where your ideas matter and your imagination’s the limit.
  • Members create their own spells, skills, and enchantments through our Abilities System.
  • We prefer quality over quantity, which means no word count.
  • Members directly contribute to forum world-building through their character plots.
  • In addition to staff-run mini plots, members are encouraged to create and run their own plots.
  • Members have complete control over all aspects of their character, including race.
  • Members can use any visuals they want to represent their character because we don't require face claims.
  • Tired of sites that just go inactive? We’ve been going strong since June 17, 2004!
  • New!: We have added a Coliseum where characters can challenge each other to fight and potentially win bonus abilities.
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