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Yesterday at 06:28 am
Narsil Stormcrow

She knew that former librarians had always been called Madam this or Madam that, but the students always called her Professor Stormcrow, or Miss Stormcrow. She always smiled at the name, it was the first thing she had chosen for herself, when the ministry had saved her they had asked her her name. She paled at the thought of always having to share the name of her parents, because for some reason that idea made her want to vomit. She had thought about the name she wanted, and as if the idea had always been there she picked it. Stormcrow, the name of an old man who had a penchant for adventure.

It had become a habit of hers, that as soon as the night sky lightened, heralding the coming of dawn, she would awaken. This morning was no exception. She rose, and stretched, reaching for her robe and headed off into the bathroom to take a shower, careful not disrupt the dog and cat that slept at the foot of her bed. She had a bad habit of picking up stray animals, most likely because she herself in many ways was a stray.

After her shower she picked a simple pair of robes, blue slashed with black and magicked her hair into some semblance of neat tidiness and grabbing her wand and bag made her way towards the door, her pets beside her. Beren a black mongrel dog who had the look of a wolf, and Luthien a pretty black and white tabby cat.

As she made her way down to the library she let her thoughts wander about, as oft was the case this early in the morning. It was soothing like waves on the shore of a beach that pulled away everything that didn't belong or couldn't dig its roots down enough to stay. Upon opening the great wooden doors that granted entrance to the library a fluttering of wings could be heard overhead and she smiled knowing that she was not alone. They were the guardians of the library, crows and ravens.

A famliar flutter of wings behind her, broke her from her thoughts, she turned and smiled at the half blind crow. "Gandalf, so nice of you to join us this morning," she said tossing him a cracker which he plucked from the air. The old crow had been with her for many years, and his descedants inhabited the library. She had found him half dead on the side of the road and brought him back to Hogwarts to be rehabilitated by the groundskeeper who kept the ebony birds. Yet he had seemed quite taken with her and more often that not was not far from her.

His descendants inhabited the library though they had been trained to take certain matters outside, they knew to look out for students who disrespected the books, and were rewarded by those who brought them snacks, sometimes with a shiny bauble. She knew all of them, having given every single one of them names, but Gandalf was hers, the others more belonging to the school.

Apr 16 2018, 04:17 AM
They had left in the late morning. Her father, Windwalker, had been playing catch the moss ball with her, she had been getting very good at it. Her mother, Riverrunner, had laid neary in a shaft of sunlight enjoying the day while watching her mate and daughter play. Other warriors had come needing their help, Wildkit had begged her parents to let her come that she could help, but her parents smiled and said no that they would be back soon.

Riverrunner was a wild one like her daughter. She was an excellent mother, fierce as an eagle, but as soft as moss. She wasn't made to be a queen though, she tried to be still for her daughter, but Wildkit knew, often caught her looking longingly at the entrance of camp, as if waiting for a chance to leap into action. Her father would sometimes joke that the reason Wildkit was so energetic was because her mother had never stopped moving during her pregnancy. He was sure that some of that energy had given to his little snapdragon. That was what he had called her.

Her father Windwalker, was so fast. She didn't care what cats said about WindClanners being the fastest cats of the Inner Clans, they had never seen her father move. He was quicker than the wind, she would have bet her life on it.

They had been the perfect pair, her parents. Born at the same time, inseparable as kits, trained together as apprentices, made warriors together. Everyone said that the only one who could keep up with Riverrunner was Windwalker, that they had been made for one another.

Yet the one day that Windwalker wasn't fast enough was the day he died. He had not been fast enough to get to Riverunner when the rockslide had happened, it had killed the whole patrol.

Wildkit had known something was wrong, her parents had been gone too long, her father had promised he would come play with her and he always kept his promises, he had not broken one yet. It would be dark soon, so she had snuck out of camp. She was good at being quiet, she had been practicing with her father, she stole out of camp and scented the air. Her mother had taught her how to track, her mother was the best tracker in the clan, she followed the scent of her parents.

Her father always smelled like earth and wind, her mother always smelled of lavender and clean water fresh from a gugrling stream. She followed the smell for what seemed like ages until she lost the scent to one that smelled like metal, though she didn't know that was what it smelled like at the time. When she got to the scene of the rockslide, all she saw was a blood bath.

Splashes of red blood drying to rusty brown, entrails dragged foxlengths in every direction by the boulders. Scraps of blood encrusted fur covered in mud, or stuck to the rocks in a gruesome fashion. She didn't understand what she was seeing at first until she found her father, he was the only one whose body was still intact. She ran to him and tried to shake him awake, only she knew he would never open his eyes again when his head fell from his body.

It wasn't until the following morning that she had been found crouched near the head of her father. Her absence had been noted by the queens when they realized that they nursery was quiet for a change, a search was called and it wasn't long until they found her. She was silent, eerily so for one who was renowned for never having been quiet for more than a few minutes at a time since she had learned to speak.

She was brought back to camp where she lay in the nest her mother had for days not moving, not speaking to anyone. She just stared mutely ahead at the entrance to the nursery as if waiting for parents to come home who never would.

@Dockers @endlesssummers @birbs @Ashstar
Apr 10 2018, 09:45 AM
The forest was an ancient one, the trees great giants of tangled branches and high reaching gnarled roots of all kinds. From rowan to oak, from ash to fir. All aged sentinels that stood proudly against the passages of time.

The shadows cast by the forest were long, made of an inky blackness that gave many travelers an eerie feel. There was something evil in that wood, something that warded all who drew near away. There were stories, that demons born of shadows and darkness, stalked the wood. An appetite for flesh they could not sate, a thirst for blood they could not slake.

Many who entered were said to never be heard from again, some said that those who managed to escape were driven mad by the horrors that were granted harbor at the heart of the forest. In a hundred generations none had been brave enough to venture very far into the forest, those foolish few who had, spoke of an aura of malice.

Such were the tales and myths that surrounded the forest, that protected the secret that lay at the heart of the wood. An ancient secret that the world had long ago forgotten.

In the heart of that wooded bastion lay a spacious hollow ringed by twisted and gnarled ash trees. Here a castle had once been, the passage of time having destroyed it until only the foundation remained. The roots had grown thick into the walls of the hollow, making bridges of sorts to the dens that dotted the stone walls that remained behind. Five trickles of water fell from the stop and stopped at a clear pool at the center of the hollow that was knee deep, overlooked by a chunk of black stone that shone shades of blue purple and green in the afternoon light.

The ground of the hollow was soft under paw by the generations of creatures who had lived there, for you see the stories of demons and phantoms were just that, stories. No evil lived here, only the beasts of ElderClan, a long forgotten clan that had perpetuated the stories to keep their existence hidden from the outside world. A secret they had kept for a hundred generations, for if the world to know of them, it was their fear that history would repeat itself, but the young leader of the clan, she wants to free her clan from this burden, yet she doesn't know yet how to free her clan from the curse laid upon them by StarClan.
Apr 10 2018, 05:17 AM
[dohtml]<div style="width: 540px; border: 4px double #666666; outline: 5px solid #C0C0C0; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px"><div style="width: 50px; font-family: Plantagenet Cherokee; color: black; font-size:24px; line-height: 80%; text-align: center; background: transparent; float: left; margin-top: 7px; margin-bottom: 4px">[/dohtml]

[dohtml]<div style="font-size:14px; line-height: 20px">the</div>[/dohtml]

[dohtml]</div><div style="background: #C0C0C0; padding: 5px;"><div style="font-family: times; color: black; font-size: 10px; line-height: 100%; text-align: justify"><div style="border: 2px solid #C0C0C0; outline: 4px double #212121; background:url(LINKHERE) center; width: 100px; height: 100px; float: right; margin: 7px; font-size: 0px">thes coding</div><div style="text-align: right; font-size: 16px; font-family: georgia; text-transform: uppercase; color: TITLECOLOR">─† History</div>[/dohtml]Long ago, there was an ancient clan, known to all as one of the strongest Undefeated in battle, unrivalled in strength, it was said that any who met them in battle laid down and surrendered, weeping for mercy. Legend had it, their warriors were taught the martial arts by the greatest warriors of StarClan.
In knowledge they knew no equal. stories claimed they had the power to read minds, able to learn secrets by bending the strongest of warriors to their will with a mere thought. Their healers, so skilled that it was believed they could bring the dead back to life, their influence so far reaching that they had control over the stars themselves.

They were legends as old as time, but one day something happened, and these cats vanished without a trace.

No one could say where they had gone, but they've been gone so long that only the oldest of elders are able to recall only the smallest details of their stories. Their legends, their stories fading from memory.

That's what they wanted, for those long forgotten had never vanished, rather they had used every art at their command to hide themselves away from the world. For unspeakable crimes committed by a few of their own against the other clans, they were made to flee from their ancestral home, to a forest beyond the reach of even the stars.

As time eroded their memory, legends came to surround their forest, stories of demons and shadows that stalked the ancient wood, guarding a terrible secret at its heart. It is avoided by all, for those who venture into the depths are seldom seen again. For those poor souls who manage to escape, they speak of horrors that would make even the blackest of souls quake and shiver in terror.

[dohtml]<div style="text-align: right; font-size: 14px; font-family: georgia; text-transform: uppercase; color: TITLECOLOR;">─& Ranks</div>[/dohtml]

Leader: Furystar [rped by Wolf]

Deputy: currently none

Medicine Cat: Shiningsky [rped by Wolf]

Panacea: (The Panacea acts as an elite bodyguard to the medicine cat, they are trained to fight and how to use herbs to both heal and poison their enemies. At an given time there are only three panaceas. Occasionally if there is more than one medicine cat apprentice there could be as many as four panaceas)

Cobaltmask [rped by Wolf]

Guardians: (ElderClan since being driven from their home have developed special skills in hiding so that they are able to all but blend in with shadows. The demons told spoken about in the stories are the Guardians who seemingly materialize from the shadows. This rank is essentially the warrior rank)

Valorcall [rped by Wolf]
Coldspark [rped by Wolf]
Kingfisher [rped by Wolf]
Thunderheart[rped by Wolf]
Shiningamber[rped by Wolf]

Rangers: (Since being exiled from the forest clans, ElderClan needing information they could use to protect themselves decided to train some of their warriors as rangers. Cats who would travel abroad gathering information they would bring back to ElderClan)

Blacklightning [rped by Wolf]





Ancientsight [rped by Wolf]

[dohtml]<div style="border: 2px solid #C0C0C0; outline: 4px double #212121; background:url(LINKHERE) center; background-size: cover; width: 100px; height: 100px; float: right; margin: 7px"></div><d iv style="text-align: left; font-size: 14px; font-family: georgia; text-transform: uppercase; color: TITLECOLOR">─& Rules</div>[/dohtml][align=right][dohtml]<div style="font-family: Plantagenet Cherokee; color: black; font-size:16px; line-height: 80%; text-align: right; margin-top: 8px;">TITLE VERSION TWO ─ᵒ✧♔

credit to Thes for the template
Apr 5 2018, 07:29 AM
Wildkit, no Wildpaw, the day before had been her apprentice ceremony and she had been assigned to none other than Endlesssummers, the Deputy of Warfare! She couldn't believe it, she had forgotten to breath for a moment but was able to get her butt into gear enough to finish the ceremony.

She walked up to touch noses with her adoptive father and was told to get a good night's rest because tomorrow her training would begin. She was one step closer to her goal of becoming the next leader of SkyClan!

She had been so excited for the coming day that it had taken her forever to fall asleep, having tossed and turned in her nest for hours. As soon as dawn began to cast its rays of light into the apprentices' den she was out of her nest and padding towards the meeting place she had agreed on with Endy yesterday.

Her black feet made no noise as she made her way towards the training area, her white coat glinting in the early morning light. She was going to make her parents proud, she was going to work harder than any other apprentice before her, she was going to be the future leader of SkyClan, she believed it.

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