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Apr 19 2018, 09:36 AM
After several attempts, the incredible and formidable Peatkit - Peatstar, in her mind - had clawed her way up one of the pine trees encircling the camp and now stood perched unsteadily on one of the needled branches as she surveyed the clearing below. Her clanmates were off doing their own individual activities in the bustling camp this morning, preparing for the stretch of a day that waited before them. Of course, being a kit, she found no interest in the clan schedule - it was repetitive and boring, especially when she wasn’t allowed to go out in the territory herself. Luckily, she knew just how to create her own fun. Which was even funner when it involved disrupting the orderly schedule of ShadowClan.

From where the mottled molly lay hidden amongst the needles, she lashed out a forepaw at one of the little pinecones dangling from a branch. Gripping it with tiny, thornlike claws, Peatkit tore the capsule from the tree and pulled it to her chest with both paws, fumbling curiously with the object as she observed the sharp ridges and little seeds tucked in between them. Her analyzation didn’t last long, however, as she soon dangled the object from the branch, dark amber eyes round and scanning the ground directly below her.

As soon as any unfortunate soul passed beneath the tree, Peatkit would immediately thrust the pinecone below her at full speed, which would hopefully strike the cat standing below.
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