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Apr 6 2018, 12:31 AM
Breezeclan is a nomadic group, most clan bred cats have long legs and are built for long distance travel. They have very little fear of twolegs. Currently looking for about 7 adult cats, preferably new characters but old oc's are fine. Also feel free to go wild with names, these cats have traveled far.
Leader: Branblebreeze (Also jokingly known as Brambletongue))
Deputy: None
Medicine cat: Lambthroat ( Egotistical Lilypad )
Medicine cat ap: None.
Warriors: Spikepelt (Elmo),
Sterlingwing ( Taritheninja )


Link to RP: http://warriorcatsarpg.com/index.php?act=ST&f=25&t=4427

The clan uses twoleg trash like bags or cups to take resources like food or water with them.
Once a kit is old enough to catch their own prey they are considered and treated as adults.
Only Medicine cats train apprentices, they are also in charge of keeping tabs on families to potentially be matchmaker if needed.
They believe in Starclan, using the stars, which they consider their ancestors, to guide them on their travels. They also see Fireflies as sacred creatures, being visiting spirits.
When Greenleaf arrives they set up a temporary camp to communicate and be close with the visiting spirits.
Strong cats will be expected to carry bags of prey, or cups of water until nightfall. It is a high honor to be aloud to carry water due to the fact it takes skill to carry without spilling.
Leaders have the last name Breeze added due to the fact that a leader should be like the breeze, someone booth soothing, but strong when called for.
Apr 1 2018, 11:44 PM
The black she-cat sat patiently at the Thunderclan borders by Fourtrees. She had been watching the clan cats in the past day and knew they where going to pass by eventually. Her fluffy tail flicked, a bit irritated that the patrol was taking so long.

Black long haired mix, orange/yellow eyes.
Interested in toms
She started as a loner and heard tales of the clan cats, so she went to search for them after two moons she found them and is looking to join.
Use to long travels and hunting alone but open to new experiences and following any rules she needs to to become a warrior.
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