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Apr 15 2018, 07:49 PM
X stumbled through the swampy terrain, the damp soil squishing underneath her calloused paws. She felt the blood rushing in her ears, and could hear her heart hammering loudly. Her vision blurred, and her steps became less and less steady as she continued across the marshes. Her joints ached, but she trudged on. She couldn't afford to stop, not now.

The tall seal point molly had escaped from a strange and terrifying place. It was a small, confined area, with walls and ground made of blinding white material. Every once in a while, a horrifying, hairless giant that stood on its hind legs would invade the confinement and in turn her privacy. The creatures- she called them the Torturers- would grasp liquid-filled containers with a sharp, gray claw at the tip in one fleshy, deformed paw and with the other slather her leg with foul smelling liquid. Then, they would shove the container's tip into her leg, and no matter how much she howled and thrashed they wouldn't stop. Even now, her long right leg was sore from the stabbing day-in and day-out. But a few nights ago, she had rushed out the door just before it closed, and she had dashed through many areas with the same coloration before reaching a blockade. As if a sign from the gods, another Torturer opened the blockade, giving her a small time frame to jump out.

A sign from the gods? Nonsense. She didn't believe in any higher powers. How could there be, with creatures like Torturers in the world?

She had fled for a good length, far away enough from the facility for the Torturers never to find her. But the over-exertion had made her woozy. She felt as if she had just been attacked by the malicious monsters again, and the effects from the needle had been layered ten times over. But she had to ensure her safety and continue. Days and nights had passed, and here she was now, in swampland far away from her previous residence. She was starving and weak, from the injections and her lack of prey. Her long legs trembling, she took another step, barely planting her foot onto the ground. The lengthy Siamese was shaking all over now, cold and helpless. She sniffed the air lightly, revealing strong, tangled scents from many cats drifting through the air. The she-cat felt a slight twinge of hope.

"Hello?!" she howled, pushing every last bit of air out of her lungs and using her remaining energy. "Is somebody there?! Anybody?! Please..."
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