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Apr 17 2018, 04:57 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
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<div class="mikkipost">He waited until news of the new arrival quieted down, until the sun was fixed at a low point just above the distant horizon, before he made his descent. The climb from his den down to the main level of camp was getting easier with every trip, especially with his long-legged gait.
Hollowstar paused outside the mouth of Supernatural's den, peering into the gloomy darkness within with narrowed eyes. "Super?" he called softly, not wanting to disturb the sleeping patients inside. "I'd like that talk now."</div>[/dohtml]
Mar 31 2018, 06:31 AM
Hollowstar bounded up the rocks with ease, using the broad, flat stones that rose like stairs against the back wall of the hollow to ascend to the top. The highest perch was an expansive stretch of sandy stone that looked out over the area; from there Hollowstar could see down to the large pools that cut the hollow off from the rest of the forest, all the way to the shimmering river as it wound through the trees. Behind him, another narrow crevice cut into the stone wall, probably leading into another of the many caves that were eroded into the rock.

It was perfect, and it felt right. Wraithkit had led Hollowkit here for a reason - Hollowstar had to believe that she'd led them to their new home. A better home.

There was still water close at hand, but the ground sloped so drastically down toward the river that spring floods would rarely ever reach the hollow. And the pools of water inside the camp were low enough that they wouldn't be a threat, even during the heaviest rains - those would be a boon to RiverClan, and not just for drinking water: kits could learn to swim at an earlier age in them, shallow as they were.

His eyes were bright, brighter than they'd been in recent moons, as he paced to the edge and looked down at the waiting faces of his clanmates. "RiverClan!" Hollowstar bellowed. His voice rang out across the empty clearing, echoing strangely off the stone walls and still pools. "Gather beneath the... High Ledge for a clan meeting!"

He had spoken with his deputies and daughter, and they had agreed - this would be a good place for RiverClan's new home. As Hollowstar's eyes swept the sea of faces waiting below his eyes caught on Hollowkit and Optickit, and he gave pause. His grandchildren weren't kits anymore. Their sixth moon had come and gone, and the knowledge that he had forgotten about their apprentice ceremonies in the chaos that had followed the flood made guilt wrap squeezing fingers around Hollowstar's throat.

Seeing them, how large they'd grown, and standing witness to the safe haven Wraithkit had found for them, dulled the brightness in Hollowstar's eyes. His poor granddaughter deserved to be there with them, deserved to earn her apprentice name and begin her warrior training alongside her brother and sister.

Pushing aside the tender grief gnawing at his heart, Hollowstar squared his shoulders and lifted his head proudly. "Ever since I joined RiverClan we've lost too many cats to the river - Lakepaw, Pondpaw, Hazelspots.... Wraithkit. Hollowkit and Reefkit might have drowned, too." He didn't mention his own lives lost to the river - two, but the clan didn't, and wouldn't, know about the second - because it didn't seem right to mention his own drowning. He had lives to spare; he'd been given another chance that the cats who had died couldn't have. "I know RiverClan's camp has been a home to many of you since you were kits, but the time for drownings is over. I won't lose another cat to the river if I have anything to say about it - and StarClan agrees." His ears twitched toward Hollowkit. "We were led here by StarClan, and so this is where we'll stay. This hollow will be RiverClan's new home. Over the next few days we'll send out patrols to better explore this part of our territory and establish permanent borders. We'll also need to reinforce the camp, get the new dens prepared. The nursery needs to be done first - Valeriansong is due to kit any day now, and I want to bring Brightcloud here as soon as possible."

He paused. "But first, I believe there are some things that have been left undone for too long. Hollowkit, Optickit, step forward."

(@hollowkit, @Optickit, @lotuskit, @reefkit, @Seakit, if anyone else needs a ceremony lmk!)
Mar 24 2018, 08:20 PM
Hollowstar had been back to RiverClan territory countless times since they'd fled the night of the flood, but something about this time felt different. There was a slight bounce to his step, an energy the previous journeys had lacked, as he led his weary clan past the ThunderClan border and toward the bridge that spanned their two territories.

He paused once to look back over his shoulder, green eyes sweeping over the spread of his clanmates fanning out behind him - then deeper into the forest beyond, back in the direction they'd come. Thoughts of Foxscar flooded his mind before he drove them away, banishing the unwanted memories before they could smother the happiness blooming in his chest.

He was lighter as he led the way across the bridge, and when his paws first made contact with RiverClan soil Hollowstar heaved a sigh of relief. They were home.

Turning, the long-legged tom glanced at the cats closest to him. But looking at them, seeing the hope spreading across their faces as they took one more step closer to home, made dread hook thorn-sharp claws in Hollowstar's heart.

How long would they be back in their own territory before tragedy struck again?
Mar 4 2018, 01:31 PM
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.mikkipost {
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<div class="mikkipost">hollowstar was dozing fitfully in his nest when valeriansong burst into the den."hollowstar!" he jerked to alertness at the first sound of his adopted daughter's voice, clambering to his feet without hesitance. she scrambled to a stop inside the den and for a long moment had to pause to catch her breath, panting heavily after a long race back to camp.
he expected it to be news about brightcloud, who was due to kit any day now. then, seeing the horrified look on valeriansong's face, he realized what it really was a heartbeat before she cried, "it's the river, it's flooded!"
hollowstar pushed past his daughter and stormed into camp. "EVERYONE, GET UP! THE RIVER IS-"' the words cut short as a wave of water burst over the side of the island, the nearest stream spilling its banks in full. "GET UP. WARRIORS AND APPRENTICES HELP THE ELDERS, QUEENS AND KITS EVACUATE. VALERIANSONG, ACORNFALL, HELP SUPERNATURAL CARRY AS MANY HERBS AS YOU CAN TO HIGHER GROUND."</div>[/dohtml]
Feb 26 2018, 06:22 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
.mikkipost {
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font-family: verdana; }

<div class="mikkipost">the trail that led through the trees was stale, perhaps hours old. not ideal for tracking, but all he and claymore had to go by unless either of them were willing to do some climbing.
hollowstar had been born in thunderclan, but tree climbing was certainly not in his blood. it had been countless moons since the last time he'd done it.
"the border patrols will have to keep an extra eye out for trouble," hollowstar commented idly,
ducking through a low overhang of brambles that scraped just shy of almost-painful against his back.
the words were more for himself than claymore, but he looked back at the other tom when he said it regardless.
guilt hounded hollowstar, nipping at his heels. the memory of seakit traipsing nonchalantly through the reeds in his wake haunted the leader's every step as he led their small patrol through the forest.
starclan, seakit had come so close to danger... and it was all his fault. oceantides was, no doubt,
going to give him an earful when he returned to camp.
perhaps he could appease the prickly queen by not arguing. she would be happy to hear, at least,
that hollowstar would agree with her every opinion about him in that moment. </div>[/dohtml]
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