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Mar 19 2018, 08:56 PM

He was dead.

Foxscar was dead.

Her lungs ached, but she had no more tears. The cruel tom from Thunderclan scared her still, but she stayed between him and Nightkit at any given time. He wouldn't let her bring her father back. He wouldn't leave them to mourn him. A part of Lavenderfly was relieved.

That part of her made her sick. But she had always feared Foxscar, no matter how desperate she was for his approval. At the very least, she hadn't had to see her brother's face, the anger and hatred that no doubt remained there.

It would be alright.

But the silent molly approached Lionclan with her ears pinned, fear and shame radiating from her. It was hard. It was tiring. She wanted to curl up and weep, but as 'medicine cat', she had to - to prepare the body for the vigil.
Mar 18 2018, 05:32 PM
"Gosh, my paws kinda hurt."

Lavenderfly sighed, frowning at her slightly swollen pink paw pads. She didn't do much in a day, beyond napping and tidying and trying to look after what she could, and she wanted to have a nice conversation with her little brother but she was... deadly aware of how lame she was. Happy and giggly and out of place. But they were coming up to Shadowclan now, and the black molly sighed, stopped on the border and sitting down. A yawn escaped her, and she glanced back to her little brother.

"I hope we find her. Bearfrost was pretty upset, and I think Dad's been... he's been trying really hard and doing a lot better these days."

She hummed, knowing that Nightkit probably didn't care what she had to say. But she liked him; he was brave already, and a nice kid if you got past the severity of his... everything. Hopefully, a Shadowclanner would come by soon; she wasn't rude enough to cross the border.

Mar 18 2018, 04:35 PM
// please wait for nightkit to respond first!

"It's just so they know you're okay."

Lavenderfly explained, knowing that Nightkit didn't want to be here, that Foxscar would have her head if he knew she was bringing him by, but knowing deep in her soul that her little brother's mother needed to see him. She had lost so many of her own family that she could imagine the horror of having a child taken, and she would give anything to have even a moment with one of her children once more.

Nightkit might not like her right now, or ever, but she had to do this for her own peace of mind.

"So, um, I just want you to know that I'm glad you're here, and um, this is the right thing to do. To, uh, to even just stop by."

Please oh stars don't hate me.

Mar 16 2018, 05:15 PM
Her stomach was remarkably empty.

The former Thunderclanner-loner-Riverclanner-Bloodclanner mess of a Lionclanner had thrown up a few times on her way to Riverclan. It was terrifying despite the kindness that so many of the warriors had shown to her, and she wanted nothing more than to curl up in a small dark space and maybe die a little bit? Or a lot? That would be ideal. But instead, she was on the border of her brother's clan, hoping that maybe she could just avoid seeing him and check for Eveningkit without suffering the anger and wrath of Hollowstar's betrayal.

Because it hurt. A lot. It hurt to think about, it hurt to consider, it hurt to remember the look on his face all twisted and ugly and mean. But Nightkit was with her and so she had simply told her little brother that she wasn't feeling well. It wasn't technically a lie.

"Um, hello?"

Her voice shook, and with her tail tucked between her legs, she tried not to let the utter fear make her cry. Which... yeah she was almost crying already. The only reason she wasn't was the black kitten accompanying her - she didn't want him to realise how much of a wimp she was just yet.

Mar 16 2018, 05:10 PM
It was terrifying to be near the forest clans once more. Not as scary as being near Bloodclan, and Windclan wasn't nearly as intimidating as Riverclan, but the fact remained that Lavenderfly wasn't good at clan life and by the time she found herself standing nervously on the Windclan border with her neck craned to look for the next patrol, her heart was running faster than the Windclanners or the prey they chased.

She wasn't going to make it, oh gosh.

"I - um, hello? I'm not - not trespassing, I'm just looking for my sister? She's um, half-serval, and her name is Eveningkit?"

She sighed, and shook her head.

"Is anyone there? I don't... wanna trespass 'cause it's rude."

Everything was awful and she wanted to go back to Lionclan and curl up in her den and maybe eat some catnip. Or a lot of catnip. Nightkit was present though, so despite her nerves, she smiled at her younger brother.

"We'll try to stay out of trouble, okay?"
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