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Jun 9 2018, 07:41 PM
tw: drug use

Well, she had been laying low for... most of the time she was present. The poor molly was trying not to let herself be in the way, trying to ignore the way she ached with her wounds, trying to find a silver lining even with Indy feeling out of place and her own heart... hurting. It was rough. And what did Lavenderfly do when things got rough? Why, 'find' some catnip and indulge, of course!

That's why the molly was half-curled around a mossball, batting at it and giggling when it bounced against her sheathed claws. Here she was, a fully grown adult, who smelled strongly of catnip and played around with a toy meant for children. It was endearing to some, and disappointing to others.

But to Lavvy, it was her attempt to ... cope. Why try to work through her issues?
May 18 2018, 09:38 PM
tw; blood and oral injury

Even when music's gone

There was so much blood.

It was choking her, filling her mouth quicker than it could drain out from the spot her mouth had once held a little pink tongue. A tongue that, now, no longer rested within her mouth. Instead, blood filled where it had once been, her eyes filled with tears as she stumbled through the territory of the Monarchs. She didn't know any healers (she had failed so many times as a healer, maybe she didn't deserve to be fixed this time, maybe this was karma for all the times she hadn't been enough) and she didn't know the Monarchs well enough to know what to do. So the molly stumbled, blood dotting the ground as she moved. Her crying was wordless, choking on the blood in her mouth.

No more words. No excited blabbering or nervous rambling, no laughter; just a small gurgle before she gave up and finally fell to the ground. Not from physical injures; there was little wrong with her other than the missing muscle. She hadn't fought back; how could she? Not when she had been attacked by her little sister, someone she loved despite her tumultuous relationship with her family.

Lavenderfly wouldn't die today; but she laid herself down and wished for it so badly. Wished for it as she let the blood dribble past her lips, as she buried her face in her paws, as the world finally gave one last shudder before her last scraps of hope crumbled around her.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now.

May 13 2018, 04:31 PM
Lavenderfly was a gentle creature, and even if she rambled on and on, she tended to be a decent person to be around. Sure, she smelled strongly like lavender and catnip at any given moment, and she was a nervous mess, but she was! Trying! Her! Best! And in the end, wasn't that what mattered?


Right now, the long haired molly was sunning herself, thinking about food but lacking the wherewithal to actually get up and feed herself. She wasn't sure if she was hungry or bored or... something. Maybe she was upset. Food was weird and people got hungry for like... no reason.
May 6 2018, 11:55 PM
Lavvy was having a nice time - a really really nice time. Sure, her father probably wanted her dead, her siblings either wanted her skin or had abandoned her to her fate, and she was in a new place that also might end in her untimely (but long overdue) demise. So life may not have seemed too bright and shiny at the moment, buuuut she had found herself a lovely little twoleg garden with some extra catnip. And yes, she had chattered and chittered and preened under the elderly twoleg (who likely had made the garden to attract stray cats for attention's sake), but her dignity was dead anyways and she was happy to have nabbed some catnip for her trouble.

And now she was blissed out, giggling next to the remainder of the catnip she'd nabbed, stretched out in the sun and breathing in the interesting city air as she relaxed. Thank the Stars for escapism.
Apr 21 2018, 01:29 AM
She was tired.

That was kinda her thing these days. Or all days. She wasn't sure when it started, the nervousness, the anxiety, but it didn't take much for her to feel sick and want to leave. When the lives of others depended on her, it didn't exactly help the situation.

She was responsible for Bearfrost's death. For the orphaning of all those little children, the ones that hated her, the ones that hated her father. Their father. So she ran. Because she was tired of being responsible for the lives of those she couldn't save, tired of being afraid to say the wrong thing, step the wrong way. She was so tired. So she ran. She ran away for the thousandth time and by the time she was near Monarch territory, her paws were cracked and she was almost all out of tears (she wasn't and probably wouldn't ever be). She just wanted a nap, just wanting to sit in an alley and sleep.

And first, she needed to eat. Luckily, despite all her anxieties, the long furred molly was cute as a button, and getting some scraps from a twoleg wasn't hard. A few pets and purrs and she was well fed and curled up in a splash of sunlight on top of a warm metal can. Ah, twolegs.

And then, with everything that was going on, she buried her head in her paws and bit her tongue to keep from crying. Again. Because... this sucked.
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