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Jun 14 2018, 11:40 AM
Crane, much like their father, is thirsty. For attention, affection, and validation, this slender prey hunter will do quite a lot, and when it comes to one night stands and flings, they are perfectly happy racking them up. Some consequences come with this of course - some people crush on the flirty prey hunter without knowing that they're uninterested in the long term, others decide that Crane's promiscuity is worth pointing out, etc. Whatever the reaction is, Crane seems to have no intentions of settling down.

So I'm looking for people who have had flings with Crane or people who have flings here and there in the present. It's for no other reason than plot and character development, so no litters, etc. Your character can be fine with how Crane is or trying to get them to settle down, I don't mind - just know that they won't sleep with to-bes or anyone related to them. I'll keep track of who's slept with them here.

To be involved just let me know your characters name! Crane,,, is not picky.

Bedpost Notches
Song - fwb
Jun 8 2018, 12:02 AM
Jun 3 2018, 04:06 PM
The Story

Six is a murderer, wanted by the clans. Nat is a murderer, but still allowed to practice medicine in Riverclan. They aren't in love, they aren't going to continue seeing each other, they will not be a co-parenting unit. In all honesty, these kids were born from anger and spite and it's only a strike of bad luck that Nat's pregnant at all.

That said, Supernatural is going to be fiercely protective of these kittens when they are born. After losing most of her original children, she does not want to lose any of her further ones. She is a strict mother, but she loves her kids - even if she only says so in private. Words are difficult, but she kisses her children like any mother and disciplines because she loves them.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Supernatural is going to give up one of the kittens to their father, on the stipulation that he leave Riverclan alone. This kitten will be given up when weaned - and raised by their father, likely to be a strong and loyal warrior.

1. None of the following names: Hollow, Optic, Wraith.
2. This litter may have inherited issues including: hip dysplasia, feline spinal muscle atrophy, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Supernatural also has schizophrenic tendencies which may be inherited.
3. Stick to the genetics please
4. State whether you prefer to be in Riverclan or ToRw
5. Form is Free-For-All, not FCFS

Black, brown mackerel or classic tabby, with any eye colour but blue.

1. Waykit (Riverclan)
2. -- (Riverclan)
2. -- (ToRW)

They'll be born July 13th and double timed until they're apprentices on the 13th of October.
May 28 2018, 02:48 PM

Wolfstrike, a former member of the Tribe of Rushing Water and current Skyclan deputy, is a man full of anxieties and responsibilities. A man who did not expect to find love; not after the crimes that drove him from his home and robbed him of his family. But then again, he didn't expect to meet Staccato, and after some time, the two were sappily, cheesily in love. They adopted four children; Storm, Pitaya, Peach, and Cherry. They also were expecting another litter when Ivorywind betrayed Skyclan; poisoning Cato and some of the kittens. It was after this incident that the expecting parents were forced to suffer through the inevitable stillbirth, and in the grief that followed, they buried themselves in caring for their remaining children, watching them as they grew into apprentices, and when they were old enough to move out of the nursery, the grieving parents decided it was time to try again. And despite their fears, they wanted to try - and so this litter was conceived and in the wake of their terror the parents are fussing and will continue to fuss over their babies.

  • No depressing names, dears; these are much loved children
  • Clan names preferred!
  • Please select realistic genetics from the possibilities!
  • Bonus points if you name your child Snowdrop/Snow-something since Wolf would like to do that
  • This is not FCFS, but the form is free for all!
Thank you Tybs and Lady
Longhair chocolate silver classic tabby w/ low white x longhair red cameo w/ high white (carrying ticked)
Males: Red tabby, cream tabby, red cameo, cream cameo
Females: Tortie, dilute tortie, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, torbie, dilute torbie, chocolate torbie, lilac torbie, tortie smoke, dilute tortie smoke, chocolate tortie smoke, lilac tortie smoke, silver torbie, blue silver torbie, chocolate silver torbie, lilac silver torbie

Kits will be longhair. All kits will have some degree of white, high or low. Tabbies and torbies can be classic or ticked. Kits can have any realistic eye color including blue.

Available Slots
1. --
2. --
3. --
4. (if interest is high)
5. (if interest is high)

They will be born the 9th of July, and double timed until they're apprentices on October 9th; after this they'll be single timed
May 25 2018, 09:26 PM
The Ring
The Ring is a group of animals who fight - fight each other, that is. It's a loosely connected group, where there are very, very simple rules. Fight when told to, stop when told to. Organised by a Karelian Bear Dog known only as the Old Man, it ran for two years, bringing in and out various members. Bets of prey, shiny objects, herbs, etc. were placed; valuable, given that the Ring operated in the City. Not all fights were legitimate either - sometimes a fighter would be 'paid' to lose, to throw a fight. The entire thing was corrupt.

Not all fights were to the death but many were. As such, out of the 30 regular fighters, only 8 remain - the others lost to time, illness, infection, or the very rare fights to the death.

Free-for-all, but I'll let you know whether or not your character has been accepted - but I'm not picky and if you're interested you've probs got it. Species, powers, what have you - it's all free for all. However, I ask that you have your characters be over a year old - minimum two years for the more accomplished fighters (1-3). The youngest any character would have been while in the Ring was 6 months old.

The Old Man didn't force people to fight - if your character owed him, if your character was 'sponsored' by another (AKA forced to participate by someone other than the Old Man for various reasons), or if your character simply wanted to cash in on the lucrative prey and herbs through betting or the 'Fighter's Reward' for participants, they could have become a fighter.

Please make sure to mention how old your character was when they first fought, and how old when they left, just so I can keep track! (and mention which slot you'd prefer, though you might not get it!)

You can do whatever you want with these characters!

    [1.] ufa -- 30 fights won -- 14 fights lost -- 2 death matches
    [2.] ufa -- 14 fights won -- 3 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [3.] Kazimir -- 22 fights won -- 12 fights lost -- 5 death matches
    [4.] ufa -- 6 fights won -- 6 fights lost -- 1 death match
    [5.] Murmur -- 20 fights won -- 15 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [6.] Whitney -- 5 fights won -- 0 fights lost -- 5 death matches
    [7.] ufa -- 12 fights won -- 14 fights lost -- 0 death matches
    [8.] ufa -- 10 fights won -- 2 fights lost -- 1 death match
What Happened to the Ring
Old Man's son, a savannah named Kazimir, murdered him in cold blood - or so it is said. Whether or not your character is happy to be free or mad at Kaz for ruining their lucrative business is up to you - either way, the old Ring is gone, and with it disappeared Kaz.
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