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Jun 16 2018, 07:03 AM
She’d been gone too long, so long that when she had reached the camp that had been the home of her kithood it stood empty and partially underwater. She had been filled with fear then, she didn’t know where to go or how to get where she wanted to go, until she scented a familiar scent.

She didn’t know if it was exhaustion or delirium but she followed the direction her instinct told her to follow, she couldn’t know where it would lead her, the only thing she knew for sure was that she was going home.

She had been taken by two legs, escaped, was captured again, tortured, and escaped again. She missed her brothers more than words could say, would they be angry at her for being gone? Would they despise her? She didn’t know if she would be able to bear it if they did, but she still missed them, the fear wasn’t enough to keep her from her clan.

She came over a small hill and was met with the bride of the new RiverClan territory, she didn’t know how she found it but she wasn’t about to stop and question her good fortune, she smiled and what energy remained to her she sprints full tilt to where the scent of her family was strongest, not caring that her back was gouged open by angry talons of some fearsome beast, or that her eyes had begun to glitter with the onset of fever, or that in her flight she had begun to limp, she was home, home at last.
May 23 2018, 08:13 AM
Her body had been found days ago on close to the Wind border, the place around her body reeked of fear and blood. They had made sure to leave no trace of what had happened, and when that was done, the twins had brought her body back. The trek was always long but this one was made all the longer because they bore the body of the deputy on their shoulders.

Her mother had the first to see them return, she cried out when she saw her daughter's body, the wail almost like that of a banshee, yet the death need not have been heralded. Her father had let forth a roar of anguish, similar cries and wails followed suit. Her mate, known for his silence padded forward, his silence almost as loud as th cries that sounded around him, before he fell to his knees next to his mate, burying his nose in her fur.

Like a wraith, silence descended onto the camp and all the world lay still in cloying quiet.

Wildholly's body was laid in the middle of camp, Shiningsky, her sister, as medicine cat had the job of preparing her already decomposing body. Her younger brother, Kingfisher was responsible for preparing the burial site near the Star Stones.

Her parents Thunderheart and Shiningamber, remained where they had been since she had come home always looking on in mute horror at their precious daughter lay lifeless before them. Their gaze never wavered as if they were afraid if they were to look away she would disappear, or perhaps they hoped she would come back to life.

Her children, Sandkit and Duskkit had not understood why their mother would not waken, and had to be ushered away by Brokensky. The queen's eyes shone with unshed tears at the two kits, because she knew they were not old enough to understand why their mother wouldn't open her eyes.

Her final sibling, as leader of the clan, had wept next to her parents, she herself barely two years old. Her sister's loss had torn her heart asunder, she wanted nothing but to run from camp, to bury her head in the ground and deny that she was gone. She suddenly wished she weren't leader, wished that her clan would not look to her for guidance in comfort when she could barely give it to herself, could harldy hold herself together through the grief that wracked her body.

Finally as night had begun to fall, and the clan made their way towards the burial grounds, she steeled herself against the tears she wanted to cry, choked back the wail she wanted to keen. She had a duty, she had to do this to honor her sister. The ancient words came easily to her, but any comfort they may have offered was hollow.

It seemed to be over as quickly as it had begun, and her uncle, Wolfsage and the other Guardians took her body to the burial site to buried with others who had fallen in battle, and she knew she would have to make a choice, there were things to be done, but at the moment she couldn't move, she had no energy to spare. It had taken everything in her not to collapse in grief as she said good bye to her sister.

They had made their way back to camp and life moved, though it seemed empty somehow. The patrols went out, the fresh kill pile was always stocked, the kits played, everything moved as it always had for a hundred generations, and she sat in her den, the anger and the fury growing in her gut festering like a wound.

Ancientsight had talked about the Long Dream since the death of her grandfather, Sunstar, it was something that had been dreamed about for the last hundred generations yet none had taken action, the fear of annihilaiton too great, they had survived this long because they had remained hidden in the shadows. Keep the secret, remember the past, that was the price they had been made to pay for years, cursed to never be able to rest among the stars.

Yet now it was her sister who would find no rest, and she couldn't bear the thought, it wasn't just her descion though, it was the desicion of the clan, what happened next would affect all of them.
May 8 2018, 08:01 AM
She knew she was close to the border of WindClan, she could smell the heather for miles, the moors looking like fields of gold in the early afternoon sunlight. It had been a long time since she had set her paws in these parts. If she was honest with herself, she had missed the rangings, since becoming deputy, she had had to leave the life of a ranger behind.

She had been honored when Furystar had asked her to be her deputy, happy that her sister thought she was good enough, but in her heart of hearts, she had missed the life of a Ranger. It allowed her to move freely in the world, something that her clan had not been able to do in sometime.

They had been mostly forgotten, it had been a long time since her ancestors had lived among the inner clans, but still the wrath of StarClan was not something to be tempted.

She cast her emerald green eyes towards the sky, wondering when they would be able to walk among the stars again, it was a fantasy, one that they would never achieve. It was a dream they had been chasing since the beginning, but she had no hope that they would make that dream a reality. She had long realized that it was just something the elders had told the kits to make the reality of their situation more bearable. A fanciful dream that was just out of reach.

She sighed deeply before turning her gaze back towards the windswept moors. She sniffed the air, the scent of cats was recent but just barely. There must have been a patrol out this way early in the morning, they still patrolled this far out. She made a note of that, Fury would want to know.

She continued along, treading just beyond the border until she came to a stand of trees where she scented a rabbit. Less than a heartbeat later she had a skinny rabbit in maw, her lunch for the day. She was glad of the meal and sent thanks to whoever was listening, more out of habit than obligation. The stars be damned. She huffed in furstration and devoured the rabbit quickly wanting to be on her way. She had left Sandkit behind, and she missed her daughter and her mate. A silent tom with dark blue eyes they were almost black.
May 4 2018, 09:38 AM
She limped through the undergrowth. A dumb fox had decided that she would make a good lunch and she had given it the fight of its life. Well of the hour at least. The pain was starting to get too much and she still wasn't sure how much further she had to go before she found him.

The him being her father? She really wasn't sure what to call him, all she knew was that after the lab had gone to shit, everyone had gotten the hell out of there, herself included, though she had lost track of the others when she had gotten into it with the fox. Dumb fuck.

She had started walking on three legs in order to relieve some of the pain, but even that wasn't doing a hell of a whole lot. She wanted to cry but she bit her lip to keep herself from doing that. She wouldn't cry, she was stronger than that, she wasn't some weakling, she refused to be beaten by this. She would find Burnout, she would find him, because that was the only thing she could do.
Apr 24 2018, 06:28 AM
Narsil Stormcrow

She knew that former librarians had always been called Madam this or Madam that, but the students always called her Professor Stormcrow, or Miss Stormcrow. She always smiled at the name, it was the first thing she had chosen for herself, when the ministry had saved her they had asked her her name. She paled at the thought of always having to share the name of her parents, because for some reason that idea made her want to vomit. She had thought about the name she wanted, and as if the idea had always been there she picked it. Stormcrow, the name of an old man who had a penchant for adventure.

It had become a habit of hers, that as soon as the night sky lightened, heralding the coming of dawn, she would awaken. This morning was no exception. She rose, and stretched, reaching for her robe and headed off into the bathroom to take a shower, careful not disrupt the dog and cat that slept at the foot of her bed. She had a bad habit of picking up stray animals, most likely because she herself in many ways was a stray.

After her shower she picked a simple pair of robes, blue slashed with black and magicked her hair into some semblance of neat tidiness and grabbing her wand and bag made her way towards the door, her pets beside her. Beren a black mongrel dog who had the look of a wolf, and Luthien a pretty black and white tabby cat.

As she made her way down to the library she let her thoughts wander about, as oft was the case this early in the morning. It was soothing like waves on the shore of a beach that pulled away everything that didn't belong or couldn't dig its roots down enough to stay. Upon opening the great wooden doors that granted entrance to the library a fluttering of wings could be heard overhead and she smiled knowing that she was not alone. They were the guardians of the library, crows and ravens.

A famliar flutter of wings behind her, broke her from her thoughts, she turned and smiled at the half blind crow. "Gandalf, so nice of you to join us this morning," she said tossing him a cracker which he plucked from the air. The old crow had been with her for many years, and his descedants inhabited the library. She had found him half dead on the side of the road and brought him back to Hogwarts to be rehabilitated by the groundskeeper who kept the ebony birds. Yet he had seemed quite taken with her and more often that not was not far from her.

His descendants inhabited the library though they had been trained to take certain matters outside, they knew to look out for students who disrespected the books, and were rewarded by those who brought them snacks, sometimes with a shiny bauble. She knew all of them, having given every single one of them names, but Gandalf was hers, the others more belonging to the school.

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