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Mar 22 2018, 03:02 AM
She had been tracking him for years.

It had begun when she was just a kit, one day her father had not come home, she asked her mother when he was coming home, and her mother could only look at her sadly. She didn't know how Mom knew, but she did. She had always had a way of knowing when something bad happened. She had gotten angry then, and that was when news reached them, that a golden tom cat had killed her father.

She had been older when they news had reached them. She couldn't believe it, her father, the light of her life had had another family! She got angrier then. She wanted answers, so she left her home and started looking, but nothing came of it. Finally she found a twoleg structure that had fallen to pieces, she had asked an older loner who lived in the area what had happened.

He had told her a story, of a young tom with fur the color of sunlight and eyes to match, he had brought his three sisters there to hide out from a storm, and he had gone to gather supplies and when he came back the building had collapsed on them.

She asked where the tom had gone, the older cat answered he didn't know, just pointed south. He said that after the sunlight cat had buried his loved he had taken off in that direction. So she went south, and that was when she started to hear the stories.

He was called Darkglory, a fearsome beast born of a thirst of vengeance. Something had been taken from him and he had gone after the ones who had taken it from him. Everyone who recounted the tale had a look of fear in their eyes. They said that his eyes were the color of blood, that he was bigger than the biggest twoleg monster, his roar was louder than that of a thousand lions. Parents told their kits that if they didn't behave that the Darkglory would come and gobble them up.

She followed the stories until she arrived at an old abandoned two leg den. There an old she cat lived. She asked about the pllace, and the she cat looked scared, the fear in the old cat's eyes unlike anything she had ever seen.

The she cat had been there the night the Darkglory had come. He had come with hell in his wake, to take revenge on the rogues who had lived there, he had recited the same six words. "Moon, Star, Cloud, Sky, Shine, and Rain." The rouges had killed Darkglory's mate and children, and he took their lives in cold blood without a thought all the while saying those six words again and again.

She left the ancient she cat to her memories as she left. She felt cold, the triail had ended there, everything she had done had been for nothing. She had not choice. She kept traveling until she reached the forest clans.

She had heard tell of th clans and at first wanted to avoid them, opting instead to take a rest in the nearby twoleg settlement. There she had asked after a golden tom, and though she expected nothing, they had seen someone like that. He had come often looking for his friends who had gone missing, he lived in WindClan, the clan that lived in the moors.

She was running as fast as her legs could carry her, until she stood at the border. She would have run to find him but realized there was a border, the scent of cats strong there. She realized they must renew the scent every day and so would surely come by again, so she only had to wait them out.

She feigned a story that she was a loner wanting a home, and that WindClan had seemed like the perfect place, all the while planning how she was going to confront him, the monster that had lived in her nightmares for most of her life.

She was brought to the camp and that was when she saw him. She realized he looked like her father, so much that she thought he was her father for a moment. Her father's eyes had been blue, this tom's was a bright gold. He was smiling, and that made her the most angry.

Mar 21 2018, 08:18 AM
He had often heard stories of the forest clans that were welcoming to a degree of new comers who were looking for a place to stay, be they of the canine persuasion, or feline origin, if you were willing to pull your weight, didn't mind the thought of death too much, you could be welcome.

So he had come to ThunderClan some moons ago looking for a place to call home. He had come from high stock, as his father used to say, bred to be a champion, but he had been a disappointment, because that life wasn't the one he wanted. He craved adventure, wanted to see the world. It had been the expectation he would belong to some twoleg, show in competitions, win, and then settle down with a nice lass and breed more champions.

He spat upon that life and took to the hills with a smile on his face. You see he was a corgi, big for his breed and a striking fellow, with a coat pale orange and white, and eyes the color of spring skies.

His name at birth had been Sir Rupert Reginald Charles James Hollingsworth the Twenty Fourth. A bit of a mouthful and a name that he hated, so when he had joined ThunderClan he had changed it to something much easier to remember, Sabretooth.

These nostalgic thoughts flooded his mind as he was drawn awake in the warrior's den by the early morning sun. Another day had come and with it more hunts and patrols, the life he had always dreamed of was his.
Mar 21 2018, 04:28 AM
She was excited, she was finally cleared to begin her warrior duties, the medicine cat had taken off the herbs that had coated her side for what seemed like moons, though in fact had only been a few weeks. It had not helped that she had snuck out of the den to go on a solo trek and that had set her back a few more days and had earned her a serious tongue lashing from the otherwise adorable medic.

She padded from the medicine den, not quite sure what to do first, should she go patrolling? Should she go hunting? Should she check with the leader, or the senior warriors or the deputy, Nevermoor?

She didn't know why but whenever she thought of him her fur would get hot and her heart started to beat quickly and she could not fathom why, she chose to ignore it most of the time. She wanted to prove herself capable of being a good warrior.
Mar 18 2018, 02:46 AM
He had heard tell of the clans, stories of cats that banded together. Together they lived in peace, there were times of discord with the other clans, but even at the worst they met once a month when the moon hung fat and full in the sky. It was this way of life that had endured for countless generations. It was something he had thought to be nothing more than a child's fantasy until he had been told the tales. He had wanted that life, coming from the war torn north.

Where he came from, it could not be called living. From the moment of birth you fought to live, there was no love, no friendship, no trust, no family. You would sooner be betrayed then form a bond with anyone or anything. He had been born to this life, and had been content with it, until his family had been taken from him.

His parents were elderly and his brothers and sisters and he had banded together finding that they were stronger together, until the day they had been torn apart by a tom who couldn't take no from his sister for an answer. So one day a troupe of rogues came and took his sister and he and his brothers and remaining sister went after them only for him to come back alone, battered and bloodied, the only survivor, only to find a fox coming from the cave where his mother and father lay, carrying his mother's leg in his jaws.

Red painted his vision and soon he was knee deep in the entrails of a dead fox. He buried his life that day and left seeking out the southern clans, but not before tracking down every rogue who had taken his siblings from him and killing them in cold blood.

He didn't lose sleep over it, it was justified. It brought him no joy to do it, but he knew that even if he had blood on his paws, he knew those monsters would never hurt another soul. He didn't care if he became a monster if it meant destroying other monsters.

That had been almost a full twelve moons ago, now he was battle weary, simply wanting a place to rest. He had come towards the mountains when he had caught the scent of cats.

He quickened his pace, his footing sure and graceful as he clambered over the rocky slopes.

He heard the call of an eagle from nearby, and would have darteed for cover had he not scented fear, the fear of a young kit. Images flooded his mind of his baby sisters, and paying the border no heed he leapt around rocks until he came in sight of an eagle that had cornered a tiny she kit into a crevice, though it was too open and the eagle had managed to scratch the face of the she kit who despite shaking in terror swatted at the massive talons that batted at her.

Stilled by memories of his lost siblings, he burst forth into life when he saw the ruby drops of blood that dripped to the ground before her. He roared at the eagle and took a slash that would have ended the kits' life that instead tore his broad shoulder to ribbons.
Mar 16 2018, 11:33 PM
A slender ginger she cat had lain in the medicine cat den for three days after being found half dead from wounds, holding onto life through sheer force of will alone. She had not stirred and many thought she would die yet on the third morning, when the sun had risen high in the sky her ice blue orbs opened to the world around her.

At first she laid still, getting a scent of her surroundings as the events prior to her three day coma came flooding back to her. She felt panic rise in her chest. It steeped herself to remain calm as had these strange cats wanted her dead, she would have not woken. She lifted her head to check her wounds and found that they were on their way to being healed.

She needed to move, she wanted to know where she was. These cats were the first who had looked her in the eyes and not turned from her in horror, they had accepted her and she wanted to know more. She wanted to feel that warmth again when the harmless cat with eyes the color of spring grass had told her her eyes were beautiful. She wanted to know more.
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