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Jun 6 2018, 10:07 PM
Fenrirsulfr is Cherrypaws Daemon that has been with her since she was born in SkyClan. Fenrir despises his job, and constantly belittles and bullies cherry, but he knows he has to protect her and keep her out of genuine danger or else they both die.

Fenrirs roleplayer has left (ily trumpets <3) and he needs a new player. Eventually these two will realize their fighting is pointless and grow to like one another but not yet.

I guess this is FCFS just state your interest but understand the commitment please thank you!
May 30 2018, 02:09 PM
[dohtml]<center><link href="|Dawning+of+a+New+Day" rel="stylesheet"><style type="text/css">

.wcaadoptions {
border:double 5px #ffffff; }

.wcaadopttitle {
font-family:'Cabin Sketch';

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<div class="wcaadoptions"><div class="wcaadopttitle">Lionheart x Bree kits - WindClan/Kittypet</div>
<div class="wcaadopttext">

Bree has had her kits! A couple months ago the she-cat in question had a rather exciting meeting with a member of the Fellowship! The two parted their ways afterwards and the rest is history. She has now had her kits, but there's another problem on her hands. She knows being a kitty-pet her two-legs will no doubt try to take her children away once they are old enough, but Bree cannot bear to see that happen, so she has made plans to deliver them to a clan so they can become warriors and she can visit as often as she likes! She has spent her days relaying to her children the wonders of the forest and clan-life, and now, they are finally ready to make that journey and encounter a surprise along the way!

<div class="wcaadopttitle2">genetics</div>

<p>Males: Black, blue, brown tabby, blue tabby
<p>Females: Tortie, dilute tortie, torbie, dilute torbie
<p>Tabbies/torbies will be mackerel.
<p>Kits may have any realistic eye color except blue.
<p>Kits will be longhair.
<p>Kits will have at least some physical characteristics of a Maine Coon.
<div class="wcaadopttitle2">rules</div>

<p>1. The kits should definitely be excited to move to the clans, none of them should dislike the idea, but they could definitely miss Bree.

<p>2. The kits should stay in WindClan at least until they are apprenticed, after that you can do as you please.

<p>3. The kits will be double timed until apprenticeship!

<p>4. Em and I reserve the right to re-home your kitten, however, if you let us know in advance of absences that shouldn't be a problem <3

<div class="wcaadopttitle2">slots</div>
<p>Depending on interest I may increase litter size!
<p>1. Open
<p>2. Open
<p>3. Open

<div class="wcaadopttitle2">form information</div>

Form is free for all! Just include basic information and perhaps a song or a quote!! <3

<p>Form Due Date: June 25th (The kits are already technically born, but will be able to be played once they reach two moons on June 25th, that is when Bree will travel to WindClan with them)

Apr 16 2018, 02:45 PM
My Hogwarts characters and their biography's can be found below! <3
Mar 26 2018, 04:34 PM
It had been nearly 5 moons since Diesel had disappeared from right under The Monarchs noses. At first, his father had been distraught to learn of the disappearance of his heir. Sending out search party after search party. It wasn't long before his scent disappeared and it was leading out of the areas controlled by The Monarchs.
There was a term for this within the community of The Monarchs, when a member of the congregation abandons their brothers and sisters. Diesel was now known as a Forsaker and in the land of the Monarchs that was punishable by death; but not before he was brought before his entire congregation to answer for his crimes.

Tracking him had not been easy. The Monarchs main base was located well within the city and it was a task to check on their other lands much less travel to new ones. Local cats were questioned and slowly the pieces of the puzzle began falling into place. Over the course of many moons Diesel was often sighted with another strange cat. A cat that was not of The Monarchs. They would meet up every so often.

Diesels father felt betrayed at this news, learning that the next in line to rule his kingdom had been secretly conspiring with someone. It was then that he named his second born the new heir of The Monarchs. Diesels brother, who had always wanted the throne in the first place.

With his new power his brother wanted nothing more that to track his own brother down in order to please their father. The search parties increased and after a few moons they were able to tack him to the edge of the city. Questioning the locals they learned that they had seen a few cats leave several months ago and disappear into the woods.
This was what they were looking for.

The King suggested that they currently send only 4 Monarchs to explore the forest lands and report back their findings.
The four included in the journey went by the names of Wire, Steele. Blade and Poison. The most recognizable of the group to Deadeye would be Poison, they had been friends since they were young, but he was not here to reconnect with an old friend. He was here to do as he was told, bring back Diesel dead or alive.

Travelling through the trees in silence the group walked in step with each other, eyes locked onto the scenery in front of them. They had a mission. It wasn't long before the clear scent of a border entered their noses. The group of cats stopped only for a split second to acknowledge it before continuing forward. They were not going to wait at some border that would most likely belong to the Monarchs anyway. Once reports got back of clans in the forest to the city the King would no doubt want to capture these territories for himself.

The four had been expecting it. Soon enough their path was crossed by another cat. A cat of young stature and size. She seemed timid in front of the faces of these scarred and scary looking city cats. She introduced herself as Poppymask but the four gave no introductions themselves, merely asking if she knew of a cat named Diesel very few knew Deadeyes real name to be Diesel but Poppymask was among that group. They could tell by her change in body posture that she definitely knew something. Poppymask gave no direct answer, instead asking what they wanted. Again, they dismissed the young cat and moved to advance further into the territory. Poppymask made the mistake of trying to stop them.

In an instant Blades claws were unsheathed and he pinned down the young she-cat he aimed for her throat, biting down with as much force as he could muster until her squirming form below him became like a ragdoll. It would be a nice message to these forest clans. Blade bent forward, picking up the warriors limp body in his mouth before following the rest of his group further toward where they assumed the camp was. Maybe they would run into some more examples.
Mar 23 2018, 04:15 PM
My cats and their biography's can be found below! <3
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