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Mar 20 2018, 02:23 PM
White-tipped paws dragged themselves overtop of the sleek surface of a foul smelling berry, it's skin wrinkled with age and mottled with collecting moisture within its flesh. The little thing was fermented along with all its neighbouring relatives, Blackjay had allowed them to spoil in order to indulge into some old habits of his. The ebony and alabaster tomcat had discovered the potency of fermented berries when he was a young apprentice with a curious, naive mind. Popping a few little guys into his maw and chewing them down was often times enoigh to get a warrior feeling a light buzz and that was exactly what he was seeking this present moment.

A buzzing lightness in his chest, and that he was now starting to feel but still he had a few pieces left.
It sucked to do this alone when there were so many eligible bachelors running around Shadowclan.


Mar 10 2018, 02:29 PM
Ah, it was good to be home. Not necessarily for the 'home' aspect of things, what remained of family did not seem to keen on having him present and the clan cats present were all those unknown to the black and white tomcat. Perhaps 'home' was no longer the word for Shadowclan anymore, it was simply a place of residence now. Now until he'd fall in love with the place again. Or not. Who knew, he was unable to tell what fate rested before his paws no matter how hard he tried. Attempts always remained futile and now Black was simply prepared for any possible thing to come in his way. As of the second he walked into Shadowclan terrain to the present moment all Blackjay was truly enjoying out of his return was not being able to meet his sibling again, no. Everyone here was strange to him, all souls to meet and build relations with, a fact Blackjay took as a luxury.

That was his favourite part

With Leaf-Bare meeting it's end and the sunshine now beginning to peek through clouded skies, the air, even whilst chilly carried a certain warmth to it and with Blackjay having been almost entirely alone during this wretched season it was a gift to have been graced with warmth.
Sprawled out on a boulder with scars stretched for all to see, the ebony tomcat intended to take in all the rays of the sun, soaking it all up like a sponge and smiling in delight, closed eyes crinkled, a tailtip flickering as he was lost in daydreaming dozes.

It had been so long since he could afford to relax.
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