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Mar 12 2018, 08:10 PM
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Pineapple had been working up the courage to visit SkyClan, although it had been a few moons since the tragedy. Although he tried to appear tough on the outside, he was still trying to cope with the loss of his beloved sister. He had never approved of her leaving the twolegplace to join SkyClan, but it had only because he had been worried about her. Now the very thing he wished would never happen to her in SkyClan had happened, just not in the way he had expected. He had expected Applebloom to die in a dog attack or a quarrel between the clans, not like this. When she was alive, Applebloom had been a tough person, which is why he never would've guessed she would go the way she did.

He was left with the task of visiting SkyClan to tell them, as well as Apple's kits, what had happened. Supposedly he was the toughest of the siblings, which was why he was given the task. Despite their high thoughts and belief in him, he had still avoided breaking the news for over a moon. He figured that her kits would become his responsibility once he visited, something he wasn't sure if he could do. According to Apple, Ivory... Ivorywind had denied being their father at all, meaning he probably wasn't a part of their lives. He would never be as good of a parent figure as Applebloom had been. Nonetheless, he would make sure the kits were alright, and take them as his own if that was the case. After all, they were the only thing of Apple he had left, and she had adored them. She would want them to be in good paws, paws he could only hope to provide them.

The golden chinchilla followed the path that Apple had once told him about, a frown stretched across his maw. He stopped at the freshly marked border, tentatively sniffing the air for any SkyClanners. "Is anyone here? I have news about Apple. Applebloom. I'm sure you all have been wondering where she disappeared to," Pineapple called out, voice solemn and heavy. It had started out as a visit, but then Applebloom's health had taken a turn for the worse.

[ TW: Talk of suicide in upcoming posts ]
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