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Mar 6 2018, 12:27 AM

She'd asked someone to bring Ravenstar, a sort of quiet understanding having settled in her heart and her mind. There had been a time when she had strove to prove herself capable of being a warrior. She had wanted to support herself so that her brother no longer had to worry and fret over her with every day that passed. She had wanted to prove to Winterstar that he hadn't made a mistake in asking her to be his daughter. She had wanted to show Firestar that even the weak could contribute meaningfully.

In the end, though, Walnutpaw had been an apprentice for a very, very long time. Her brother was gone - his paws had carried him away from her, and despite her mourning sadness in his absence, she hoped that he had found himself happiness. Happiness and freedom from the burden she had been, regardless of his love for her. Winterstar had left too - promising to come back one day (or had he? it seemed so long ago now). Firestar had been too far for her to reach, and he was gone too.

And still, she had wanted to try. And still, the disease in her body rendered her weak and meaningless in the face of those that had tried to kill her. So it was time for her to raise her chin as she bowed out, leaving the life she had wanted so badly. And that meant that she had sent someone to get Ravenstar. It was too bad that her friend had to be the one to do this, but maybe it was better this way.

In any case, the young warrior-aged apprentice was simply lying outside the medicine cat den, still far too thin from her elongated condition. Broken bones healed slowly, slower still for someone like her, and her third eye stared blindly as the other two drifted along the sky, waiting for her friend and leader to show up.
Feb 5 2018, 12:49 AM
It hurt.

Everything hurt really badly. It had been far too long since Walnutpaw had been awake, kept alive by the efforts of her clanmates and not much else. Her dreams had been a swirling, tumultuous mess. She thought that people were waiting for her to wake up, but she wasn't nearly as attentive as she could have been in her sleep. Her consciousness hadn't been within her grasp for so long, and she... she was finally awake.

A groan slipped from the three-eyed molly's lips, quivering with the ache that rang through her. She had suffered broken bones, suffered from the attempt on her life with an intensity that had left her barely lucid while recovering. But Walnutpaw opened her golden eyes, wincing against the light that dappled into the medicine cat den. She didn't understand why she was so hungry, so thirsty, why it hurt so badly, but the petite Mau managed to lift her head regardless.


She rasped, disappointed not to see the tom in the medicine cat den. No, instead it was... quiet.

She was alone, briefly, at the moment she woke up, and the young molly looked about, lost at first.
Jan 18 2018, 11:44 PM
Walnutpaw hadn't really been truly awake for some time. She drifted in and out of consciousness, sometimes waking with a start and thrashing weakly, unable to move more than that and sometimes someone held her gently down, keeping her from further injuring herself. The moments of lucidity were few and far in between, mostly half-mad gibberish and tears.

No, the poor apprentice hadn't been likely to pull through for quite a while. But the sun hadn't yet risen when she whimpered, half-aware of her surroundings. First, she felt the full-body ache. Her entire body hurt with an endless buzz, a pain that thrummed and came over her in steady waves. It came in drum beats, looping, and she whimpered as the rest of her sensations came to her. The half-calm of the pre-dawn came to her in a soothing sense, the quiet filling her head even though it ached.

She was awake. Alive. Her eyes opened uneasily, a presence next to her. Who? Her nose twitched, trying to place the scent, but she turned her head instead, limp and difficult to do.

"Mm. B -- Blackrise?"

Her throat hurt. She couldn't see him and strained to try to do so.

Dec 15 2017, 06:09 PM
Walnutpaw was alone again.

She'd moved her stuff into the apprentice den, and only stopped to visit with Middy from time to time, chatting with Lightpaw when she could but otherwise focusing on her training. Firestar didn't need to push her too hard for her to double down on her efforts, determined and desperate to prove herself not only to him but partially to herself. Besides, despite her kindness and her love of introspection, without someone else as a reference point, she sometimes forgot her limitations and focused heavily on her goals and desires.

Right now, that meant that she was moving slowly but purposefully, trying to find prey. She'd move quietly as she could, but her uneven gait and the way her hearing was beginning to go left her disadvantaged. Still, she paused on the edge of the territory, sniffing the air... and scenting something vaguely familiar but alarming. Strange in a way that set her on edge. Her fur stood on end, and she scanned the surrounding territory, heart pounding.

"Hello? Who's there? Hey!"
Nov 27 2017, 09:58 PM
Sometimes, Wally wished to be normal. Wished her legs moved without repeating circles in her hips and the dull ache of joints that were supposed to not ache for years to come. But she did her best with what she had, and she wanted it to be enough. But that meant she worked for things -- she wanted to be strong, so she worked at it. Stretched out injuries, did light exercise whenever she could, even if she wasn't feeling phenomenal. That's partly why she was out and about today -- not far enough from camp that she couldn't hear the normal background noise of clanmates, but at the distance where she wasn't going to be immediately found out by people. Some quiet time would be good, some personal development.

And if she was picking up some useful cobwebs while she was out on her walk, that could only help, right?

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