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Feb 21 2018, 12:31 AM
Venomheart of BloodClan and Emberblade of ThunderClan are having a litter together!

dam: black shorthair with yellow eyes and polydactyl paws
sire: blue marbled tabby longhair with copper eyes

Blue marbled tabby longhair x black
Black, blue, brown tabby, blue tabby. Tabbies can be marbled or classic. Kits can be longhair or shorthair. Kits can be polydactyl. Kits can have any realistic eye color except blue

- There'll only be one kit to survive the litter, so only one application will be accepted. It will not be first come first served.
- The kit will be loved by both parents and should not grow up resenting either of them. However, the kit should remain in BloodClan until adulthood. He/she will be allowed to visit Emberblade, and he will be allowed to visit him/her.
- The kit will be born healthy
- Names should be terms cats know (I know, Draculakit would be awesome for BloodClan, but it just won't do :/ )
- As there is only one surviving kit in the litter, you must remain active. Failure to remain active will result in the rehoming of the character at the discretion of Egotistical Lilypads and myself.



> Silverstar of ThunderClan
> Coalstep of ThunderClan
> Darklingpaw of ThunderClan
> Arcticstorm of ThunderClan
> Duckkit, Nightkit, and Ratkit of ThunderClan


> Ivyfang of BloodClan
> Bonechill, unknown location
> Briarthorn, unknown location
> Wishkit, deceased
> Arcticstorm of ThunderClan (adopted sister of venom)
> Nightpaw of BloodClan
> Bitterkit, not yet born
> Wanderingkit, deceased
> Hydraulickit, deceased
> Wolfpaw of BloodClan
> Dewkit, not yet born
> Lightningkit, not yet born
> Pigeonkit, not yet born

Application Deadline: March 15th THIS HAS CHANGED
Due Date: approximately March 17th (subject to change)

Feel free to make your own application, but it should include a name, personality, appearance, and gender

Note: if you're going to track this topic, please click the button at the top of this post rather than posting. Track posts will be deleted so as not to clutter this thread.
Feb 19 2018, 06:44 PM
He was tired, his legs hurt, and he was so dirty. They'd been walking for so long that Aristotle was positively certain that his legs were about to fall off. This was such a stupid idea. Why had he agreed to come? Oh, right. His pride. Great.

"Are we there yet?" Aris asked, a kit-like whine creeping into his voice. He trailed behind his mother, who he had only met for the first time that day upon chance. Had he been more aware of his surroundings, the tom would have noticed that stronger scent of cats growing and the border that they had crossed a while back. But he wasn't used to using his nose for long-range distances. His previous home had been quite small.


Jan 4 2018, 08:45 PM
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<div class="tempcodesubwords">subtitle here please</div></div><div class="tempcodeone"><div class="tempcodetwo">
<p> Ivyfang :: played by Egotistical Lilypads
<p>Council Members
<p>Venomheart :: played by Trumpets
<p>Plague Doctor
<p> Venus :: played by prunella
<p>Plague Doctor Apprentice
<p> N/A
<p>Adderfang :: played by ??
<p>Adderstrike :: played by Elmo
<p>Astralight :: played by Trumpets
<p>Batskies :: played by bits
<p>Kite :: played by Satoshi
<p>Shadowsinger :: played by mikki
<p>Nightpaw :: played by Lunlun
<p>Wolfpaw :: played by Warped
<p>Cometkit :: played by Citali
<p>Ghostkit :: played by Egotistical Lilypads
<p>Novakit :: played by Egotistical Lilypads
<p>Palekit :: played by machi
<p>Pinkie Pie :: played by Elmo
Jan 2 2018, 05:56 PM
Aristotle did not like being outside. He hadn't meant to go outside, really. He just wanted a little peek when his owner opened the door, but the door had swung back unexpectedly and knocked the poor tom outside, locking him from the warm. No, this was certainly not fun. The lilac point sat just outside the door, sometimes balancing carefully on his hind paws and batting at the handle. How did they open these stupid things?

With a frustrated sigh, Aris whipped around and glared at his surroundings. The snow was cold, the wind chilled him to the bone, and there was no food. How long until his owner returned to let him back inside? Not bold enough to stray from the door, he crouched down, content to sit there all day if he had to. "If I don't freeze to death first," he muttered under breath.

Dec 14 2017, 02:41 PM
Since break is upon me and I have more free time than I know what to do with, I'm making a list of my characters and am opening them all up for threads with anyone!

- Rank/Age
- Important Info
- Open to/Plot ideas (I'm very uncreative, so if it isn't listed as closed it's probably open-- gimme ideas!)
- Closed to


- deputy, 30ish moons
- lost half of his memory and doesn't remember mate or kits
- temporary romance (feelings for someone other than Silverstar- his previous mate- but eventually falls back in love with her), friends-- any clan, enemies-- any clan
- death, injuries

- warrior, 15ish moons
- disappeared from clan for three moons then suddenly returned, very apathetic
- adventures in/outside of clan/territory, friends-- any clan, romance-- it'd be hella awkward
- death

- warrior, 12ish moons
- super sensitive and friendly, hesitant toward non-cat clanners
- friends-- TC preferable, open to others, enemies-- any clan, injury
- death, romance


- warrior, 35ish moons
- pacifistic and lazy, but friendly
- friends-- any clan, enemies-- any clan, mini-adventures
- death, romance


- warrior, 22ish moons
- swears a lot, loud and energetic
- friends-- RC preferable, romance-- any clan, enemies-- any clan, injury
- death

- apprentice, 9 moons
- serval, has no friends
- friends-- any clan, romance-- any clan
- death

- warrior, 40ish moons
- super friendly and pure and innocent
- friends-- any clan
- death, injury, enemies

- warrior, 14ish moons
- grouchy
- friends-- any clan, enemies-- any clan
- death, romance


- apprentice, 9 moons
- very hyper and kind of stupid
- friends!!!!!!!!!!
- death


- apprentice, 10ish moons
- manipulative and distrustful
- friends-- BC or no clan, enemies-- any clan
- death, romance, injury
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