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May 23 2018, 11:21 AM
(Please post in this thread if your character is interested in becoming the medicine cat apprentice)

Some time had passed since Elkpath's death, but Peppernose hadn't considered until recently that she would have to replace him. A medicine cat's job was difficult work, and with SkyClan's bad luck she was often busy. Despite the challenge, without a cat coming up to tell her they wanted to work with her, she didn't feel like she needed any help. She had been training the clan in basic medicines so they could tend to easy problems themselves, and she was good at keeping herself organized so she never felt too overwhelmed.

But what if something happened to her, and nobody was fully trained to be the next medicine cat? What if there was a big battle and she needed help caring for so many patients? Reluctantly, Peppernose was forced to address the fact that she would need to take on a new apprentice.

So, over the last few days, she had been tossing the idea around the apprentices and kits, informing them that she was going to be looking for one of them to walk down the medicine cat path with her, so they could start thinking about if it was something they might like to do.

"Anyone who's interested in becoming my apprentice, come see me!" Peppernose meowed. It was a bright morning for once, free from the heavy newleaf rains they had been experiencing. The medicine cat sat outside her den, hoping there would be some interest but also loathing the idea of making such a difficult choice.
Feb 26 2018, 11:31 AM
Death, injury, and fear had been a constant antagonist in the mountainside camp of SkyClan in recent moons, and the looming anticipation of another threat was really getting to the clan's medicine cat. Peppernose was no stranger to hardship, but it was hard not to believe in curses when it felt like the world was working against your clan and StarClan had little comfort to offer.

Last night, she had an idea that she felt would help ease her worries a little. While she lay alone in her den, staring at the cave walls and blocking out the intrusive thoughts predicting future tragedy, she thought of a plan that could potentially give her clanmates a better chance in the unforgiving world.

Why should only medicine cats know how to use medicine?

Obviously, it was ridiculous to think that every warrior would learn everything there was to know about medicine. There would always be a need for a professional medicine cat, but there was no reason that Peppernose couldn't start teaching her clanmates the basics about herbs and ailments- just enough so that if something happened to them and she wasn't right there, they would be able to give themselves a preliminary treatment that could be lifesaving.

So, Peppernose had gathered up some of her basic herbs and carried them out into the center of camp where everyone could see and hear. Taking the time to organize everything around her neatly, she looked around and gave a short trill of satisfaction.

"Hey, SkyClan! Anyone who has time should come see me. I want to show everyone some things!"
Dec 6 2017, 08:55 PM
It felt like it had been such a long time since the medicine cats had gathered at the moonstone. Even though she lived so close to it, Peppernose could hardly remember what the sacred rock even looked like.

She was tired, her usually wide eyes drooping. Her tail hung low and uncurled. Skyclan's medicine cat had had a rough couple of moons. Between Equinoxstar's disappearance, Elkpath's illness, Tumble's death, and StarClan remembers what else, Peppernose felt like she was drowning in hardship after hardship. Her contact with StarClan had been minimal, too, and in this time of struggling she felt as though they were ignoring her, leaving her without guidance or answers. This trip was long overdue.

Peppernose sat down near the entrance to Moonstone to wait for the other clans' medicine cats. She wondered what they had been up to, what their clans were doing. When was the last time she had even attended a gathering? Concern for Elkpath during his sickness and fear for other kits since Tumble's murder had kept the tiny tuxedo close to her den; she didn't want to leave in case she was needed and there was something she could do about it. Only now did she finally feel comfortable in venturing beyond the territory again.

Well, hopefully the others had better luck that her... Though now that she thought about it, did she even know who the other medicine cats were anymore?

@Bits @Elmo
Sep 1 2017, 07:58 PM
Sleeping restfully was difficult in these days. There was too much going on, too much to worry about. Disappearing suns and leaders, starved kits, bloodthirsty gangs on the horizon. The only thing more troubling to Skyclan's medicine cat was that when she did sleep, she always awoke without having been disturbed. No dreams, no messages, no signs- StarClan had been completely silent to her, not offering her the slightest hint in what was going on in the world or in her clan.

As she settled into her nest that night, Peppernose figured her subconscious would once again remain quiet. She kneaded her bedding slowly and sleepily, pushing the moss into just the right shape before slowing sinking down into a comfortable position. The smell of herbs and Elkpaw nearby swirled around her, the light glow of the moon creeping into the den a soft comfort in the dark.

Sleep came gently and easily for once, the tired tuxedo swiftly drifting off into slumber.

Jun 20 2017, 10:58 AM
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The moon was high, the light of its waning crescent cast upon the mountain and highstones like a spotlight, unhindered by clouds. Warm greenleaf air whistled through the rocks and crevices, creating an eerie, echoing lullaby for the clan settling into its new home.
Peppernose was curled up in a soft bed of moss on the floor of her new den. Her nose and ears twitched occasionally as she slept, toes flexing every now and then as though she were reaching for something. Simple dreams danced through her mind, the kind of which she would have no memory of come sunrise despite her body's investment. Things were going well, and she had earned this deep sleep.
A flash of flame erupted before her mind's eye. She recoiled from its brilliance, straining to keep her eyes open just enough to make sense of the image in front of her. In seconds the medicine cat realized she was looking up at the sun. Confused, Peppernose tilted her head and noticed a different image- a full moon. Taking a step back, she realized the two great celestial orbs were both sitting high in the sky, perfectly level with each other; the moon before a dark background of Silverpelt and the sun on a cloudless day. It was as though the sky was split perfectly in half between night and day.
And there was something else: a large star, placed exactly between moon and sun.
Peppernose awoke with a start, already halfway on her paws. She looked around and saw that she was back in her den. Outside, the sun was rising, the moon already out of sight. A normal day. Except...
Squinting, she noticed there was still one star, just barely visible in the sky. Peppernose knew she had just received a message from StarClan- the first one she had seen since their escape from the lab. But what did it mean? The medicine cat sat at the entrance of her den, staring up at the sky as she considered the images that StarClan had shown her. It was well into the morning before she made her decision.
Peppernose leapt down to the ledge where their leader would call meetings. It was slightly strange to stand on it herself, but she had no hesitation in taking the position, for she was confident in her objective. She cleared her throat.
<b>"Let all cats old enough to scale the cliffs gather here for a clan meeting!"</b> the medicine cat called, her voice a powerful force that carried through the camp. She looked around at her clanmates as they began to gather. <b>"I have an important announcement. Last night, I received a clear message from StarClan. They have told me whom they have chosen to accept the title of SkyClan's leader."</b>
Her words were blunt, to the point. There was no use in beating around the bush, even if it was unusual to announce that their chosen leader was not the one who should be leading the clan. She took a breath and gave time for her words to settle before she continued.
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