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Mar 21 2018, 01:34 PM
She wasn't here to try to coax her daughter to return to LionClan, or to scold her for leaving without notice. Bearfrost simply wanted to visit, and to make sure Eveningkit was being treated well. The serval understood her daughter's actions and intentions, for they had been Bearfrost's own when she was the same age. Once of SkyClan, she'd been all but abandoned by her mother in favor of her siblings, and so she'd moved on to RiverClan.

She'd waited impatiently at the border until a warrior had come along- Tawnycloud, she said her name was- and after explaining why she was here, Bearfrost was led to ShadowClan's camp.


Mar 12 2018, 02:02 PM
Eveningkit was missing. She'd always been the adventurous one, but Bearfrost could feel that something was wrong. Call it a mother's intuition.

"Foxscar!" she yowled, fur bristling and tail lashing anxiously from side-to-side. Her eyes, normally veiled and narrowed, were wide open and full of panic. The serval paced in a circle, jaws parted as she scented the air, eyes moving to every hidden crevice her kit could possibly be hiding in. "Foxscar!"

Jan 16 2018, 10:00 PM
Bearfrost hadn't planned on following Foxscar. She'd been made aware that he was leaving BloodClan, and she had replied that her paws were not set to leave clan territory. Perhaps one day she would bring the kits to visit, but she refused to bring them into a clan full of uncertainty.

A few weeks had gone by, and Bearfrost's thoughts had been racing. RiverClan never felt like home. Foxscar, a BloodClanner of all cats, had been kinder to her than many in RiverClan ever had been. She regretted leaving Burnout, and every time her uncle passed through her mind her stomach churned and throat restricted until she felt like gagging. He deserved better, she told herself. He'd have a family of his own one day.

Foxscar's scent hadn't been hard to follow. She knew it too well, and though it had faded significantly, she'd managed to follow his tracks. He hadn't gone far, she was surprised to find.

"Foxscar?" She was in the territory, she knew it. Boundaries, new as they were, were clearly marked. He had to be around here somewhere.

Jan 16 2018, 09:48 PM
"Burnout? I need to talk to you."

Bearfrost stood with her head lowered, tail curled tightly around her hind leg. She stared at her uncle anxiously, eyes more fearful then she'd ever let herself reveal before. Who else could she go to? It had been a mere two weeks since her warrior ceremony, and she'd already royally fucked up. Could she even trust the albinistic serval? He was her uncle, her blood. He wouldn't betray her, certainly!

"Can we go somewhere outside of camp? I.... I don't want anyone to overhear..."

Jan 6 2018, 01:13 AM
Not having friends had its advantages. For one, no one noticed Bearfrost when she wandered off on her own and didn't return for hours at a time. Even Burnout was plenty distracted. It wasn't like he'd ever had any sort of obligation to her. She'd shown up as a mere six moon old kit to a clan who hadn't even known Permafrost had children. What a welcome occasion, to be the daughter of the former deputy of RiverClan who had gotten himself demoted after causing everyone to hate him. SkyClan hadn't even bothered to search for their missing kit, as far as she knew.

No, Bearfrost had no ties to anyone, which was precisely why she found herself wandering around twolegplace every now and then. She liked the way the cats here paid her attention. She was a serval for God's sake-- a creature many of them had never seen, and one glare could send strays running. Now fully grown, she stood just as tall as her uncle, just as tall as her father had been, and already he had been an outlier of the breed. Let the alley cats stare. She liked the attention and the fear she struck into them. It almost made her feel important.

Prowling the streets was tiring. Back on the edge of twolegplace, where the harsh roads and noise met trees and peace, Bearfrost settled down in the grass, watching as monsters drove by. Soon enough she'd have to return, but there was no rush. No one would miss her.

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