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May 16 2018, 11:36 PM
The sun had long since gone down, but Bearfrost was wide awake. What could she say-- she was a night owl in every way. Cats were gifted with vision in the darkness for a reason, and would not let such a unique ability go to waste.

Her jaws were filled with leaves that smelled of musk and dirt, and she quickly set them aside into their respective pile before coming to sit outside of her den. The air was calm, with barely a breeze to rustle the leaves of the trees. No birds or squirrels made any noise, and the only sound Bearfrost could hear was the call of a distant owl.

She remained there for quite a few minutes, lost deep in thought of a million things all at once. Golden eyes that had closed flicked open suddenly, and her head turned to the side. The serval padded to her father's den where she halted at the entrance, and after a soft breath, called out: "Permafrost?"

May 7 2018, 04:58 PM
This wasn't... normal. Bearfrost had been a spirit for a few moons now, but this was different. The wind shifted her fur, and she could feel the grass she treaded upon. Her body was no long transparent, but solid, just as she'd been alive. And somewhere nearby, she could scent another. Was she dreamwalking?

The serval moved slowly through the dream-world, overwhelmed at the painful flashbacks to when she could walk. Up ahead was a figure of a cat, or rather, a serval. What the hell was this about?

"Who are you?" she called out roughly, coming to a stop and standing tall as she glared on toward the stranger.

Mar 24 2018, 06:30 PM
Foxscar had killed again, this time not of claws or even the slightest intention, but it was still his fault. At least, that's what Bearfrost would have said, had she lived long enough to say it. His neglect had driven Eveningkit away, and that in turn had caused the young serval to go into such a deep, raw depression, that even the comfort of her remaining kits did nothing to soothe her. No prey had been touched in days, no trips made to drink water. She'd become thinner, unnaturally so, and sometime during the night, her eyes had closed forever. Foxscar was mateless, her kits motherless, and LionClan fewer one member.
Mar 21 2018, 01:34 PM
She wasn't here to try to coax her daughter to return to LionClan, or to scold her for leaving without notice. Bearfrost simply wanted to visit, and to make sure Eveningkit was being treated well. The serval understood her daughter's actions and intentions, for they had been Bearfrost's own when she was the same age. Once of SkyClan, she'd been all but abandoned by her mother in favor of her siblings, and so she'd moved on to RiverClan.

She'd waited impatiently at the border until a warrior had come along- Tawnycloud, she said her name was- and after explaining why she was here, Bearfrost was led to ShadowClan's camp.


Mar 12 2018, 02:02 PM
Eveningkit was missing. She'd always been the adventurous one, but Bearfrost could feel that something was wrong. Call it a mother's intuition.

"Foxscar!" she yowled, fur bristling and tail lashing anxiously from side-to-side. Her eyes, normally veiled and narrowed, were wide open and full of panic. The serval paced in a circle, jaws parted as she scented the air, eyes moving to every hidden crevice her kit could possibly be hiding in. "Foxscar!"

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