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Jun 19 2018, 08:50 AM
one of the starbright kids was never really played, so we're finally adopting him out! he's just turned six months old, so once he's been adopted i'll throw up a ceremony thread for him and the other two kids! his name is mintkit, he's a solid blue boy with green eyes, and since he was never really played he's a blank slate! his app is in the spoiler below, but sticking to what catmillex had planned isn't required!

- stay active! i don't expect anyone to post constantly, just keep me updated occasionally so i don't think you've disappeared!
- i would prefer if he stayed in riverclan.
- no adopting him just to kill him off.
- no form! just tell me what ideas you have for him!

mintkit's app
May 23 2018, 04:38 PM

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May 13 2018, 05:46 PM
My RiverClan warrior, Hab, recently stole two kittypet kittens from their yard and brought them back to RiverClan for him and his mate, Burnout, to raise. What Hab didn't realize was that their mother lived in the same house they did... and she's livid her babies were stolen from her.

Pretty much everything for her is blank slate. Her name, appearance, age, personality, history, etc etc. The only thing set in stone is that she's going to track Hazel and Teddy to RiverClan and try to bring them home. Teddy is slated to die at some point during his kithood, so I was thinking she might show up sometime after he dies?

Ultimately she decides to stay in RiverClan, and eventually may be a surrogate for Burnout and Hab so they can have actual kids of their own.

No form! Just give me all the details!
May 8 2018, 01:22 PM
Rushstorm is a warrior of WindClan, and Paleblossom is the current medicine cat. The pair grew up together, trained together as warrior apprentices before Paleblossom was chosen to be their next medicine cat. They crushed on each other for a long time before they finally admitted to their feelings, and despite her fears of judgement and doing her ancestors wrong they have decided to become mates.

She realized she was pregnant when Adderstrike, the father of Polkastrike and Swiftshadow, attacked and seriously injured her when she discovered him on the border. And though Paleblossom is terrified what this might mean for her future as her clan's medicine cat, she eagerly awaits the arrival of their children.

- this is not first come first serve.
- depending on how many people are interested, I may purchase a 5 kit litter.
- the kits MUST be girls. all of them.
- I'd prefer they stay in WindClan, but I'm open to anything when exciting plots are involved!
- there's no set name theme, but Paleblossom would name her kits soft, pleasant things, or choose names based after cats she has loved and lost (Coyotekit, for example, is named after the ThunderClan deputy, Dusty). Skykit, Breezekit, Whitekit and Astra/Astralkit are all possible names she would pick.
- I reserve the right to rehome your kit if you go missing, though it's unlikely I will.
- the kits will be born on June 1st; applications will end May 31st.

Grandparents - Skycrack, Breezetail
Great-aunt - Whitemusic
Aunts - Brindleflower, Honeybee, Sandhawk
Cousins - Tumblepaw, Fawnpaw, Harrierkit, Bouncekit, Heatherkit, Galekit, Petalkit

Aunt - Fireside

Red tabby, cream tabby, or white.

Tortoiseshell, dilute tortoiseshell, or white.

Kits can be longhair or shorthair. Non-white kits can have any realistic eye color except blue, white kits can have any realistic eye color including blue. White kits with blue eyes have a 70% chance of being deaf.

- open
- open
- open
May 8 2018, 12:43 PM
Lilacpaw - Trumpets
Duckpaw - Seth

Lionstorm - Nuka


Cranepaw - Mikki
Bluepaw - Nuka

Cherrypaw & Fenrir - Igloo, Trumpets

Nightpaw - Lun
Ghostpaw - Igloo

For the sake of it not being.... crazy big we should probably limit it to 2 characters from each clan, maximum?
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