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May 28 2018, 08:14 PM
I'm sorry, I just can't keep up. Life ain't going so great, and I just wish I could make this RP one of my priorities, but I can't. Trying to figure out how is just too much stress and headache.

List of characters:

Sageleaf, WindClan Dep - should die somehow heroically
Rushstorm - WindClan Warrior - should just die, preferably in pieces

Bait - ThunderClan - pass peacefully in his sleep

Lightpaw - ShadowClan Med Apprentice - should die somehow trying to save someone, possibly Oriolekit, her daughter
Oriolekit - ShadowClan Kit - bye bye baby

Wildeye - disappears, or can be adopted out by Lun - least amount of heart pain for Cedar pls
Acornfall - however @Bits would prefer

Waffles, the doggypet, moves away with his People.

My kits - Valiantkit, Magpiekit, (unborn) Coyotekit, and Fawnkit/paw - all can be re-adopted out or killed at preference of the parent players.

If any of these deaths can be beneficial to your plots, please use them. I won't be making threads, but they happened. Let me know if you want to do anything special with it.

It's been fun ya'll. Will still be on discord if anyone wants to chat.

Apr 5 2018, 01:25 PM

"There are things we must remember. Pride, and cunning - that defines us. But we must not forget that we are not the largest, or the strongest, and we are few. It is time to leave."

Coyotes live in small, ever-changing packs, either groups of unattached adults, or small family units consisting of a mated pair and their offspring. They are not like wolves, and dominance is a present but strange factor in their pack structures. Still, this is not true of all.

It's a sprawling group of loosely allied coyote packs that have now come together to form The Pack - a group with one leader, and those who lead their families and units under him. The reason they have come together, in defiance of what feels right and normal to them and their kind, is a matter of protection and safety in numbers. As the wolf packs pressed in on their territories, they were forced to stand together, or run.

They ended up needing to run, in the end.

When their kin and pups began to fall to the territory pushing of the wolves, The Pack chose to flee. When asked, the badgers that allied loosely with their family units - some chose to join them. And so they've crossed unfamiliar territory, avoiding predators, and searching for a new place to den.

Pups will come - and pups must be fed.


The Pack is a group of loosely allied coyotes, made up of smaller family units but falling under one leader and his mate. Motsa - and his mate - took up the lead, as several of the family units were led by previous generations of their pups. It is a strange thing, for coyotes to band together in something resembling a 'true' pack, but they have done their best to adapt. They hope that it is temporary.

Their governing system is something of a cross between a republic and a democracy. While Motsa and his mate would have the final say in decisions, for the most part, the group makes decisions. These leading pairs and individuals have set out rules to keep The Pack safe, whole, and to help them retain their identity. Leading pairs and individuals of family units have the most say and 'pull' when it comes to speaking to the Lead Pair, but adolescents, juveniles, and even badgers can have a say.

Speaking of badgers - it is known that, from time to time, coyotes form bonds with badgers, a sort of partnership with these animals that are far stronger diggers. Over generations, badgers have attained a sort of friendship and relationship with their coyote brothers and sisters. Coyotes tend to call them "Earth-Speakers", considering them to have a certain wisdom from being closer to the earth-mother and more likely to hear her words.

Coyotes from the reservation from which The Pack came worship the earth, and call her the earth-mother. She made all creations, big and small - though the upwalkers do not respect her creation, and should be shunned. Upwalkers have paved the land with poison and strangeness, and they should be respected and treated with great caution. However, in times of trouble, they can also be investigated for food that they have stored outside their dens.


The Rules of The Pack
  • Respect your leaders, and their decisions - and if you feel they have led you astray, consult the Earth-Speakers.
  • Stay within call-distance of The Pack - and do not travel alone, for we cross lands that we do not know.
  • Do not let yourself be seen by Upwalkers, for they can cause death by noise and sight.
  • Fill your belly first, but if there is food to spare, share with The Pack.
  • Always offer a piece of your kill to the Earth-Speakers, for them to consume or return to the earth-mother.
  • Food that talks, is still food.
  • Do not fight alone - and do not fight unless necessary.
  • Not-coyotes are enemy or food - they are not our friends, and they are not Pack.
  • The Pack must survive.


To join the pack, just start discussing it here - or in discord, but be sure to make a post here! All younger pups would currently be adolescent/juvenile coyotes, nearing the end of their first year, though they may still be traveling with their families due to unusual circumstances. Females of lead pairs very well may be nearing time to whelp, which makes the Pack finding a territory in which to settle rather urgent.

Coyotes are typically monogamous, and often form bonds that last for years.

Leader of The Pack: Motsa, played by Shally (approx 5 years old, could have up to three litters w/ mate)
Second Leader of The Pack: Motsa's mate, open

Motsa/Mate Youth: Nearly year-old juveniles still traveling with their parents, though before events would have been readying to set out on their own.

Motsa's Earth-Speaker: A badger that would have traveled with Motsa and his family unit for some time. May be familiar with even their older children.

Sub-Lead Pair 1: A pair can lead, can have children - ideally would have one related to Motsa and his mate.

Sub-Lead Pair 2: Another one, with a lead pair - can have children, ideally somehow related to Motsa and his mate.

Sub-Lead Pair 3: Same as above. Could also have an independent lead, if we'd like one to have died to wolves.

Sub-Lead, Individual: There are often packs of bachelor or single coyotes, formed for hunting - or younger, juvenile packs that form and break apart. There may be a leader of this.

Any group can have another Earth-Speaker, which would be a badger. Open to how to configure this! Let's make it fun! (And terribly annoying for the local feline population, muahahaha)

Feb 12 2018, 01:14 AM
Hey folks! Needed to get this up for... Ever.

Not exactly putting a time limit on this, not sure when kits are born, but soon.

Is gonna be a five kit litter, unless we don't get enough.


Black sh x Red tabby sh
Males: Red tabby, cream tabby
Females: Tortie, dilute tortie
Cats can be shorthaired or longhaired.
Cats can have any realistic eye color except blue.

1. Marigoldkit (played by Mikki)
2. Oriolekit (played by Shally)

Marigoldkit is going to be a reincarnation of Raventhorn's baby brother Marigoldpaw. Oriolekit will manifest the Sight early, and end up being a messenger for the dead who crosses clan lines. (She also will die young, sob)



[b]Discord Name:[/b] If you have one! Always great for plotting. :)

[b]Kit Name:[/b] (Prefer closer to original warrior names - things found in nature. Great if you already have a suffix, tell us!)
[b]Appearance:[/b] Pelt color, size, shape, eye color, deformities/etc
[b]Brief Personality:[/b] Just a little about your idea for the character's, well, character!

[b]PLOT IDEAS:[/b] What ideas do you have for this character? Powers, personal development, larger development, etc?

Jan 2 2018, 12:41 PM
Upheaval has come to WindClan once more. Rowanstar has been gravely injured, and in the interim, Sageleaf has taken over his tasks as leader while the clan waits for their leader to heal. But his wounds are too grave, too severe, for even StarClan to spare him of. Soon, WindClan will need a new deputy.



In order to be considered, you must:

Fill out your application! (Finish it by the 20th!)
PM me 1 - 3 plot ideas for WindClan! (By the 20th!)
Go forth and be ACTIVE with your character!

New characters are allowed! I understand if your current character doesn't fit. However, please actively RP with this character - we're not doing RP samples, I'll just be looking at a character's activity for this.

This is a clean slate opportunity. If you haven't been active, it's understandable. Things happen! But we are looking for someone who can be an active part of WindClan's leadership from here on out.


[b]Best Contact:[/b] (discord, on site, etc)

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Other Notes:[/b]

[b]Character Strengths:[/b] (at least three)
[b]Character Weaknesses:[/b] (at least three)

[b]Why Choose You?:[/b] (From the character's perspective, have them briefly explain why they would be a good choice for deputy. Or why they wouldn't be!)

Also, don't forget to PM me 1 - 3 plot ideas for WindClan!

Thanks everyone!
Aug 17 2017, 10:38 PM
Sageleaf is soon going to be appointed as deputy, and I want to be as accessible to everyone as possible! You can also PM me, or message me on the WC Discord, if those are easier. If that doesn't work, feel free to post here!

Also, never feel afraid to bug me if I'm late to reply. I have a sometimes strange work schedule, and can be forgetful, but never mean to leave you hanging! Please just let me know.

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