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Mar 28 2018, 10:39 PM
The river, for all the damage and destruction it had caused RiverClan only a few moons ago, looked so beautifully peaceful. Few things sounded sweeter to Ramsay's ears than the gentle rush of the water, the everlasting churning that lulled her thoughts from chaotic whirlwinds to lazy muses. It seemed so different than it had when she was just learning to swim, but she hadn't appreciated the river back then. It was inviting now, tempting her in step by step.

Ramsay stood up to her belly in water and stared down at her reflection. A year could make all the difference. She'd lost the rough exterior of a rogue moons ago, and no longer did her bones show through loose skin. She was fuller, less of a skeleton, but it felt wrong. Where had her life of thrill and adventure and one-night stands gone?

The water lapped at her shoulders now. Ramsay hadn't been aware that she'd moved forward until she was nearly swept off her paws. The river was stronger here, and she had to dig her claws into the sandy bottom to hold her place. Where was Sylvester? A choked sob escaped Ramsay's mouth at the thought of her little brother, so young, and so precious. Too pure and wholesome for this damned world. Lotuskit would be okay. She had needed a mother, and Ramsay had done what she could, but she was growing now, and would very soon be an apprentice. She was strong and young, and she would live a wonderfully perfect life, Ramsay was sure.

Acornfall... she'd be better. She never deserved to be left at the border by a dog. She never deserved such a piss-poor mother, but the world had never been in her favor. Somehow, she'd overcome those obstacles, and more. So much more. This would be nothing. This would be a minor scratch among seasoned scars.

No, she wasn't thinking right. Ramsay needed Cedarheart. He would help her, but he was so busy lately. When was the last time they'd talked? His life was falling together perfectly. Someone could help her, though. This wasn't right. But as Ramsay began to shuffle backwards, a loose pebble caught her off balance, and fate made its decision. The river swept the calico away as if she were no more than a slight inconvenience. She felt herself being tugged around, and then violently slammed into a rock, and that's when the world went dark.

Not even ten minutes later the calico would wash up on the side of the river, her path downstream deterred by a log. Her head would be the only sign of injury, with a large gash and fresh blood seeping slowly out, but it wouldn't matter. Her lungs took no more breaths, her heart no more beats. But then, her heart had seemed to stop long ago.

It was Daisyfall who had found her and brought her to camp, and even RiverClan's happiest warrior had no words of comfort as he silently laid the fallen warrior down in the middle of camp.
Jan 16 2018, 09:55 PM
Acornpaw hated her. Ramsay had come to realize it moons ago. Stonestar's death had rattled the clan, and Acornpaw was the only one left to recover. But she refused to. Any help was pushed aside, kind words thrown back with steely glares, or worse, no reaction at all. The bobcat refused to be helped, and there was nothing anyone could do anymore.

And she hated Ramsay. The calico knew it to be true. She didn't know why, but it tore a hole- a thousand holes, really- in her heart in a way she never knew possible. She'd failed as a mother. Surely it was best just to keep her distance.

Lotuskit had been a welcome distraction. No one could replace Acornpaw, and no matter how much the apprentice hated her mother, Ramsay would always call her her daughter. Lotus, bless the kit, needed a mother, too, just as Acorn once had.

"Lotuskit, why don't we go outside for a bit? Fresh air would do both of us some good." Ramsay had taken up residence in the nursery again. Oceantides and Superpaw were... interesting company, but Ramsay left them alone for the most part.

She sat up in her nest, looking to Lotus with a gaze full of affection. She hadn't realized the struggles the kit went through with her body at first, and she still didn't quite understand it, but it didn't matter. Ramsay would care for her as she would any other kit, and the same opportunities would be there.

Nov 20 2017, 12:41 AM
Superpaw's attempts at rousing Ramsay from her depression had failed. Stern words and anger weren't the way to go with the calico, but at least someone had tried. Of course, Ramsay wouldn't truly heal until she tried; no one else could really heal her grief for her. It was a lonely process, but she'd come to realize it didn't have to be lonely if she didn't want it to be.

There were multiple cats Ramsay knew she could go to. Cedarheart seemed to be one of the most obvious options; he was a wise tom, someone who Ramsay admired deeply. But he was so busy being deputy, and there was someone else Ramsay preferred. Sylvester, of all the cats in RiverClan, knew Ramsay the most. Sure, she'd been spacey during their time growing up, but she'd visited every now and then when he was real young, and they'd been through a lot as the moons went by. If anyone could get through to her, it was he.

"Sylv?" Ramsay poked her head into the warrior's den, hoping to find her younger brother inside. Her voice was raspy, both from not speaking much and from the ache that occurred in her throat as a result of crying a little too much.

Nov 18 2017, 08:56 PM
It'd been about twelve days since Ramsay last smiled. Coincidentally, it'd been twelve days since one of her closest companions had died. Grief clung to Ramsay more than burrs did to her fur. Her days were spent walking aimlessly in circles around RiverClan. Sometimes she would find a nice spot to sit in and think for a while, and then she'd start crying until she settled into an uncomfortable sleep. Her stomach seemed to ache constantly, preventing much food from staying down. To put it was kindly as possible, she was a complete mess. Her fur, though it never looked very orderly, was messier than normal. Her eyes were dull, and she appeared to be getting skinnier.

Some of her clanmates had attempted to approach her. They would urge her to move about, visit with her daughter, hell, do something other than mope. But she remained mostly unresponsive. Sometimes she would utter a short sentence, other times she would turn away and rest her head on her paws until her visitor left.

Today was no different. The calico had found herself at the edge of one of the many streams in RiverClan's territory. She sat at the edge, staring at a large rock that protruded from the middle. That rock alone was enough to send tears flowing freely down her face. Ramsay snapped her eyes shut and bowed her head. Nothing had prepared her for grief like this.
Sep 24 2017, 11:27 AM
"Rise and shine, munchkin!" Ramsay called into the nursery, dipping her head and peering inside. "Acorn, we're going adventuring today! Time for some mama-daughter bonding time, eh?" The past few moons had passed so quickly. Was it motherhood that made it go by so fast, or was it all of the excitement that had happened in camp? Both, probably. Acornkit had grown so much, and it made Ramsay feel so old. She wasn't old, mind you-- a mere twenty-something moons, but she was older than she had been when she found the bobcat kitten! Soon enough, a bobcat apprentice. Ramsay would miss the nursery; despite the kits who woke her up during the night, she loved being a mother. Perhaps the other queens didn't like her watching their kits (who had certainly picked up more than a few swears from the calico queen,) but that was okay. Acornkit had been plenty for her.

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