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Dec 23 2017, 01:10 AM
Happy holidays, everyone! As a little treat for our members, we're having a raffle where you can win a shop item of your choice. http://i.imgur.com/bl2i9Ri.png?1

To enter, just comment with one item you want for your characters!

Once you do that, you'll be assigned a ticket number, which you can see here:


The winner will be drawn on the 30th. Good luck!

(You may not use more than one account to enter.)
(Don't know what you want? You can see all the shop items here.)
Dec 23 2017, 01:10 AM
Happy holidays, everyone! As a little treat for our members, we're gonna play a game! ^o^

I'm going to describe 10 boxes. They each contain a certain amount of freshkill.. but you can only pick one. Which box will you pick?

1. The square white box wrapped in red ribbon, topped with a neat little bow. Classic!
2. The red box, covered with glittery golden stars.
3. The stocking that hangs by the fireplace, with your name sewn on the top. Don't worry, there's no coal in it. At least, you think there isn't....
4. The gift bag stuffed with tissue paper. It has a happy snowman on the front - how cute!
5. The long box, with green wrapping paper and a gold ribbon.
6. The red and green striped box.
7. The round, light blue box. It has snowflakes all over.
8. The cat-shaped box with pawprints climbing up the side. Huh, wonder where I've seen something like that before?
9. The simple cardboard box, tied with a ribbon. A mistletoe completes its natural look.
10. The large box with reindeer on the wrapping paper.

Comment below with the number of your choice, and each present's contents will be revealed on the 30th!

(You may not use more than one account to enter.)
(Also, because I'm the only person who knows how much FK's inside each box, staff are allowed to enter!)
Dec 12 2017, 11:55 PM
  • All relevant site rules apply. You do not need to purchase shop items for RPs in this board, nor do you need to keep things realistic like the main Warriors game if you don't want to. Want to RP a sword-wielding feline who bakes pies? You're more than welcome to.
  • All rules regarding sensitive topics apply. Please have the courtesy to use content warnings as necessary.
  • If you have any IC restrictions, list them in the first post, and don't change them once the thread starts without discussing it with all RP partners involved. For example, you can't wait until 15 posts in to suddenly decide sword-wielding felines who bake pies aren't allowed.
Dec 8 2017, 04:32 PM
I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

Both CritterCosmos and WCA's staff are currently discussing a possible merge - if we go through with this, CritterCosmos will close down when their server expires and we'll be making some additions to this site.

What this means for WCA is that we wouldn't be 100% focused on Warriors anymore. Warrior Cats would still be the main game, but we'd also have a new General Roleplay board where you can RP anything (within site rules, of course) and a Hogwarts board to RP in the Harry Potter universe. Both of these boards would be carried over from CritterCosmos' RP layout, added to accommodate their members as they primarily do human RPs.

How this would affect the board layout is uncertain at the moment, but these boards would also be moderated by CritterCosmos staff members, some of whom are already on WCA, others not. A couple of CC's staff may also be joining WCA's team; the specifics are still in discussion.

Personally, I think this would be a great move for both sites - anyone who's been on CC knows it's a bit of a mess on the technical side, so they'd benefit from the features Jcink offers. WCA benefits by getting more members - some of these new members may even join our Warriors RP, and if you want to take a break from Warriors by joining a human RP, for example, you can do so.

But what do you all think? Do you think WCA would benefit from a merge with CC and these new RP boards, or not?
Oct 31 2017, 01:13 AM
The full moon rose over Fourtrees; it was StarClan's signal to all the Clans to come, gather under their watchful eyes, and share the latest news. New apprentices and warriors would be celebrated, deaths mourned, and the audience occasionally treated to a front-line seat at a feral cat version of a TV "talk" show, the kind where it always ended in catfights.

... Oh, wait.

Well, tonight wasn't going to be any of those things, but for the forest felines, it was certainly going to be an interesting night regardless. Let's just say cats weren't the only creatures who liked to gather beneath the great trees.

Numerous Twolegs were in the hollow, wearing strange outfits and blasting all sorts of loud sounds cats loved. Colorful materials and other garbage were scattered on the ground, and a pair of monsters could be heard roaring from a distance - more Twolegs were coming.

Whatever would happen to the Gathering now? The logical answer would be to stand back and relocate the meeting, but there were always those kinds of cats....
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