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Jun 11 2017, 08:10 PM

Foxtail is hosting swimming and fishing lessons for the apprentices and older kits of RiverClan! Anyone is welcome to come, and he could probably use a few extra chaperones as well!
Jun 11 2017, 07:39 PM
Foxtail is a young RiverClan warrior with little in the way of family, but he does have a mother who is still around- and she is up for adoption!

Clayfur is about 7 years old and is an elder in RiverClan. She had Foxtail's litter when she was around 6 years old, which was a bit old to be having kits, so his two siblings did not survive and Foxtail was born small and weak. She didn't name a father, so he is basically nonexistent and doesn't matter.

Other than that, important things are that she is a somali cat like her son, and is generally a good person who is good with kits and loves her son.

Rest is up to you!

I don't care about application forms but if you're interested reply here with what kind of personality you'd give her and any ideas you have for her.
Jun 6 2017, 01:11 PM
Hey y'all I'm really into this site and also really into an art rut so I thought I'd combine both of these things and offer some requests to give back to the site

These requests are 100% free, but I would appreciate if you could also check out my Commission Info and at least like tell ur friends or something ya feel

The finished requests will look like this:

(feat. peppernose)

The requests are NOT first come first serve and will be done as I feel like it, which may be right away or like a month later.

To request, please reply here with the following:
Which character, a picture/general description of the character (especially their face but also body type), the desired expression, a brief summary of their personality, and the background color.

Edit: You're free to use these however you want, but if you use them offsite please credit me! If you do a link you can link to my art blog (linked above)
May 20 2017, 11:27 AM
On Discord a handful of us put together a proposal for a time and aging system to be used on the site. I've compiled what we've come up with into a guide.

.Aging (General)
.Aging (Kits and Apprentices)
.Time Skips
.Implementing this system

Time will run on a 2x system. That is, time on the site is twice as fast as time in real life.
For example, 2 IRL months = 1 site month. A season would last for six IRL weeks.

Under this system, the site calendar would look like this:
    - Newleaf: January 1 to Febuary 15
    - Greenleaf: Febuary 16 to March 31
    - Leaffall: April 1 to May 15
    - Leafbare: May 16 to June 30
    - Newleaf: July 1 to August 15
    - Greenleaf: August 16 to September 30
    - Leaffall: October 1 to November 15
    - Leafbare: November 16 to December 31
and repeat.

In General
Aging will be mandatory to keep the game flowing and make sure everyone is consistent. As such, every character must have a birth season.

Players MUST age their characters at least once per site-year. For example, Foxtail was born in newleaf. Therefore, every time the site starts newleaf, I MUST age him by one year.

If desired, players may also age their characters on smaller increments, such as every moon or every three moons. For example, if Foxtail turned one year old this newleaf, I may update his profile in greenleaf so he is one year and three months or 15 moons.

Kits and Apprentices
Because kits and apprentices are under a year old, they must be aged more often than older characters.

They should age either every moon or every three moons.

Kits become apprentices at six moons (3 IRL months). Apprentices become warriors at twelve moons (again, 3 IRL months).

Pregnancies will last two moons, or one IRL month. All pregnancies will last the same amount of time unless otherwise approved by staff.

Time Skips
Time skips are generally discouraged but may be allowed with reason and staff approval.

Pregnancies may not be skipped. They must be played out in full in all cases, with the exception of staff-approved IC early delivery.

The entirety of being a kit or apprentice may not be skipped. At least one moon of each stage must be played out before a skip can be considered.

If skipping time, all of that character's littermates must also age for the sake of consistency. Therefore, the approval of those character's players is necessary.

Implementing this System
If we were to implement this system today, the site should be in leafbare. To counter this, we propose that aging be put on a temporary pause until July 1, when the next newleaf should begin. In the mean time, we will treat the site as if it is meant to be newleaf. This way, the current IC story is not lost due to suddenly being in leafbare when we've been playing newleaf this whole time.

During the pause, players will have time to assign birth seasons to their characters and set their ages appropriately. They will also have time to be informed about this system and how it will work; there will be plenty of time to learn and adapt.

If player wishes to age their character during this pause, they may do so with staff approval.

On July 1, time will resume, and all rules begin to be enforced.

If there are any questions or suggestions about this proposed system, please feel free to post. Otherwise, we look forward to the opinions of staff and other members.
May 7 2017, 12:50 PM
Sup fam the name's Sparx I'm an (almost) 23yo chick in law school and I've been role-playing since dinosaurs rocked the earth can i get a hell yea

Losty's my bro and I think also my husband in law I'm a little lost on the details but he married my wife idk but he's why I'm here

It's been a few years since I've done any real role-playing because forums went out of style for a while so I might be a bit Rusty™ i'm gomen

As for my association with Warriors I've been on that like flies on fresh kill since before Power of Three existed idk how long ago that was
TRUTH BE TOLD I never finished the series I think I got to the second book of the fourth series and then ditched it because let's be real the story is kind of repetitive but I know the basic gist of what happened becaaaause
I used to animate Warriors a lot so like knowing the whole story was a little important so w/e magical tribal cats my dudes

Anyway I'm working on my character sheet now and then you'll PROBABLY see me around it's exam season my friends I'm dying please help me
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