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Mar 20 2018, 07:57 PM
Swiftpaw lay with her head on her paws, curling her tail tightly against her flank as she moped. It felt like such a silly thing to do, lying about when there was work to be done. She just needed some time, and the bustling noise of camp felt like too much right now. She hadn't gone far from the center of camp, instead choosing to curl up on a grassy knoll just beyond the nursery and the rise behind it. The faint voices of kits was still audible in her ears, though none of them had wandered near.

She flattened her ears, trying to block the noise. They'd all lost so much in recent moons, and it stung like nettles in her throat to know that the loss this time was her own. She felt selfish to wish that it had never happened. Crowpaw had been suffering for some time, and he was finally at peace. But he was still dead, and the hole he left behind was painful.

Polkastrike had returned more quickly to duty. She was taking some extra time, but she knew that soon she'd have to follow. They wouldn't get much time together, given all the demands on a Clan with so many mouths to feed and few to feed them. It was exhausting and stressful.

She missed her little brother.
Mar 13 2018, 10:27 AM
[[ This thread is retroactive to before Swiftpaw's disappearance when she leaves to find Magneticpaw.
@Polkastrike ]]

Swiftpaw sat still and straight-backed as the tress that stood across the moor. Sageleaf's disappearance had been difficult for all of them, but it had not been the only tragedy to strike their Clan. As the thawing snow had born trickling streams and was breathing new life into the moor, one life had slowly trickled with it.

Crowpaw of WindClan had died in the early morning, able to see the last of the sun's light through the entrance to their shared den. He had been sick for moons, almost unchanged since his time as a kit, but the illness had persisted too long. He was supposed to get better. He was an apprentice, but had yet to achieve the same training as his sister. He was bright-eyed and gentle-hearted, but never earned the same honour as their brother Polkastrike.

He'd been with her through everything. They'd stood side-by-side through everything Adderstrike had put them through, had done to them and deprived them of. Crowpaw, then Crow's Wing, had been the only source of love she'd ever known before WindClan. She'd coaxed, pleaded and diverted their father away from him. They'd taught each other to hunt, and she protected him fiercely. She'd loved him fiercely, as any sister should.

And when his shaky, wet breathing had stilled, it was all Swiftpaw could do to keep her face buried against his pelt. Her own breath felt too loud in her ears, echoing in the silent space where her brother's voice should have been. Curled close to Crow for the last time, Swiftpaw broke.
Mar 5 2018, 01:32 AM
Days had passed since Magneticpaw's disappearance.The sun had risen and set several times with no sign of the lanky serval apprentice, and worry had stolen its way into the hearts of WindClan all over again. Sageleaf had been found and lost. Now Magneticpaw had been taken. But in the wake of their losses Swiftpaw was finding herself more frustrated than grieving. She was worried about her eagle-hunting partner, but she couldn't shake the itch to go after him.

It was foolish. It was probably suicidal. And yet, Sunfang had gone after Sageleaf. More than once, given how often he'd disappeared from camp to search for her. And the idea had been sewn in her mind since then. She'd only left WindClan territory once since her return, and that had been to hunt rabbits with Polkastrike. Could she risk leaving again?

She decided she'd have to. Paleblossom and Brindleflower would be inconsolable. Sunfang was stressed beyond reach of her comfort: she didn't know how to help any of them. Except to mimic what her lover had chosen before.

She had slipped from the territory day after day, covering her tracks with the scent of sweet grasses near the border. It was a long trek, she'd discovered that first day. She quickly learned to leave early, and pace herself enough to hunt on her return. She would go 'hunting' late in the morning, disguising her departure with the scent of sweet grasses by the border, and return later with scuffed pads and fresh kills. It made for painfully long days, but so far no one had questioned her apparent dedication to her training. No one was in the state of mind to ask. After all, there was nothing unusual about Swiftpaw being quiet or absent of social gatherings anymore.

Until she didn't come home again.

The moment she thought she had his scent, Swiftpaw would abandon all pretence of turning back for the night. She couldn't afford to lose his trail, and so she could not afford to leave. It made her heart burn to leave WindClan behind her, but she trusted that she'd have a home to go back to when she was through. It was why she hadn't told Sunfang or Polkastrike, after all. Neither tom would've let her go alone. Both toms were needed to protect their Clan. It was a simple decision, even if it hurt her to do it. She promised herself she'd come home to them, and hopefully with Magneticpaw in tow.

[[ /out ]]
Feb 20 2018, 01:07 AM
Swiftpaw drew her head back out of the rabbit burrow, though her long dark legs were still stretched down into the gap below her. She sneezed, wishing that she could get the taste of soil off her tongue.

It was difficult to dig on half-frozen ground, but she was determined not to let the rabbit escape her far. The recent thaw had collapsed a number of their little dens when the ground softened, and she could hear the rabbit's sharp claws scuffle just beyond her reach. She just had to widen the top of the burrow, she felt, and she stood a much greater chance of catching it.

Curse her poor luck for the change in wind that had led her here. She'd been so close! If she'd only made it a foxlength nearer before the wind shifted, she might have caught it on her sprint. Instead, she was wrist deep into a hole in the ground with muddy paws and dirt on her whiskers.

Goldenstep had told her once that WindClan used to tunnel about their territory. The tortoiseshell hadn't understood why anyone would bother. Now she really wondered.

Feb 10 2018, 12:40 AM
Swiftpaw had lost the feeling in her paws. The tingling of sleeping limbs had become nearly painful after the first hour or so, but the apprentice couldn't will herself back into the relative safety of camp. The knowledge that her den, like every den in WindClan, would be full of grieving and angry faces was enough to hold her to her self-imposed isolation.

She didn't frequently share much of herself with her Clanmates. Her thoughts, worries and burdens were often different from theirs. Her life had been different from theirs. Maybe too different.

She sat in the snow, held stiffly upright to keep herself from sleep. She still saw Sageleaf's broken body when she closed her eyes, and she could imagine the shapes of the twolegs above her as they flocked like crows to a kill. Her ears were ringing with Palepaw's hoarse sobbing and worse- the accusing wails of grief-torn kits.

Kits who were too young to know what burdens their words would carry, or what the consequences were to the choices she'd made.

Swiftpaw's breath faltered on a silent sob, unable to stay her weeping no matter how hard she tried. It made her chest ache from the effort to be still and quiet, but she couldn't bear the thought of drawing others to her side. Guilt warred with grief.

Without Sageleaf at their side, she and Smudgestar were the only warriors left standing. 'Warrior and apprentice,' her mind supplied scathingly. The decision to go onward had not been hers, but she knew it was needed. Knew that StarClan was needed, because WindClan relied on more than Sageleaf alone and for worry that Rowanstar could not cope with a second trip. Knew that even if she was accessory to their Clan, her strength provided security where their patrol had little.

But her heart had hurt with every step. She'd feared, even in those tense moments where she'd lost her- Sageleaf, that there were kits whose world would crash around their ears. And despite that hurt, she hadn't done anything to prevent it.

Her heart and duty had clashed in the most horrific way and Swiftpaw no longer knew if the choice she'd made was right. Had she abandoned the needs of Sageleaf's kits over the needs of Smudge, Pale and Rowan? What kind of warrior abandoned kits?

She felt like she'd been gutted. 'You aren't a warrior. A warrior would have known the rught thing.' The gasping sobs became audible, though she struggled to smother the noise into her paws as she crouched.

@W o l f
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