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Mar 12 2018, 04:08 PM
Dark eyes narrowed ever so slightly, Harrierpaw followed carefully in Wildeye's footsteps. Since the floodwaters had engulfed camp, not a single droll comment had passed the tawny youth's lips, leaving him oddly quiet. In fact he hadn't spoken much at all, acquiescing with only a nod when Wildeye had told of him of her plans for training that morning.

As they neared the bridge from ThunderClan's side, he was rapt by the river. The banks were churned into mud and strewn with all sorts of debris, things dragged up from the belly of the river. A ripple unsmoothing the fur along his spine, the young tom let a breath whistle quietly through his nose. It was almost strange that the surrounding woodland seemed the same as usual, the water having already seeped beneath the soil.

He twisted his head to the side, to catch his mentor's one-eyed gaze. "We're going to have to find a new place for camp, aren't we?" he asked the brown and white molly, the first words out of him since they'd left.

@Shally @Wildeye
Oct 24 2017, 01:16 AM
Harrierpaw had never really properly climbed trees, at least not one as big as this. The ash tree was a huge, sprawling thing, but the plucky young apprentice wasn't one to be deterred. He could see a bird in its branches, and once the idea was in his head it wouldn't leave him alone. So as silently as he could manage, he slipped upward.

He angled his head upward, hazel eyes locked on the black bird singing in the branch above. A few moments later, with a quick hop and the flash of a paw, the apprentice had it in his clutches. His grin couldn't be seen through the black feathers that engulfed his muzzle, but Harrierpaw's eyes were bright. Perhaps this was what he was meant for - prowling after birds in their treetop kingdoms, snatching them out of the sky. Maybe he could even try catch a hawk next time. He was called Harrierpaw after all.

When he started to contemplate climbing down though, the apprentice's bravado faded a bit. If getting up was this easy though, certainly getting down was a piece of cake.

Crouching by base of the branch, he started slowly, stretching down and hooking his claws into the bark. His grip seemed good, so he tried to maneuver his hind legs so they were also against the trunk. As soon as he did though felt his weight shift, suddenly and dangerously; unwittingly, he'd made a fatal mistake trying to go down headfirst. Cats were supposed to go backwards down trees, not the other way around; it was nature and physics, and finally it seemed Harrierpaw's inexperience had gotten the better of him.

His eyes went wide when his claws slid out from under him. A strangled noise worked its way past the bird in his mouth, and his jaws loosened. In a flurry of limbs, he tried to twist back around, grasping for the branch he'd just left.

Oct 17 2017, 06:44 AM
The tabby was a settled on a branch that lay across the river, the water swirling lazily underneath him. Dipping precariously under this weight, the branch creaked with every movement he made. Any responsible cat would've avoided it without a second thought, but Harrierpaw thought it was the perfect spot for fishing. Naturally, he didn't exactly have a reputation for being RiverClan's best or brightest. He was far too busy showing off and skylarking; he had all the time in the world, after all. Doing things the proper way wasn't exactly stylish, and the haughty apprentice didn't care to win anyone's approval (or so he liked to believe).

A fish drifted nearby, its fins gently propelling it through the water. He cocked his head, body slowly turning as he followed its movements, mouth curling with a smirk. Oh, this was the one. It was bigger than anything he'd ever seen on the freshkill pile before - it could probably feed the whole nursery. If he caught that, Stonestar might as well skip this whole apprentice charade and right to making Harrierpaw a warrior.

Waiting until it was right beneath him, he maneuvered carefully into position. When the moment was right, he hooked a paw downward quickly and sharply. The fish thrashed, but his claws sunk deep, and he leveraged it out of the water and into the air. Wide-eyed with glee, he grinned in surprise. He'd caught it!

He only had enough time to wrestle the fish up onto the branch before it unbalanced though, rolling slightly underneath him. One moment he was perched there, his prey snared in his claws, and then he was pitching forward as the branch slid out from under him.

Even though it was summer, the river was still breathtakingly cold when Harrierpaw plunged through the surface. The fish struck him in the face on the way down, before hitting the water and gliding away. The apprentice sunk, fur billowing upward as his momentum carried him down through the water. With clumsy strokes of his paws, he kicked his way back up. Spluttering, he floated there for a moment, ears slicked against his head.

His prize was long gone now, along with his dignity. Hopefully no one had seen him...
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