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Mar 20 2018, 03:47 PM
Fawn stood outside Silverstar's den with exhaustion dragging on every muscle. Realization of what ThunderClan had lost had finally set in, and the ragdoll queen understood that somehow Silverstar would need to be told. Her children were in no state to pass the news themselves and that left Fawn in the position to do it for them. She was mate to Arcticstorm, the estranged daughter to the silver bengal. Silverstar and Coalstep both had fought for the kittens she shared with her mate, protecting Duckkit from a dog, offering warmth and affection to the kittens despite Arcticstorm's hesitance- they'd even offered that friendship to Fawn.

And until very recently, she'd reluctantly refused. Whether or not Arcticstorm was fully comfortable, Fawn could no longer keep the gap between herself and the mother of her mate. Fawn had no place among Arcticstorm's former family in BloodClan. She had been brought her to ThunderClan to begin life anew with her mate and kittens, lured by promises of safety and the comfort of cats around her who would shelter them from harm. She wanted that. And now, following the death of ThunderClan's deputy and the mate of her mother-in-law, Fawn knew that Silverstar would need it just as much.

"Silverstar?" Fawn called into the den. Her accent was stronger with the weariness that still dragged her down. Her head hurt lesser than it had before, but it felt like every noise was amplified as she waited for her leader's reply. "I am sorry to bring sorrowful news, but I feel it may be better to hear it now than later."
Feb 19 2018, 11:31 PM
Things were looking better for Fawn than they had in moons. Perhaps since the days before her mother weaned her. She'd been taken under the care of Bait before his departure from the farm, only to later leave the farm herself in search of safer hunting. She'd gone to the city to make a life for herself, and instead found her first love and friend in Arcticstorm. Now ThunderClan was where she laid her head to rest, and with her came her mate and three rambunctious kits. Her proud, lovely kits. And even Bait was here, despite his poor state of health. She would visit often, telling him about her litter even when he was too tired to speak back.

Things were looking much, much better. She just wished that she could shake the feeling of being watched. She'd figured out so far that her Clanmates were truthfully not out to hurt her, nor (thankfully) her little family. She hadn't figured out what to do with them.

They didn't squabble over kills. They didn't threaten each other or pick fights over the safest nests. They bore their scars to each other willingly, trusting each other to guard their throats and flanks.

She was glad her kits didn't share the same troubles she and their mother did. Even Arcticstorm had said it sometimes felt like she had ants in her pelt. And yes, that thought brought disturbing sensations to mind.

Fawn took a small bird from the edge of the kill pile, watching carefully for any who might challenge her for her meal. So far so good. She'd been hunting the same as their warriors did; that was hopefully enough to earn her keep for now. She'd have to improve if she wanted to keep her place until her kits were grown. She settled onto her belly nearby as she began to pluck the feathers from her snack, though she looked uneasy about eating in the open. She needed the space to set aside the best feathers- her kits needed warmer bedding.
Nov 5 2017, 08:45 PM
Fawn squeezed under a gap in the fence, her belly fur brushing the dirt as she came out the other side. It was a Twoleg garden. It was getting later in the evening, now, and the sun had begun to fall in the darkening sky. She was a little tired and getting hungry. Living alone was beginning to be harder than she'd first imagined it would be. She'd watched older siblings and several cousins go it alone for a time, and most of them chose not to come back. She'd always imagined it meant the city held better opportunities than the farm. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe they hadn't gone back for another reason.

The ragdoll crawled underneath a nearby rosebush, frustrated and at a loss. How could she hunt mice with so many Twolegs and monsters and dogs of all things traipsing around? Everything smelled like Twoleg and all the weird stinging smells that came with it.

Maybe it was just her weariness clouding her mind; she'd hunt better in the morning when she'd gotten some sleep. Fawn curled her tail over her nose and paws, using the rosebush to hide her from Twolegs. It wouldn't, of course, hide her from the watching eyes of nearby cats if they happened to look a little more closely.

Nov 5 2017, 08:22 PM
Fawn knew better than to trespass on territories this far from the city's edge, but things had changed recently. She'd met a young tabby, one who smelled of dozens of other cats and hinted at the ongoing rumour of unified groups among the forest. Loners knew better than to cross the pride of city cats, but these strangers in the forest might afford a better opportunity for Fawn.

At the very least, their land might offer a greater bounty than the recent scarcity of food she'd encountered on her usual city streets. Even the alleys, so often dominated by older queens and toms, were beginning to empty as Twolegs made a concerted effort to keep their scraps to themselves. If Fawn wanted to eat, she had to get creative.

The smell of mud and sodden moss ahead was definitely... creative.

She hesitated, the scents of other cats beginning to strengthen here. She knew she was crossing the threshold of a much more dangerous territory than that of any alleyway. How hungry was she? She could hear frogs croaking and chirping in the muddied territory ahead and her stomach twisted. Hunt and fill her belly, or turn back to save her skin? The ragdoll bared her teeth and to let the scents of the border cross over her; she'd better check for nearby cats first.
Oct 21 2017, 05:35 PM
White paws were suspiciously clean even as the loner padded onward. She'd learned early in life that dogs and Twolegs were nothing to be scared of. She'd also learned early in life that most cats didn't care either, as long as you minded your own space and your own business. What resulted was a fairly young cat walking about in broad daylight, past Twolegs and monsters of assorted sounds and colours. No one cared: she simply had to look like she belonged there. And she did; with careful attention to her grooming and an exaggerated strut, the ragdoll looked like she'd just slipped out of the house for the afternoon.

She even, as nearby Twolegs would find themselves amused by, used the white-striped paths to cross monster paths. Monsters, she noticed, didn't like crossing stripes very much. It made her feel very smug indeed when monsters stopped just because she was standing on striped rocks.

It had been about a moon since she'd left home. The farm only had enough food for so many cats. Even stretching out into the neighbours' yards, at some point one had to start hunting in fields. Given the type of monsters Twolegs rode there, she much preferred the quiet city monsters. City monsters didn't have great metal teeth and roars like thunder.

Fawn flipped into a nearby alley without a moment's hesitation, the scent of fresh scraps from a nearby Twoleg building catching her attention. She had to be quick, or rats and raccoons would most certainly beat her here. She was lucky, grabbing what looked to be scraps of fresh chicken from the bin outside. She was still young enough not to hide her treat as she sat in that alley.

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