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Feb 11 2018, 06:57 PM
Leaf-bare was at its very peak. The air was stirred with freezing sub-zero winds that wracked the mountainous terrain and left the soil frozen beneath Wolfstrike's paws. With the current season and the weather that accompanied it prey was becoming far less abundant and therefore the fresh kill pile was running remarkably low in comparison to how filled it was during new leaf or Greenleaf With so many new hungry mouths the Civil Affairs deputy could not help but worry over the feat -- the clan couldn't afford a famine and so with that in mind, the gigantic tom decided to finally host a patrol to stock up the kill pile and dstart the week on a good paw.

Finding himself a spot to settle alongside the camp's borders, the large male would seat himself comfortably as olive eyes would observe the surrounding area, a quiet sigh drawing itself from his wide-set lungs before he'd boom in his thunderous voice of his;

"Warriors and Apprentices, I am holding a hunting patrol to stock our fresh kill pile. Feel free to join by me if you wish to come!"
Feb 6 2018, 03:37 PM

Outside the warriors den at the break of dawn, the sun not yet fully lofted into the early morning sky and the clan still quiet with sleep, Wolfstrike was sitting, trembling where he rested. His fur was bristled and ears pressed back, olive eyes fixated ahead into nothingness, his focus undivided despite the lack of a presence most cats would come to see.

I cannot believe you are doing this -- an outsider! The same thing that got me in trouble and now you indulge in it? You claim yourself as honourable but yet you act in such hypocrisy!

Screeched the voice of Sparrow who’s spirit stood before his brothers feet, amber eyes blazing with fury as his tail would lash out from behind his puffed body, face fixed into a scrunched frown as he sought answers.

Was disloyalty not what you murdered me for?

”It was not of my doing! Father was delusioned--”

Oh yes blame father for this now why dont you! Father is not why I am mad right now!

Thinking himself as to being alone, isolated, away from conscious ears and prying eyes, Wolfstrike would further argue with this demon linked to his heart as the sun would slowly rise
Jan 25 2018, 08:58 PM
Leafbeard, like it had always, stretched on for long and although for many it felt like forever, Wolf could have endured it for years and years to come considering his ancient homeland never spent a day away from the sight of snow. He knew how to manoeuvre himself efficiently over the thick layering of crystalized raindrops that encased the region with a sheet of white, he knew how to trek through even the worst terrains but ice? Surprisingly he knew little of ice. The waterbody he had lived alongside for the majority of his life was always liquid despite the below zero temperatures that racked the territory, one could bless the underground magma chambers for the hot springs he had been graced with, so, when he had travelled to the southern end of the territory in order to meet the river he was surprised to see it had iced over entirely and with a sigh, the gigantic brute would catch sight of minuscule footsprints within the snow which crossed the water's surface.

A mouse.

The clan could use some extra food laying around, so without further ado, the deputy stepped on,
claws sinking as he walked to prevent himself from slipping, his strides wavering as his tail swung to and fro in a desperate search for balance before a hind leg would split beneath his and he'd topple over against the ice, crashing to his side and with the shock of the incident he'd try to climb back onto his feet, only resulting in a comically long struggle which sent the tom skidding over the river's surface in hilariously uncomfortable positions before he'd finally sink claws into the ice to hold himself still,
chest heaving violently as his bristly tail stuck far out behind him, eyes wide with horror before he'd mutter out, mostly to himself;

"What am I going to do?"
Jan 12 2018, 09:01 PM
It was when the moon hung at it's highest peak within the serene night time skies where the spirits grew more rowdy. The deputy had not the ability to sense the entire world of the undead so as a whole he could not evaluate their activity, there was one however he could never ignore, one which haunted him eternally in a chain of guilt and shame. It was he that grew bothersome when obscurity took over the territory and it was he that would reveal himself to the poor brute who was desperate for sleep. The scarred up spirit of the silver tabby stood merely a few pawsteps over his curled up body and with a jab of a paw the soul of the male would hiss;

We need to talk

The jab sent Wolf jumping onto his feet, tail bristling furiously behind him before his ears would drop and quickly he'd swivel himself away, paws rubbing at his heavy-hooded, exhausted eyes that burned with sleep deprivation.
"No, no, no. Not now."
The dog-tired mountain cat would slur drowsily as his head would shake in resistance, his body being pulled away from the presence of his deceased brother who just stepped closer, a vicious frown forming upon dead features.

We need to talk right now.

As he'd persist the burly male's cranium only shook on, much more harshly than previous as if maybe the motion would hurl this haunting presence away, of course it did not work in such a way and finally he picked himself up and he turned to face the mangled soul of Sparrow, eyes casting themselves on the forest floor to completely avoid staring into the wounds he had settled upon the spirit. He'd stand for a bit, eyes absolutely empty before he plopped down again, head burying itself under gigantic paws only to let out a muffled plea;
"Please. I just want to sleep."
Dec 28 2017, 09:26 PM
Wolf was not the type of man to have inclinations towards certain individuals, he liked to see himself as a fair and stable individual who treated everyone equally and professional. It sounded like an easy thing for anyone to achieve but frankly, it was the opposite and now the large set brute was starting to feel it. A few days into being deputy and he was already starting to see himself build certain fondnesses and distastes in face of certain members despite his deep craving to be an equitable man.

He knew for a fact he heavily disliked Bagelbite and that was not going to change anytime soon. He was not too fond of Applebloom either - she was too soft, too kind. He could predict that would someday lead her to trouble and that, although disturbing was something Wolf was used to thinking when he met various personalities.
There was the occasional cat who held his deepest regards for spite was not the only thing he was capable of. Ashstar, Sunchaser both of them had been involved in his life as a Skyclanner and because of that his loyalty had been earned and among those cats there was an unlikely person.

The Angora was peculiar - small, a little bit disoriented and skittish, but even with his rather unfortunate brought up to the region of Skyclan he had seemed to have been settling well and at least trying to push forth an effort to better himself. Wolf would be lying if he said he didn't find the guy a little strange but this was Skyclan.
Everyone was weird. Staccato was just a tolerable weird.

It had been a few days previous where Wolf remembered seeing the white-furred feline attempting to hunt. It had only been a few days since he saw the guy fail miserably at his attempt and it was then he had offered a teaching lesson to the boy. Although a response wasn't given, the deputy of civil affairs had been quite serious in his suggestion so as he saw the cat within camp he would direct himself over to the area, his strides slow and steady as he came up to his fellow clanmate and offered a low bow of greeting.

"Good evening."
Professional as always, he did not want anyone thinking he picked favourites. Settling himself down,
Wolf would now drop his quarters into a seated position alongside Staccato as he continued.
"You never answered to my hunting training request."
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