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 The Order of Merlin, Post HP Trio - year 2002
The Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 08:48 PM

The Sorting Hat

Played by
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We are a Post Potter RPG hosted on Proboards - celebrating 13 years of Harry Potter

Our staff are friendly and always welcome to new ideas and members!

  • Many adoptables to choose from, a good number of them being Canon Characters!
  • Numerous chances to contribute to plots, main and individual
  • Many student spots available, 1st - 7th year, all houses
  • Open to all levels of RP experiences
  • Each player gets their own 'Player Board' upon acceptance of their characters - These help individual plotting stay nice and neat!
  • Fantastic graphics for your characters created by Admin up request!
  • Lots of skins to choose from!

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