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NEWS: December's Gathering has been posted!

Weather: All the leaves have fallen by now, and while there may be the occasional mild day, the weather can now only be described with one word: cold! Brr! Leaf-bare will be here before we know it!

December Contests:

Active Topics
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[P]ride and Worth
Night and Venom
BloodClan Nightkit 9 30 Yesterday at 11:13 pm
Last Post by: Venompaw.
seize fire [p]
deerpaw and strawberrypaw
SkyClan strawberrypaw 4 22 Yesterday at 10:55 pm
Last Post by: strawberrypaw
Snakes in the Garden // Red
General Roleplay Quill 8 34 Yesterday at 09:54 pm
Last Post by: Quill
come meet bread
SkyClan Breadcrumb 6 41 Yesterday at 09:41 pm
Last Post by: Bagelbite
Pinned: with your ear to a seashell
volunteers for riverclan member swap!
SkyClan Ashstar 3 24 Yesterday at 09:30 pm
Last Post by: Bagelbite
tell the world i'm coming home (Pages 1 2 )
open, south and dusty return
ThunderClan Dusty 17 165 Yesterday at 09:28 pm
Last Post by: Dusty
h[o]ney, i'm home
Crow is BACK
ThunderClan Crowspirit 12 143 Yesterday at 09:26 pm
Last Post by: Crowspirit
a timely (or untimely) arrival [o]
the babs are here
WindClan Sageleaf 1 14 Yesterday at 08:49 pm
Last Post by: Swiftpaw
p; telly and deadeye
ThunderClan telegraphavenue 6 40 Yesterday at 08:28 pm
Last Post by: telegraphavenue
Pinned: my heart is storming [o]
meeting, burn is missing
RiverClan hollowstar 12 102 Yesterday at 08:22 pm
Last Post by: Wildeye
Just a world away
spottedlegs returns, open
ThunderClan Spottedlegs 3 35 Yesterday at 08:15 pm
Last Post by: spiderfur
December Gathering! (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Fourtrees, Moonstone & Barleys Farm StarClan 50 543 Yesterday at 08:11 pm
Last Post by: Sageleaf
Pinned: write my name up in the sky
SkyClan Ashstar 11 110 Yesterday at 08:00 pm
Last Post by: Wolf that strikes at Dusk
Ashes and Sunshine | p
SkyClan _Sunchaser_ 6 27 Yesterday at 06:30 pm
Last Post by: _Sunchaser_
It's [P]art of Life
WindClan Swiftpaw 0 2 Yesterday at 06:18 pm
Last Post by: Swiftpaw
Kite string cut loose | o
An interloper in BloodClan territory!
BloodClan Kite 5 29 Yesterday at 06:14 pm
Last Post by: Kite
If You Want Money in your Coffee
private for the moment
ShadowClan Walnutpaw 0 8 Yesterday at 06:09 pm
Last Post by: Walnutpaw
The Winding [P]ath we Walk
Training with Goldenstep
WindClan Swiftpaw 0 8 Yesterday at 06:04 pm
Last Post by: Swiftpaw
*release gross shoe odours*
Introductions Sneakers 5 40 Yesterday at 06:01 pm
Last Post by: redskiez
the sky is dripping with g(o)ld
meteor shower
WindClan Earthsplash 3 16 Yesterday at 05:40 pm
Last Post by: Swiftpaw
Crosswalks and crossed hearts [P] (Pages 1 2 )
Fawn and Arcticpaw!
The City & Lab Fawn 20 143 Yesterday at 05:15 pm
Last Post by: Fawn
crashing into your heart [p]
RiverClan hollowstar 5 30 Yesterday at 04:56 pm
Last Post by: Brightcloud
More Than the Sum of our (P)arts
Leader & Medicine Cat Dens Cedarheart 10 64 Yesterday at 04:17 pm
Last Post by: Cedarheart
SkyClan Out of Character SkyClan 3 40 Yesterday at 03:38 pm
Last Post by: Catapillar
Pinned: SkyClan Census
SkyClan Out of Character SkyClan 6 49 Yesterday at 03:32 pm
Last Post by: Cloudpaw
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