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Dec 13 2017, 11:05 PM
*Note: there's no actual escape from memes. And on a more serious note, this is just some precautionary stuff, and not the end-all-be-all to never get viruses or malware. This guide is just meant to help you get less.*

The Wonders of the Internet
Hey everyone! I'm Bits, and I'm a staffer here. It's come to my attention that we could use ourselves a little guide here on the do's and don't's of internet safety! Of course, I'm going to focus on the technical side of things, and help you to avoid malware, viruses, and other nasty stuff, but I might speak about personal safety later on as well!

Malware and Viruses
Alright dearies, here we go with malware and viruses! So I will likely be using the term 'malware' in the guide to come, which includes viruses, adware, spyware, and worms. Malware is any sort of software meant to do harm to your computer, and you can get it without knowing you have it, so I'm here to help you avoid those nasty internet germs.

How to Avoid Malware!
As with illness, infestations, and muggings, the best treatment is prevention! So here are some handy dandy tips on how to avoid exposing yourself to malware online.
    Clicking on advertisements of any kind, on any site, can execute commands. This means that new windows open up, or you can unknowingly agree to let something onto your computer. Advertisements can be clearly ads (such as the banner ads on websites like ours). These ads are run by different websites or parties, who pay to display their advertisement. Try not to click advertisements.
    Ooh, configure is a big word fun. Basically, the idea is to go into your settings for your browser -- you can do this differently for each browser. The settings bar for Chrome looks like three vertical dots in the top right corner. Firefox has three horizontal bars on top of each other, and so on and so forth. In these settings, you should be able to select an option that will ask you each time something on a website tries to run a program or download something.
    (Also, for pop ups, sometimes clicking the [x] button causes more pop-ups to appear, so if you can open your task manager and close the window, that's often best. You can open your task manager depending on your computer.)
    Adblockers can stop pop-ups too. Pop-ups are evil. Pop-ups are the devil.
    Once in a while, under your settings, you can clear your browser history and cookies, which will clear up some slowness while using the internet. Cookies are what remember your passwords when you select 'remember this password' among other things.
    Older browsers like Safari or Internet Explorer can be less secure than Firefox or Chrome. Just a thought!
    Even if it's a friend, sometimes friends get hacked and their accounts send out information or links to malware.

Higher Protection!
If you'd like to make doubly sure not to get infected, or if you'd like extra help or assistance in identifying and eliminating infections, then here are some more tips.
    Antivirus programs help you to scan active programs for viruses, and some come with added protections such as firewalls or programs to search your files for malware. Free programs exist such as AVG, Bitdefender, and so on -- there are also paid programs like Norton. REMEMBER when you download anything to read the terms and conditions. I know. I suck. But there's actually information in there that matters, and so when downloading or signing up for something, read the fine print. Only sign up for one at a time. Antivirus programs are meant to be used in tandem with common sense and good browsing habits.
    Firewalls affect your networks and help to protect you from suspicious behaviour through your internet.
    Haaaa, I know guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. Updates suck. But keeping your computer and software up to date is a good way of staying safe.

Alright everyone, that's it from me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Nov 5 2017, 04:45 PM
Welcome to Weird
Superpaw is not your everyday feline. For one, she's a bit of a bitch. She's undoubtedly angry a good chunk of the time, and when she isn't outright avoiding people, she seems to prefer glaring at them or speaking harshly to them. Whisperingwind has become... somewhat of an exception to this; she has no doubts that she feels some sort of attraction to him, but whether or not it is romantic or simply because he is one of the only felines who will speak to her without outright fear and disgust is yet to be seen. This is not a litter of love, and whether the kittens will know who their father is or not has yet to be decided.

Superpaw is a bit of an outcast in her clan, heavily scarred and battle-hardened despite still being an apprentice when these kits are conceived and a medicine cat when they're born. She tends to snap and lash out at people, without wanting to -- likely due to developmental issues through her childhood. Because of this, she may not be an intensely caring mother, but rather keep herself as separate as she can from the kittens. She'll care deeply for them, but she's afraid of hurting them.

Offspring have a 25% chance of being longhaired.

Toms have a 25% chance of being black, a 12.5% chance of being chocolate, a 12.5% chance of being cinnamon, a 25% chance of being gray, a 12.5% chance of being lilac, and a 12.5% chance of being fawn. Mollies have a 25% chance of being black, a 12.5% chance of being chocolate, a 12.5% chance of being cinnamon, a 25% chance of being gray, a 12.5% chance of being lilac, and a 12.5% chance of being fawn.

Offspring have a 50% chance of being genetically solid and a 50% chance of mackerel tabby. Tabby kittens will be silver tabbies.

Kittens have a 50% chance of being up to half white and a 50% chance of having no whitespotting.

Also, the kittens are more likely be born with congenital defects due to Super's family history and her young age.

Available Kittens and Relations
1. open
2. open

The kittens will also be related to Thunderclan cats through Hollowfrost, the RC Deputy of Warfare (a thing I've forgotten whoops) who is their grandfather.

Due to Superpaw ageing more or less in regular time, the kittens will be born probably in 6-ish week; so December 20th. So... no rush. And the timeline may be fudged a little bit. Anyways, not first come first serve, just make your own application! No... no rules really, except that Superpaw will likely give the kittens interesting names. Bonus points if you include any of the following in the names:

1. Hollow
2. Circle
3. Anything to do with sight
4. Anything to do with starclan/protection from the dark forest

Super is... pretty superstitious tbh. Have fun!
Jun 22 2017, 06:44 PM
Table of Contents

Dusty 'Dustbunny'

Jun 16 2017, 08:46 PM
A not-so-comprehensive guide to Superkit's sign language.

Common Phrases:
Hello -- touching the paw above the eye and doing a 'mini-salute'
Goodbye -- touch to the chin, then a little 'wave' in front of the face
I'm tired -- drag a paw over your own closed eyes
Good Morning -- touch to the chin, then an arc in front of the body from left to right
Goodnight -- touch to the chin, then an arc in front of the body from right to left
I'm hungry -- draw a line along the front of the body from the chest downwards to the stomach

Names are actually name-signs, so they depend on the person. Here are a few examples:

Superkit: One paw moves from beside the ear upwards, and then a touch to the chin dragged down.
Pondpaw: A touch to the right ear twice, then to the nose, sometimes matched with a roll of the eyes.
Pyrestar: Draw a line mimicking an angry eyebrow on the face (sometimes matched with a glare)
Permafrost: A line drawn downwards from the shoulder on the leg.
Edward: Two pats atop the head with a paw.
Squeakpaw: Two taps to the mouth, one short and one drawn out.
Patchpaw: Covering one eye with a paw then tapping the tail on the back twice.
Hollow: A straightening of the tail and a covering of the heart.

Please: ears pinned back, mouth slightly open, and a paw touch to the bottom lip and outwards
Thanks: a dip of the head with a twist of the paw
I would like.... : bared claws/outstretched toes over the heart and ears angled backwards
Sorry: clockwise-ish turn of the paw before the chest
You're welcome: A dip of the head with an outstretched paw, pads up

Dad: Twitch end of the tail up and cuff the right ear
Mom: Curl tail and cuff the left ear
Parent: Cuff right ear then flick the lower jaw
Brother: Touch to the right side of the face
Sister: Touch to the left side of the face
Sibling: Touch to the bridge of the nose
Uncle/Aunt: A combination of dad/mom/parent + brother/sister/sibling, so dad's sister or mom's siblings, etc.
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