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NEWS: September's Gathering is open for everyone to post in!

Weather; Greenleaf is here and the sun is shining bright! Temperatures are averaging 90F/32C. Some rain would be nice, but there's only the occasional pop-up thunderstorm... at least leaf-fall will be here soon?

September Contests: None - Artist/RPer of the Month will return in October!

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Jun 20 2017, 05:04 PM
Hey, so, I haven't really posted on my main account - or really at all - and that needs fixing!

I'd love to plot new characters, clans, whatever, or just chat about the weather up above the ocean! I have pride-frosted cupcakes on the table to your left, some nice green tea or water next to that, and a sweet gaming set that you're welcome to play on. Go wild - but please don't destroy my house D:
Jun 11 2017, 09:28 PM

We all have to disappear every once in a while, and that's okay! Real life comes before WCARPG, no matter what. In the case of High Positions (HPs), though, it's important to note times when you know you'll be gone so that you're not demoted for severe inactivity. Rather than have those clutter up the board, this thread is to keep track of all those in one place. Simply post here, and staff will make a note to excuse your absence between those dates!

May 24 2017, 02:54 PM
Lady's Character Gallery

All the ideas, characters and templates on these posts have been built from scratch by me. Please don't copy them! If you're interested in learning how I made my templates, or are interested in one of my ideas, please pm me!
This gallery is for my use and your viewing pleasure. Please don't post on here, as it would interrupt the flow of posts. The only other accounts allowed to post besides this one are my subaccounts. If you have a question, thought, concern or interest I'm always open to pms!

Table of contents:
This table uses symbols to list basic character traits. These symbols are listed below the table of contents.
Active Characters

Inactive Characters

Dead Characters

Character Ideas


Relationship Status



To do list:
I've got things that need doing, which are all listed below.
- Roleplay with Oceantides
- Make Birdleaf's subbie
- Draw both Frostpools
- Add Frostpool's info to her template
- Draw Cinderspirit
- Actually get an avatar you gotta look nice fool
May 10 2017, 09:34 PM
Genetics Center Guidelines

Welcome to the Genetics Center, where you can find out what your character's kits would realistically look like! Our team of trained geneticists are always available and willing to help out, so long as a few rules are followed.

1. Make sure to fill out the form;
It makes our lives a lot easier to have everything we need filled out when we get to the thread, so we can give you a quick and fast reply! The form is listed below the rules.

2. Do not ask for fandom pairings/genetics for other sites;
Our team here has plenty to do, and while we are more than happy to help you out in any way we can, we ask that you only use this board for adoptions/families on here! This does not mean that you cannot use this board for predictions or the like; so long as the two characters are on here, we are a - okay with helping you out!

3. Do not make guesses on other threads;
That's what we're here for! If you're interested in learning cat genetics, or genetics as a whole, we will be looking into ways to train members in the future. For the moment, though, we ask that only the registered geneticists on the list do genetics.

Genetics Center Form

When asking about litter outcomes

Thread title: (Species) (Father Name) x (Mother Name)
Father Fur Colour: (black, brown tabby w/white, etc.)
Father Species/Mutations: (Serval, munchkin, scottish fold, etc.)
Mother Fur Colour:
Mother Species/Mutations:
Other Information: (E. G. Grandparents' fur colour or mutations)

Remove all parentheses and replace as needed.

When asking about possible parents

Thread title: (Species) Possible Parents
Kitten #1's Fur Colour: (black, brown tabby w/white, etc.)
Kitten #1's Species/Mutations: (Serval, munchkin, scottish fold, etc.)
Kitten #2's Fur Colour:
Kitten #2's Species/Mutations:
Kitten #3's Fur Colour:
Kitten #3's Species/Mutations:
Other Information: (E. G. patterns or colours you'd like to see included)

Remove all parentheses and replace as needed. Also add kittens or remove kittens as needed.

A few notes for those using the center

- If you're unable to describe what your character looks like, try and find pictures that look similar to your character! We're always able to provide more exact definitions for a cat's coat colour if you are unable to provide one yourself.
- We use cat fancy words here, such as 'red tabby' for an orange tabby, or caliby for a tabby calico. If asked, we'll happily supply a more common name for any colourings.
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