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Nov 23 2017, 03:31 AM
History: When Adderstrike and Dashingwinds litter reached the bright age of 2 moons tragedy struck WindClan. A badger had found its way into the nursery. Dashingwind faught back against the badger but before the rest of the clan could arrive to help the badger delivered a fatal blow. Her wounds were too great and she died shortly after.
Fueled by rage and anger at his clan and himself he wanted desparetly to leave WindClan, to leave those who had let his mate die.
Of the four kits Dashingwind gave birth to, only 2 were well enough to travel. Swiftkit and Crowkit. Polkakit and Sycamorekit were left behind.
12 moons later Adderstrike returned to WindClan, hoping to reunite himself with his long lost son and daughter. Only to find his daughter had passed not long after he had left and his son had an unflinching loyalty to WindClan. He tried to convince Polkapaw to leave but he refused as did the rest of his siblings. Adderstrike lashed out against the clan but was soon chased off.

Crows Appearance according to past Roleplayer:
"He has an almost pitch black pelt and light green eyes, the thing most unique about him is his vampire-like teeth."

His name could be changed if you really wanted it to be, but for timeline sake it would be best of Crow requested the name change from Rowanstar instead of just implementing it. :3

For the time being the assumtion will be that Crow has been sick in the medicine cat den while current events involving him are happening.

Its just first come first serve. <3
Sep 21 2017, 02:24 PM
Silver Tabby w/ low white long fur polydactyl (carrying japanese bobtail) x Black (carrying longfur)

Black, Blue, Brown tabby, Blue tabby, Black smoke, Blue smoke, Silver tabby, Blue-silver tabby

> Or any with white (50% or less)
> Kits with white may have any realistic eye colour and/or heterochromia; kits without white may have any realistic eye colour except blue
> Kits may have long or short fur
> Kits may have japanese bobtails
> Kits may have polydactyly

Nightkit, played by Lunlun
Wolfkit, played by Warped
Spiderkit, played by Vae

Just a small form please :3
Sep 7 2017, 05:18 PM
Okay, so you've been kit-napped and the cats from the last thread you posted in are coming to rescue you, how safe/screwed are you?

I posted in the BloodClan raid last so I feel petty safe xD
Aug 30 2017, 06:14 PM
Okay so I got the idea of drawing cats in a little derpy cartoon style and I really love it Im also trying to improve my pixel art so I'm doing a few of those! I figured I would set up a little shop! The first five drawings will be free but then be charging 25 fk for each one after that. I really want to improve in this style. When you fill out the action part I'll let you know if the action is too hard for me to draw, but most likely I will try my best Cx)

Form Derp:

Reference Pic(If any, if not just describe your cat):
Background Color:
Action(Do you want them sitting, laying down, drinking something, swimming etc.):
Distinct Features(Bowtie, sunglasses, etc.):

Form Pixel:
Cat reference(If any, if not just describe your cat):
Cat Eye Color:
Background Color:

First Five Slots



Aug 24 2017, 03:41 PM
At the upcoming September gathering Silverstar will be introduced to the idea of having two deputies.
She will return and call a meeting announcing a second deputy.
You can either make a new character and try out, or you may use your pre-existing ThunderClan character (if you have one) to try out :3

Here is the form!

Cat name:
Main Account name:
Cat Appearance (Written or Picture):
Cat Age:
History (Optional):
Why your character would be a good choice as a deputy:
Writing Sample:

Deadline: September 1st (Will make exceptions)
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