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Oct 8 2017, 10:00 PM
So. She was supposed to be meeting with Hollowfrost. To be frank, Super wasn't certain what this was all about -- perhaps another attempt to get to know her. Or maybe this was their leader's new tactic to get her to spill about what she knew about the Dark Forest and Bloodclan. That was the least likely scenario though-- Hollow probably wouldn't be as subtle as this. Instead, the apprentice hid her tension regarding the meeting behind her usual sour expression.

What was it? Was he going to banish her? Interrogate her? Cry? Who knew. Maybe he knew something. They all knew too much, eyes diggin into her skin...

The apprentice pursed her lips, waiting.
Oct 6 2017, 12:59 AM
She wasn't seeking a mentor. She didn't want one. No, correction -- she had had one, still did in a way. In her sleep when she didn't want him, while she was awake when her madness was coming in waves. Sees you when your sleeping, knows when you're awake, had it been a feline saying, would've been an apt saying in regards to her relationship with the leader of Bloodclan. A lack of individuality remained as a result.

So in her time by herself, the apprentice liked to sit in the river. Just deep enough to have to lean against the water and listen, tuning in her 'supersenses' (a gift known only to herself and her 'mentor') to the river and the surrounding land. Her ears flicked and focused on the sound of water over stones. Her nose twitched at the scent of the river itself -- every fish and pond scum entity within it, the trace amount of chemicals and waste normally in the water. She could focus on the smallest of objects then expand until she was tuned into the places around her, listening.

Someone was on their way here. Yet she could assume they'd ignore her. She was rarely engaged, thanks to her angry outlook on life and violent way of handling social interaction. Truth be told, she was mostly tired. Tired of a lot. It was the reason she was in the river at the moment. She was tired. Whoever else was wandering in the territory would simply ignore her. She was part of the landscape at this point.

Still, she would listen.

Oct 6 2017, 12:25 AM
Superpaw was involved in the community... sort of. She didn't talk with many, didn't spend time playing with younglings or meeting with her mentor. She made no effort to expand her social status, nor did she make any effort to try and fix her own, disturbing issues. Oh no. She would rather perish in obscurity than have to face her mistakes and who she had become in such a short amount of time.

Only now she had taken to coming in and out of camp more often, watching people as they go about in their days. Her hatred was now intermittent with jealousy seeing families and relationships unfold, and she began getting antsy.

Old habits die hard.

So now, the apprentice was grumbling to herself as she systematically went through every piece of prey and removed the eyes. All the eyes. Put in a pile. Next to the prey pile. There were about a dozen of eyes already, and she was steadily working through.
Sep 19 2017, 02:04 AM
She wasn't being useful.

Her mind flashed back and forth, from the present to the past, with alarming frequency. She woke in sweats and avoided company, hunched and stunted in her social growth. She saw Riverclanners and remember fighting. She watched children and remarked on how weak they seemed. She saw people laughing or worrying and found it horribly banal. It wasn't healthy, and some distant part of her knew that but...

It didn't mean she could fix herself.

The warmth of greenleaf was vestigial in its presence now, only heard and felt during the warmest periods of the day once the sun had done its best to warm the earth. It didn't bother her, the cold -- she shivered without really acknowledging it, and maybe that was just part of her detachment, but she liked feeling cold. It made her feel hyperaware, which was a state she now associated with safety.

But now, right now, she stood up to her shoulders in the river, feeling the push against her side and leaning into it. The waters rushed by and the sensation was distracting enough that she could lose herself in it. She listened back towards camp -- listened all the way to kittens playing in the nursery, to someone defending themselves regarding their height. She had never spoken of this sense of hers, where everything was audible, visible, and felt all at once. She had been taught to use it to find a pulse, to locate weak spots; but a part of her just liked listening to the world.

The black apprentice sighed and shifted her head, listening to a flock of geese far to the south. It was nice, this season, and she didn't mind the cold of the water. She felt more at ease now than she had before.
Aug 13 2017, 06:21 PM
The medicine cat den. It was a place that Superkit didn't tend to dwell on, or in, or around -- despite her slowly growing affection for the den's main resident. She preferred not to make a nuisance of herself, although for her that meant staying out of sight, she supposed. It explained why most hadn't noticed that she'd disappeared until over a week after she had actually vanished. But, regardless, she was present now and sneaking about the medicine cat den with a mouthful of some flower she planned to leave in the unsorted pile for Patchpaw. The other didn't need to know, and though Super was a little bigger, her petite hidey-hole worked for getting in and out still. So she would just crawl in and --

-- see Squeaks. Oh. Okay. Goddammit. She had hoped not to get caught, and froze as she spotted her adopted sibling next to her. Her ears flicked forwards and she felt shame hit her as she realised how relaxed she had gotten, not to be alert with every moment. If Squeaks had been an enemy, Super could've died. Stupid, stupid.

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