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Jun 26 2017, 09:07 PM
OOC NOTICE: Ceremonies here have been requested on the CEREMONIES REQUEST THREAD.
Which may mean that this might be RETRO for your characters!


It was a nice, clear day. Perfect to leisure around or take a small walk out in the moors. It's also perfect for Shinystar to get going on some important things. This would be her first official meeting. It made the long-furred she-cat smile as she leaped upon the Tallrock and carefully took her seat. Whoa... she thought, eyes slightly widening at the sight. She felt so tall upon the Tallrock! It was like she could see everything that the territory and camp had to visually offer! Shinystar admired the view for a few heartbeats, before realizing that she had to go through ceremonies.

"Let all cat old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Tallrock for a clan meeting!"
Jun 11 2017, 02:39 PM
14 moons. She hadn't expected something so big to happen so early. Usually she thought that it would be quite a while before she ever had the chance at such position. Yet here she was, already a leader after Snailstar decided to step down. Shinyfur-wait, Shinystar had already moved and settled herself in the Leader's Den. It felt lonely as it was void from the gentle snoring of fellow Clanmates and her pelt didn't brush against anybody else's now. It wouldn't be so noticeable during the day since leadership wouldn't excuse her from the most basic of warrior tasks, but it certainly would take a while adjusting to the den's solitude during the night.

Her parents were proud of her, and possibly all her friends and Clanmates. However she couldn't shake off the feeling of worry that had began to gnaw at her. Would she be good enough for WindClan? "You'll do great girl. I've known you like, my whole life. You'll do great." The words rang around her head as a way to give her whole being some reassurance and peace of mind.

Dusk would soon be upon the whole territory. Most patrols would be making their way back into the camp to have a quick meal before retiring to their nests or sharing news with their friends. Shinystar was laying down outside of the Leader's Den that was hidden somewhere within the Tallrock in case anyone needed any last minute consulting. Not that she expected anyone to approach her with clan business during the first few days of her leadership.

Her paws were tucked under her body as she watched the clan progress with its regular activities. Her eyes slowly climbed upwards towards the sky, trying to pick out the first stars that would appear. A small sigh escaped her lips. It was something she just needed to get used to. No worries.
May 21 2017, 11:01 AM
hey y'all. I decided to throw up a plotting thread here so I can keep things organized and stuff.
Things that are Open!
  • Interaction
  • Friendship building
  • Shinyfur acting like a Mom™ towards y/c
  • Silly stuff
  • Interactions with kits

Things that are Semi-Open!
  • Romance
  • Litters

Things that are Closed!
  • Captures
  • Death

If you have any other ideas for threads, just hit me up with them here! thanks : ))
May 10 2017, 12:36 PM
The recent flood was chaotic. The rather young warrior had followed along with the rest of WindClan towards the dry patch of land by a barn, seemingly untouched by the flooding. However, she couldn't say the same about her pelt, which was all ragged and somewhat soggy from trying to fight her way through the rising waters. Shinyfur was her name, and it didn't make sense if she allowed her pelt to continue looking like a tangled mess. It was one of the downsides of having unusually long fur compared to her clanmates.
The female warrior quietly stepped her way towards a sunny and warm spot. Seeing that there was nothing required of her at the moment, Shinyfur decided that this was a good opportunity to fix up her appearance. Her ears remained perked up in case anyone was going to approach her. She wasn't the most well-known cat out there, so she didn't expect much interaction. "At least I can fix up my pelt now," she murmured to herself lightly as she began to smooth out her fur.
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