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NEWS: February's Gathering is up!

Weather: Leaf-bare is here, and all the Clans are feeling the chill! There are occasional snow showers throughout the forest.

February Contests:

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Aug 27 2017, 07:01 PM

BEEP BEEP I'M GAY-welcome to my art shop. I draw cats and cat related things and sometimes other animals but mostly cats.

TINY PIXEL CATS - 200fk (not available atm)
FULLBODY - 600fk
-adding shading to anyhing is an additional 100fk (cause I hate shading oml)
-backgrounds will be transparent by default.

Shittypurplecat @ Deviantart

  • a nerd
  • dockdock whose there
  • some lady
  • prolly my wife

Please post below with the following information:

-reference, image or detailed description
-pose, expression, overall vibe desired
-do you like doritos, this is important
-please pay for shading if you have a white cat-oh my god-i'll shade a bit for free but pls
-why do i have so many black cats i hate coloring them help me
-please tag me so i do not forget to look at this, im lazy
Jul 13 2017, 10:36 PM
Random thread to share Pokefarm accounts and stuff! Hug eggs, be friends, feed them foods. YES.

Jun 8 2017, 11:20 PM
Midnightpaw was played by Sorrel on this sub @Midnightpaw if you want to read up on them.
HERE is also a link to his bio.

Just state interest please!
May 21 2017, 04:17 PM
On WCARPG we have profiles for our characters, profiles which may host pictures and other images describing them or relating to them.
However, you can't simply take an image off a google search and use it-especially not one drawn by someone else or photographed without their permission.
What images can I use?
You can use any image clearly marked free-for-use or CC (creative commons) these images are available to the public to use and alter as they like.

Some images require you credit the artist when you use them so making a side note somewhere on their profile/bio on the credit works just fine! Providing a link back is also helpful for others looking to see where the art/picture came from.

What is creative commons?

Creative commons is basically a concept whereas you can see if you can use the image based on the license attached to it.
Licenses explained here.

Sites where I can find free to use images?
PhotosforClass has an easy search function seeking out images from other sites to link to you.
Flickr is a photo host that details what license each image has next to it and if you can use it or not for easy searching.
Sobi.org are all free for commercial/personal use images.

6luestar 100 Warrior Challenge has free to use drawn images as long as you use credit. So do the following tumblrs:
Warriorsproject1000warriors (with credit.)

In short, please refrain from using art that is not yours unless its free to use or you ask for permission to use it (and are able to show proof of permission.)

For artists who find your art on our site without permission please contact a member of staff with a link to the original and we will happily have it removed for you.

May 21 2017, 12:38 PM
So unofficial clans (outerclans) can earn official clan status. We haven't fleshed this out completely yet so we want to know what you guys think would be the best requirement list to earn the title of official clans.

Right now it's clear that no one wants it to rely solely on post count and I agree. So what else?
I was thinking member count could be a deciding factor.
As well as official thread requirements (having the leader receive their nine lives, having patrols mark territory areas, maybe a clan event)

Drop your thoughts here please!
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