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Aug 18 2017, 11:22 PM
Walnutpaw was in a precarious situation every time she chose to wander out of camp. Every time she figured it made sense to wake up and stand up and live was another day that she could be sent to the medicine cat den with broken bones or pain. It was simply a fact of life, but honestly... it wasn't much different than the risks everyone else took. Regardless of whatever had the potential to happen, she had a choice to make -- she could give in or resist! And enjoy her life! So sure, the sky could come crashing down, everyone she loved could die, or Starclan could implode and reality could burn -- but first, she was going to find herself the prettiest rock she could find.

Yes. These are related sentiments. Maybe. Look, the important thing is that Wally was searching for shiny rocks when it hit her in the back of the head, a shock to the suddenly-complacent apprentice. The sensation was almost painful, and entirely foreign, and with a gasp, she realised...

"I -- I think I'm bored?!"

Scandalous! She would have to find something to do immediately. What tomfoolery was this, anyhow?
Aug 10 2017, 10:47 PM
She still felt funny. Her eyes hurt -- all three of them -- and she found herself crouched in a corner of camp, watching others come by and go, watching -- but not participating. Because she felt... different. She knew she was different, could feel it, could sense it, and she wasn't sure how to go about it. Wasn't sure how she could still be... herself. She was insecure and she hated that she felt this way because... because she hadn't before. It was a new feeling and an awful feeling.

She hadn't felt this way about others with mutations, others with oddities. She hadn't felt this way about anyone but herself, and she touched the blind third eye almost sullenly, pouting. This sucked. Why did she have to feel like this?
Aug 5 2017, 03:01 AM

She was stumbling in her step, stumbling in her resolve. The lab laid behind her, physically and mentally, trying to ignore the clinical memories, the white walls, the weird feelings and sluggishness that still threatened to take her down now. She stumbled because she was tired and because once more her legs were changed. They were no longer as horrendously bowed as they once were, fur missing from the insides of her legs leaving surgery scars and dissolvable stitches visible. She stumbled because she remembered masks and nofur paws covered in weird, smooth material. She stumbled because she was still so, so tired.

But she didn't cry.

Oh yes, she had cried before. For so long that she was certain there were no more tears that she could cry and the desert held more life than she. She cried until the cages felt like a bad dream and her eyes felt raw and she cried more when she felt the third one, after all the surgeries, after it all.

It laid in the middle of her forehead, unable to see and apparently decorative in function, though she could feel it. It bothered her so much and for the first time since losing her parents, she lost some of her faith. She lost her faith in sterile walls and the clinical silence of a cage. She lost her faith when, numbed, others dug into her and changed her. She lost her faith time and time again.

Then something whispered. She wasn't sure how exactly it happened, but soon she was free of cages and clinics, and she felt the pull in her soul. She stumbled to where she belonged, stumbling and followed the pull within until she brought her stumbling over the border. Shadowclan overwhelmed her, hope within sight and ---

She felt, exhausted to the point of defeat. At least she was on the territory now.
Jun 24 2017, 12:46 AM
Walnutpaw was, unsurprisingly, in such a good mood that she wasn't sure she could possibly be moved into something worse than this. Her smile stretched her lips, and even with one of her ankles broken (and healing, mind you!), she was still trying to enjoy herself with a hunt just on the edge of the camp. Now, the issue with her current hunt was her quarry; some flowers. And unfortunately, a thick pine forest tended to exclude the sunlight needed for most flowers so she found mostly... moss. And some mushrooms. But she was determined to find some flowers to weave into her splint, within eyeshot of camp, dapples of sunlight whisking through pine needle to touch briefly on her smoky pelt.

"Geez, hide much flowers?"

She grumbled playfully, still looking for a bundle somewhere. Man, she wished that Rainpaw was here. Or Honeypaw. Or even Elly. Or anyone. She spent too much time alone.

"That's how cats go crazy, Wally -- tooo much alone time."

Ha. Apparently.
Jun 12 2017, 10:42 PM
Look, the apprentice was grateful for all she had, she really was. She hadn't been expecting to get to be an apprentice, but she... she got to be! Even if she wasn't a 'real' apprentice according to some. Too many mentors -- but she figured it was great! She got to learn from a bunch of people all at once, and she appreciated that so much! She loved to learn, but it felt like... she was doing a lot of sitting still. It'd been a week and a bit, and it didn't hurt anymore to move it seemed. So it was time!

Time to escape the medicine cat den.

Besides, she'd missed so much -- murder and intrigue and strangers and ugh she didn't want to miss a moment of it! Too much! And besides, Middy was too busy to train her in anything she was sure, and Winterstar -- she was going to ask but she could've sworn she heard snoring from his den? Badgerfurze had people to worry about, Elmpaw had his training and warrior ceremony to prepare for. Rainpaw had real training to do, hunting and fighting and she... sat in her nest waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

So she stole some sticks and cobwebs and wrapped up the leg as tightly as she could, trying to immobilize it. It hurt, so a poppy seed or two later,and the apprentice was hobbling out with mostly sticks surrounding her leg. It made her hobble about with a little reminiscence of having a peg leg. But free she was! And she was going to sneak out of camp and go looking for snakes...
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