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Weather: Leaf-bare is here, and all the Clans are feeling the chill! There are occasional snow showers throughout the forest.

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Sep 17 2017, 09:52 AM
Bonechill was both avoiding and excited for this meeting, somethings would suck as..most things do but there was also quite a few advancements to look forward to. "BLOODCLAN, gather around." The mainecoon ordered, tapping his paw on a trashcan lid that echoed through the empty streets.
Sep 1 2017, 09:20 AM
"I'm looking for a small patrol to go to the park while I visit the sacred tree." Bonechill mewed, he was going to finally get those pesky lives, now that the barrier was weakened for the Darkforest, among all the darkforest soldiers that were among the ranks in Bloodclan, and the waning belief in StarClan..it all was just too perfect of a time.
Aug 23 2017, 06:15 AM
Bonechill could feel it, the same sense that flowed through him that had caused his sight had been expanded it seemed? It all just felt odd, at first he thought he was just being paranoid but...then the Eclipse had happened, "I see." He mewed, sensing the Dark Forest spirits.

"Lady's and gentlepaws, I think out luck has just changed."
Aug 21 2017, 12:38 AM
Bonechill had called a meeting of the bros. "Thornclaw, El - shall we begin?" Bonechill mewed, leaping into his comfy boss chair that swiveled around. "So - Bonerattle and my son went off to collect some herbs and apparently found themselves in a predicament, so we may need to lend them a paw, but that's not just why we're here, I wanted to check up on you guys, see if theres any ideas you guys had, any new information so on so forth." THe leader was in quite a good mood, even tho his grandson-councilment-dude and two of his children went MIA, the clan was growing, things were going good.
Jul 29 2017, 05:51 PM
"GET READY COMPADRES, there's a primo spot that we need to check out and obtain for our own. It's like a two-leg made forest, it's where Bonerattle had a vision we should go - there's a sacred tree, perhaps our own Moonstone of sorts." Bonechill mewed, stretching out, "Two-legs aren't there at night, so we're going to go now, strays hang out there and there is normal prey, but I'm warning ya - Don't overhunt, we have this kittypet kibble, which I know taste like badger ass but, we don't want to ruin our only fresh meat supply besides rats."
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