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Aug 11 2017, 04:41 PM
So I'll admit, i actually dont have any idea what im doing. I tried this before with some other people on a different thread but it didnt go far. I'll link the thread below if you wanna reuse some of the ideas.

Jun 24 2017, 06:39 PM
Yup. Dont mind me. Just a coding storage. Cuz i finally got around to making fancyposts.
Jun 15 2017, 07:26 PM
I'd probably add some personalizations to both but I need a species first c:

Personal notes:

I love the color scheem and Ice is my favorite type. Vulpix was one of my first pokemon encounters growing up so that's fun. IT BECOMES DUEL FAIRY TYPE AS IT EVOLVES

Eevee is one of my favorite pokemon to date. I love little foxes. Its ability to evolve into nearly any type can represent both my future and gender dysphora? I guess? Sylveon is bae?
Jun 7 2017, 11:42 AM
The Scarved Scouts

The Scarved Scouts was created in may of 2017 by Pastel. The group consisted of the leader named Rogue and her small band of followers that live in the city instead of the forest. [more will be added as time progresses]

Commander: The ‘leader’ of the scouts. Makes judgment and final decisions.
Rogue, played by Pastel

Second-in-Command: The Commander’s right-hand man/woman. Aids in decision making. Will step up to Commander after the current one dies/retires.
[name], played by [name]

Scouts: The bulk of the clan. Consists of anyone that are not kids. Apprentices are still ‘apprentices’ but are treated with just as much respect as a full grown/trained scout.

Kids: Younglings from age 0-5. Kids become apprentices a moon earlier than forest clans, as they are too anxious and everyone wants them to just shut up at that point.

Jack of all trades:
In the Scarved scouts, everyone is trained in every needed skill to survive. There are no ‘hunting masters’ or ‘medicine cats’ as everyone knows every skill. Cats are not assigned roles and are simply expected to aid in whatever they are best with.

Every cat for themselves:
While working together as a group, the Scarved Scouts are still rogues and loners. Boiled down, they still look out for themselves and themselves only. Betrayal is not something one can get petty and annoyed with, as it is expected. Everything is chaos. Prey can be stolen, Commanders can be overthrown. Everything simply happens at the role of the dice.

Twoleg interactions:
The scarved scouts are not above interacting with twolegs. Unlike in the plentiful forest, there is not much prey in the city. The scouts are open to interact with twolegs to receive food from them. Those things love cats. They’ll probably give you something. Maybe…

The scouts are not called the Scarved Scouts for no reason. There is a way that members can identify each other. Each member is expected to wear a white cloth around their neck. Different colored scarves can be earned for completing different tasks or specializations. Nicknames are often given for the color of one’s scarf. Multiple people can hold the same nickname. Yes, it gets confusing very fast, but it’s fun while it happens.

The Scarved Scouts live in the rural towns just outside of the forest. They lurk in the city street and various alleyways. There is no set ‘camp’ and the territory has many various ‘meeting points’ instead where you can expect to find others.

The city’s town park is a very popular spot as it has a large open space where prey could be hiding. The park is enclosed with red brick walls, so one would either have to climb or find an entrance inside. Inside the park, there is a small twoleg playground and swing set that can be used to hide from the heat when no twoleg cubs are playing. The park also supports a fountain that could be used as a watering hole. The grasses are lush and thick and the trees are tall and thick. This is both the main hunting ground and social area.

Another popular spot in the territory for gathering is a rundown abandoned bakery near the forest. The building is old and rotting but still provides exceptional shelter from the rain and elements. Scouts can expect meetings to regularly be held at this location.

[If you wish to add a regular territory location, make a thread of your character exploring the area!]

Important Links:

- Main RP thread
Jun 2 2017, 11:18 PM
Just a storage of character names that I came up with that I'm proud with. I'll more than likely never use these so feel more than open to use one if you wish. Just tell me first. I don't want twenty cats running around with the same name c:
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