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Oct 1 2017, 09:58 PM
- character name - rank and clan
>>> personality
> activity level
* relationships open

- Astralight - warrior of WindClan
>>> sweet and patient, dislikes arguing and is a people-pleaser
> er.... has been pretty nonexistent so far. :/
* friends
* mate (interested in toms)

- Bearpaw - (serval) apprentice of RiverClan
>>> kind of blunt and judgmental and tbh not very friendly. She's new and doesn't feel like she fits in and could really use a friend.
> hasn't been around much, but I have a lot of muse for her
* friends (plz she's so lonely)
* love interest (interested in toms)

- Coalstep - deputy of ThunderClan
>>> level-headed and strategic, it takes a lot to get him riled up and at this point few things surprise him.
> quite active
* friends

- Daisyfall - warrior of RiverClan
>>> super nice and friendly and pacifistic and he just wants everyone to be happy in life
> not super active
* friends
* family (long-lost kits, siblings)

- Larkpaw - apprentice of ShadowClan
>>> fairly easy to get along with, but she isn't the most social of cats. Feels quite lonely since her father and siblings disappeared
> high muse but hasn't been around lately
* friends
* love interest (interested in toms)

- Midnightscar - young warrior of RiverClan
>>> grouchy and easily irritated. He's definitely not easy to get along with, but once you're able to break him in he can be surprisingly fun. He loves adventure.
> semi-active
* friends
* enemies

- Poppypaw - apprentice of ThunderClan
>>> very shy and naive. She can be very opinionated but will rarely voice such thoughts out loud. Generally, she is easy to get along with but can be manipulated with little effort
> semi-active
* friends
* love interest (interested in toms)

- Ramsay - warrior/queen of RiverClan
>>> loud and boisterous and full of all kinds of swears! She's a fun-loving molly who lives for adventure and is very happy in life.
> has been MIA lately but I have high muse for her
* friends
* love interest? Maybe? It'd take a special tom to put up with her...

- Snowtuft - warrior of WindClan
>>> Snowtuft is deaf, which isn't a personality, but I felt it important to note. Interacting with her can be hard, but she generally likes being around others and feeling included. She gets lonely often as she is frequently left out of the loop. She can read lips pretty well and can say some words that she learned as a kit.
> high muse
* friends
* love interest (interested in toms-- just someone who she can snuggle with and who includes her)

- Venompaw - apprentice of BloodClan
>>> Defiant, bold, headstrong, and eager to prove her worth. Venom has drastically changed recently from a fun-loving and rather stupid kit to an aspiring badass. Her focus right now is on her training and becoming strong, but she has time for a few friends. Probably.
> semi active, high muse
* friends

Let me know if you're interested in a thread with any of my characters!
Aug 9 2017, 02:37 PM
Eventually I will put the list of mentors and apprentices here, but not until they are decided.
Jul 23 2017, 03:46 PM
This will touch upon things such as displaying emotions, how cats do certain things (such as climbing), a look inside how a cat fight works, and more.

Things to add:

*** cat behaviors
> aggression
> affection
> playfulness
> curiosity
*** skills
> how cats climb up and down
> touch on average strength/speed/stamina
> how typical cat fights go down (spoiler, it doesn't involve a lot of blood)
> hunting/stalking/predatoring
*** extra
> coming across enemies (such as foxes, badgers, and other cats)
> anything else I think to add
Jul 17 2017, 11:40 PM
Characters Included in here are:

- Astralight
- Bearkit
- Cedarfall
- Coalstep
- Crowpaw
- Daisyfall
- Larkkit
- Midnightpaw
- Ramsay
- Venomkit
- Snowtuft
Jul 13 2017, 11:41 PM
The world was Big and New and Exciting to a young kit. As the daughter of the leader, Venomkit had her life made in BloodClan. She was not spoiled or entitled- not yet- but rather just curious about life. She'd ventured out multiple times before, but being as small as she was, she got tired quickly and returned to sleep beside her siblings. On this particular day, however, it was just too crowded in their shared nest. She wanted to learn stuff and meet the cats whose shadows she could see as she was tucked away in the nursery.

With confidence in her, Venomkit strolled out of the nursery, just as much in awe of everything as she had been the last time she came out. It was all so cool! When she learned there was more to BloodClan than the abandoned building that housed them, Venomkit would be even more amazed. For now, though, this was enough to make her heart content.

Walking just a short distance away, the black kit spotted a twig on the floor, probably brought in by another. It was new and exciting, and she'd never seen anything like it before. What was it? Creeping cautiously up to it, Venomkit sniffed the stick, then smacked it with a paw and sent it just a short distance away. That was fun!
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