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Feb 8 2018, 10:43 AM
No one was exactly sure where the kit had come from. She was a mystery. She just sorta... showed up one day. She was small, hopeless, scared, but filled with a burning fire and a will to live. How scary it must have been to live alone in the forest with no one around for miles. Where were her parents? Did she have parents?

The kit was... a bit... alien for lack of a better term.

She was unusually small for her size. She was dwarfed in comparison to the other kits her age, who had just begun to grow into their anxious and antsy apprentice bodies. The clan had named her Littlekit for the fact. If she cared at the somewhat degrading name, she did not seem to care. She, instead, used her size to regularly crawl into small, tight spaces like rocks and bushes that others could not fit into. She was constantly enlisted to retrieve rocks and mossballs that the children were playing with. A quiet, but supportive fellow.

Her eyes were purple, a soft violet color. They shined and refracted light almost perfectly, especially stars. Her eyes could effortlessly chair the stars, reflecting their distant, distant shine. She had taken a bright interest in the night sky, often sneaking out of the nursery in the night to simply stare up at the night sky, much like she was now. It was as if... she just wanted to be up there. Be up there with the twinkling dancers, twirling and swirling in the nebulas and further milky way. She often caught herself wondering what was up there. The starclan these cats swore to, right? Or... perhaps there were more cats up there, unknowing of the ones on the ground, looking down wondering what was deep, deep below on the earth. It was a curious thought. How did they stay up there without falling? Could they fly?

Littlekit hummed as the first rays of sun ruined her perfect view. She yawned, shutting her eyes. There had to be more out there. There just had to be. And it wasn't that silly Starclan thing the others preached. Dead cats were dead. They couldn't fly up in the sky and dance with the stars. If so, she would want to be dead! And no one wants that, right? It's just a silly thought!

The kitten hummed as warriors and apprentices started climbing out of their dens. Here we go again. They'd probably ask her what she was doing up so early. She couldn't wait until she was an apprentice and could finally move on from this. She was not looking forward to training, but she was practically nocturnal at this point. The idea of nightly patrols and camp watches where she could stare up at the night sky sounded euphoric to her. For now, she would just have to sneak out. It was the only way. There were no stars during the day. Or... at least she couldn't see them.

Sep 10 2017, 05:48 PM
It was late in the night. The moon was high up in the sky, replacing the sun on its own daily walk across the sky. The stars were bright. They were twinkling, as if taunting him. How many moons you’ve spent thinking we were your ancestors. Your kind and kin watching over you to keep things safe. How wrong you were. The taunted. They laughed. Grovepaw only huffed at the thought. He was used to be disgraced at this point.

He knew he wasn’t the most popular cat in the clan. He was a medicine cat with no mentor. He had no friends or parents. All he had was his sister, and she had only recently come back. He had no one except the bird that rode his shoulder. How many people would trust the crazy teenager in a den full of weeds with a pet crow?

Ow! Grovepaw cried out as Charma pecked at his paws. Could she read his thoughts or something?! You’re making a mistake. She cawed, her white eyes blinking up at the male cat. Grovepaw only huffed in response, turning away from the crow and traveling deeper into his den. He did not care. He was sick of being made of as a fool. Leave me, Charma. I’ll meet you outside the border. he spoke quietly, as not to wake anyone up. The crow sighed before opening her wings, taking off into the night sky.

Grovepaw placed his paw onto the herbs he has collected. Studied. Memorized. It was not like anyone cared that much, huh. You can’t fight. You can’t heal. You can’t do anything. He was just dead weight here, so he was going somewhere where someone would care about him.

Grovepaw took a step forwards before diving down onto the herbs, ruining the perfectly good piles. The days he spent organizing and cleaning his den, wasted. He couldn’t find the heart to care. So he continued. He trashed his entire den, as if a fight blew through. He left twisted and uneasy steps. He rolled in mint and other various scented leaves. He made any undefinable mark to leave himself untraceable. He was ready to start over.

The moon had traveled when he came to a stop. He sighed, standing up and brushing himself off. He exited his den and took one final glance around camp. Everyone was asleep. He smelt of underbrush and mint. There was no way to track him. He smiled. Perfect. The apprentice walked over to one of the various trees surrounding the camp, sinking his claws into the bark. He scaled up the oak, climbing into the branches above. He raised a brow, staring at Charma as she greeted him with a ruffle of her wings.

This is your last chance. Do you truly want to leave? They would be left without a healer. She asked, blinking at the young cat. Grovepaw’s ears pinned back. He supposed he had one reason to stay. His sister. His sister had just become a warrior. Finding out her brother had left would kill her. But… staying here was killing him… He took a deep breath. I’m sure. He finally answered.

Charma seemed disappointed, but nodded anyways. She took off to the sky, though she would not stray far. She never did. Grovepaw stood back up, traveling from branch to branch until he made it out of camp. The medicine cat had left in the night without a trace. If anything, it looked like he was captured.
Aug 27 2017, 12:03 PM
grovpaw sighed ass h locked arond the thunder clan camp. Starclan had abandon them. He did not no what to do with himself in tis situation. He screamed, turning over to Chama. Ohmegosh! He cri out, I don't know how to hal anyone here. What shal i do? The birb locked up at the cat, huffing qietly. I prepare lesons. You go talk to the other cats until I ready. Grovpaw sighed, his green eyes falling shut. He stod up and walked out of his den, lcoking at the cats around camp. Who to talk to.

//everyone write like this for fun: [X]
Aug 21 2017, 07:41 PM
//795 word count

Grovepaw’s ears pinned back as darkness covered the sky. He was right. He was warned. Starclan had abandoned them. Spirits flooded the forests and the clans were sent into even more peral. The apprentice took a step back. Two. He had to leave. He wasn’t safe here. No one was. Tears filled the nervous cat’s eyes as he rushed out of his den and into the forest. He could hear the nervous calls of his clanmates. He couldn’t stay not here. It wasn’t safe. He wasn’t safe.

Grovepaw was, at most, a child. He was a scared child in an unknown, scary experience so he did what a child would do. He hid. The boy grasped his claws into the bark of the great sky oak on camp, climbing up into its branches. The boy was a good climber, one of the only warrior skills he was confident in. Grove climbed until he could reach an abandoned owl den, which he took shelter in. He didn’t want to be out there. There where those spirits could find him. So here Grove sat. And cried. The turkish van was curled up into a ball, his ears pinned back and tears streaming down his muzzle. He felt unsafe. He should feel unsafe. Their guardians abandoned them, and here were the attackers here to gather the spoils.

He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t help anyone here. He couldn’t heal his clan. He simply did not know enough, and had no way to learn. He might as well be a normal apprentice. There was nothing he could do. The boy sobbed harder. He failed his clan.

Well, don’t say that, now. Grovepaw perked up, his head snapping up to spot a crow on the edge of the hollow. He puffed up, his ears snapping right back into place. He blinked. Twice. It was… a bird. That… spoke. I’m no simple bird, child. It cawed at him. Grovepaw screamed, hopping up and pushing his back further against the tree hollow. You can talk?!

The bird only hopped down, taking a few steps towards him. So can you. What makes you special? Calm down, child. I only wish to speak with you. Grovepaw relaxed slightly, his ears relaxing into place. His face softened as he stared the crow down. W-who are you? He finally asked, finding his voice to pose the question.

Call me Charma, child. I’m a spirit of this forest. The crow informed of her backstory with an extension of her wing. She tilted her head, You’re looking a little lost, she closed her wing, aren't you?

Grovepaw’s ears pinned back. He slowly nodded. Yes… he was a tad lost. I can’t finish my training. I need to be able to heal my clan… he spoke, his gaze averted to the ground.

Healing training? I could teach you, if you so desire. Your job will be to keep me safe, alright? Charma cawed, seeming to smile at the boy. The forest is predators, now both alive and dead. A little birdy like me could use some protection. she explained, a slight chuckle in her voice.

Grovepaw blinked, confused. That’s all the spirit wanted? You’ll teach me herbs and healing… for protection?

Of course, sweetheart. Just keep me at your side, alright, child? Charma hummed, a smile forming over her beak. She walked over, hopping onto Grovepaw’s back and clinging onto his fur. I’ll be right here the whole time. She assured.

Grovepaw smield, S-sounds great. He turned his gaze to the hole in the tree. The sun was returning. Slowly but surely. I guess I should get back home. he mused, standing up. He turned back, his gaze scanning over Charma. She seemed secure, nothing to worry about. The bird hopped off his back and glided beside the boy as he climbed back down, latching back on secure as he embraced the ground. Grovepaw gave the bird a smile as he padded back to Thunderclan camp. He wondered if anyone missed him. The eclipse was far over at this point, the sun shining over the forest once more. He wondered what exactly caused it. Was it starclan leaving? There was not a single star in the sky during the darkness. How odd of an event.

Grovepaw nervously swallowed down his anxieties as he took a few steps into camp. He wondered if anyone noticed him missing. Saw him leave. He hummed, turning his gaze back to his new friend before taking the last few steps into camp. Someone had to notice him missing.
Aug 10 2017, 03:01 PM
Grovepaw climbed to the moonstone, tears in his eyes. They had to be watching them. They had to have a plan with this. Why would they take both Rockjoint and Cherrystar in such a short amount of time? The clan was in shambles. Everyone was in a constant state of panic. It was like Starclan didn’t even care.

The apprentice left in the night, while everyone was asleep. He did not want to be followed. He needed to speak with them alone. He needed to get to the bottom of this. The turkish van sat in front of the moonstone. It glowed and shimmered in the night light glow. He stared at it as if it were a foreign object. A taboo idea. He’s never spoken to starclan alone. What if they were angry? He couldn’t handle being yelled at right now. The apprentice shut his eyes and pulled in a deep breath. His ears pinned back as he exhaled, touching his nose to the rock. Starclan, He called out, Please talk to me this night. I need to know what's going on. Your clan is suffering. Your people are suffering. Please tell me there is a meaning to all of this madness. He waited a minute. Two minutes. Ten minutes. He opened his eyes. There was… no response. They were not listening. The boy’s ears pinned back as he sharply turned around, rushing back to camp.

He silently ran across the camp, climbing up into the leader’s den. He ran over, nudging Silverstar with his nose. He sobbed, ears pinned back. Silverstar… he muttered, I-I went to the moonstone to clear my head of this madness… a-and… a and… he sniffled, wiping his eyes of the tears falling down, They didn’t answer me. They’re not watching us anymore…

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