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Mar 19 2018, 12:33 AM
The first sensation Coalstep felt was a terrible pain in his throat, reminiscent of the sore throats he'd gotten so frequently as a kit as a result of drinking muddy water. It was the type of pain that made him not want to talk, but that wouldn't be so hard. There weren't many cats to talk to when you're dead.

This was something he'd just become aware of, but there was no sense of panic, no anguish, no depression. He felt at ease with the world and his life, or his death, he supposed. Vaguely he could hear the sounds of battle, of a desperate cry from Seedpaw. And slowly, the world that had been black turned back into color, and the scenes of battle unfolded before him. There was Foxscar surrounded by ThunderClan and RiverClan alike, and in only a few moments he, too, was slain.

And yet, Coalstep was neutral. He was there, but unseen, unheard, unnoticed by all. He was of StarClan now. His pelt, healthy and free of scars, was translucent. His leg still had the twist in it he'd received so many moons ago, and he was glad for it. It was part of him, and he didn't wish it to be healed.

This way, voices beckoned behind him. Forgetting the scene behind him, Coalstep turned around to see eyes peering at him. One by one they turned into cats. His friends, family, clanmates, all gazing at him. At the front was Umberfang, who Coalstep was very nearly a mirror image of save for his father's much larger size. The deputy- former deputy, now- took a lurching step forward, mouth opening only to find no words. Marigoldpelt was there, too, and Crowtail. It was bittersweet to see them-- he hadn't realized that he'd forgotten what they'd all looked like.

Before anyone said anything, Coalstep found himself searching for another, but she did not appear. Wherever Darklingpaw was, she was not dead. But how could he go with them, when the fate of his daughter- of his clan- was so fragile?

There's nothing you can do anymore, came the voice of his brother, deep and soft. His stepped forward, waving his tail in a welcoming manner. Let us all feast tonight in your honor, and catch up on the moons lost.

Coalstep looked back over his shoulder, eyes finding Emberblade, then Seedpaw. No, he couldn't do it. Silverstar would murder him if he gave up so easily.


He ignored the voice and padded away, and as the distance increased between him and the StarClan cats, they began to fade away.


It took many hours for the last of his pain to subside. The ache in his throat had disappeared, and truly Coalstep had never felt so healthy. He wanted to run and climb, but as much as his legs itched to move, his pawsteps were steered toward ThunderClan's camp. His body was not yet in the center of camp, but that was alright.

Silverstar was in her den, just as he'd expected. Coalstep frowned, his thoughtful expression turning somber as he looked upon his grieving mate. It wasn't fair for her- for their kits- to go through this. His anger had gotten the best of him, and his life had been lost as a result. There was no gain he'd been fighting for, no heroism behind his actions.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, unaware that the words would reach her ears. "I promised to never leave your side, and I don't intend to break that."

Feb 25 2018, 09:22 PM
It seemed cruel to withhold such important information for such a long time. Almost a moon had passed since Arcticstorm had returned to ThunderClan, since Coalstep had regained his memory, and yet he was scared to admit it. Few would deny that he was different than he was before. Not much, but he was less patient, more prone to speaking out faster. These weren't bad things, really. The clan treated him different than they had before. Having a blank slate was nice, but not when he had to lie to his family. To his mate, especially.

"Silverstar?" Coalstep called softly into the leader's den, resisting the urge to walk in without announcing himself. He used to be able to do that, before he'd lost his memory, but to do so now would be an invasion of privacy. Once Silverstar appeared, he would nod his head in greeting and say, "Let's go for a walk."

Feb 20 2018, 12:38 AM
Despite Arcticstorm's obvious reservations about Coalstep having any part in the lives of her kits, he would not be so easily swayed. He'd already missed out on the upbringing of Arctic and would not miss out on being in the lives of his grandchildren. There would come a time in their lives where it would be up to them if they had contact with him or not, and he wouldn't have those decisions swayed by being distant.

As he approached the busy nursery Coalstep set down the gift he'd found by pure luck and called to the kits. "Ratkit, Duckkit, Nightkit, I've got a present for you!" He sat in front of the gift, concealing it from view until the kits would come out.

Dec 18 2017, 10:59 PM
All morning Coalstep had been glancing toward Silverstar's den, the courage to go and speak with her coming and going in waves. If he had loved her enough before to have kits, wasn't it worth trying to love her again? But on the other paw, he felt so awkward and nervous. He was different, he knew. Hell, the entire clan knew it. What if he didn't love her anymore? No one deserved to go through that kind of heartbreak.

But no one deserved to be ignored, either. So, for the fourth time, Coalstep rose to his paws and padded over to the slope that led up toward the highrock, stopping at the half-way point where the leader's den was situated. He paused outside, the confidence beginning to falter again. Just as he went to turn around and get his tail out of there, a flicker of movement caught his attention, and he knew it was too late to leave.

Dec 18 2017, 07:29 PM
Darklingpaw and Emberpaw definitely looked like him. Coalstep didn't doubt his amnesia anymore- he'd gotten over that weeks ago- but it was still shocking. As much as he wanted to interact with his kits and get to know them again, neither of the two seemed to want to do the same to him. Darklingpaw couldn't look at him, and Emberpaw seemed angry. He couldn't blame the young tom, but Coalstep couldn't blame himself, either. What had happened had been purely unintentional- as far as he knew- and the last thing he needed was for all of his old friends and family to ignore him.

There was a third kit, Arcticpaw, who he couldn't even place a face to. And, last but certainly not least, the adopted kit. Seedkit was the only one of the three in ThunderClan who treated him normally, and for that he was grateful.

Telegraphavenue had encouraged Coalstep to go on with life as normally as possible, patrolling (very lightly, though) and getting familiar with his clanmates. He wanted to start with his kits, and Seedkit was by far the most approachable. So he would start with her, and maybe the other two would relax if they knew he was making an effort to be in their lives.

"Seedkit?" he called into the nursery, squinting to see if she was even inside.

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